Fans of the famous American sitcom “Schooled” were left shocked when the makers announced the decision about the cancellation of the third season of the series. Despite its run for two seasons and high reception among viewers, the makers still decided to discontinue shooting for the third installment of the show, and fans were left unconfused about the sudden decision.

Although the majority have accepted the news, some loyal viewers are still confident about the release of an upcoming season. To address the issue, we have also decided to review the series and dig into the latest updates about the status of an upcoming season. So, keep reading the article for some sneak peek into the developments of ‘Schooled’ third season.


Schooled: Everything You Need To Know


Schooled is a popular American sitcom, set in the 1980s, that was first introduced in 2018 and released in 2019. The series consists of two seasons with a total of 34 episodes. The second season aired in 2020 and was highly appreciated by the audience because of the stellar performances and engaging storyline that gives you a good laugh after a hectic day.

Originally, the story of Schooled protrudes from the famous ABC television drama ‘The Goldbergs’ and focuses on the life of Lainey Lewis, who returns to her home in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania after miserably failing to pursue her dream of stardom. In Jenkintown, she takes up the job of a music teacher and learns about her other colleagues, some of whom she was previously familiar with.

She also meets the new science teacher Wilma and the story proceeds further into the personal lives of the teachers and their interaction with the students. One thing that was highly appreciated about the series was the overall concept that focused on the relationship between teachers and students and how teachers become role models for the students despite the twists and turns in their own lives.

Ratings of the Show

Schooled was one of the highly-rated series on ABC television and enjoyed good reviews from the audience and critics during its run. Overall, it received 3.15 million views on television with an average rating of 0.69 in season 2. Although the rating of the second season went down a bit more than the previous one, it still stood out among other dramas being aired in a similar time slot.

Various other platforms also revealed the overall rating of the show to be 4,5 stars out of 5. Rotten Tomatoes, the popular reviewing site reported a 73 percent rating of the show on the whole. Thus, contributing to its worldwide popularity, especially in America (the country of its origin).

Is Schooled Season 3 Canceled


This has been the most asked question on a variety of platforms. The fans of the well-received series were left confused when the makers took it to Twitter to announce the cancellation of the third installment of the series. Yes, you haven’t read it incorrectly. The makers of the show officially announced the cancellation last year on Twitter.

However, they did not specify any reason for the same. One might speculate that there are many reasons behind this including the budget, casting, as well as a sudden drop in the ratings of season two. Some viewers might find it difficult to digest the news for now, but, indeed, we will not get to watch another part of the Schooled franchise.

Some famous names associated with the project for previous seasons included AJ Michalka, Hayley Orrantia, Troy Gentile, Tim Meadows, and Byan Callen playing the role of Lainey Lewis, Erica Goldberg, and Barry Goldberg’s love interest, John Glascott, and Rick Mellor respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why did Schooled get canceled?

Schooled was the spin-off of the famous American series ‘The Goldbergs’ and focused on the life of Lainey Lewis who returns to her hometown leaving behind her dreams and pursuing the job of a music teacher. The first season of the series did fairly well on rating charts, however, failed to gain similar views for the second season. At the same time, the original show ‘the Goldbergs’ received relatively doubled ratings, and therefore, the production team decided to continue with Goldbergs and ended Schooled with the second part.

Did the Goldbergs end?

There isn’t any confirmed news about the cancellation or renewal of the latest season of The Goldbergs. The ninth part of the series was released in 2024 and received high viewership. Therefore, we are assuming that there will be an upcoming season of the show. However, nothing has been confirmed by the makers yet and we will have to wait for some time before we can be sure about the date of the project.

Did Barry ever marry Lainey?

Although we did not get to witness the wedding of Barry and Lainey at the end of the series, the narrator mentions that both got married later in life, though not in the 1980s. So, you can be happy about this, if you want them to end up together at the end of the show. But, this part is mainly about your perception and some people might claim that it is not true since it was not shown in the drama.

Final Thoughts

Spin-offs often get overshadowed by the popularity of the main series and unfortunately, the same is the case for the popular sitcom Schooled. The series started well with high ratings, however, witnessed an overall drop in the ratings as compared to the original play the Goldbergs. Therefore, season 2 was announced as the finale of the show and the production team decided against continuing for another season.

The news might break your heart if you were interested in watching the story move ahead, but unfortunately, it has been confirmed by the makers on Twitter and the decision can not be reversed anymore. You can consider binge-watching the first two installments if you are new to the series and haven’t watched it before. You will enjoy the story and a good share of happiness.