5 Important Things to Know when Taking Willamette wine tours

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Wine tourism offers the enjoyment of the treasure that grows from the soil and is revealed in the glass. At the same time, the region from which the wine comes is recognized on the palate. If you like to visit vineyards, wine cellars, wine festivals, and taste wines, try traditional food, but also innovative food paired with a certain wine, then you will like this region. Willamette wine tours include tourists from all over the world because of the offer, cultural and active tourism.

Here you will find only quality wines, but also food, music, local customs and other surprises. The interest in wine is different, the behavior when drinking wine is different, there are different levels of wine knowledge, but here you will find everything you need. So, let’s take you through the region so you have as much information as possible before you leave.

1. Find good and safe transportation

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The first rule of every trip is comfortable transportation. If you hire a licensed and specialized company for organized passenger transportation for your wine tour, know that you will enjoy all the advantages of a maximum comfortable trip. Depending on your departure point, explore all available transportation options. Think about the rest of the trip. For example, if you want to explore other places in the area, check the available rental car companies. You can also rent vehicles with a professional driver in order to enjoy unlimited wine tasting all day.

Such boats allow you to travel in style, providing you with unsurpassed comfort. Highly trained and experienced drivers who speak multiple languages take care of your safety and the elegance of your trip. Finally, if you are traveling with more people, then this tour will be financially worthwhile.

2. Hire a guide

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He is familiar with the wine-growing region. The people who make up the winery are its main strength and energy. They are the ones who make me feel beautiful, comfortable. They intrigue me by telling me the story of the winery. Their tone of voice. The words they use. The passion that awakens in them. The knowledge they possess. Not “school” knowledge in numbers, dates, figures. Already knowledge about the estate, about the winery, about the history. It is important to convey the story in an impressive way. It is not the same if I hear a story from a person who speaks in a flat tone.

Although it could be your friend who is a great connoisseur of wine or some other person, it is best to leave this job to an expert. Of course, it is important to find someone who is charismatic, who has a lot of energy and liveliness. Such a person will be happy to share all the information with you and to design activities that encourage interaction in the group. Experiences that are lived are something that will be recounted, remembered and shared with other people.

3. Plan a time frame for the tour

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The next important item to keep in mind is the time you have available. Based on that information, you will organize the budget, as well as many other plans. To know how much time you need, research the available offers. Think about what you want to do, but also how you can fit the trip in with your daily duties. This includes your work hours, children and everything else. If you work full time, you will probably have a week or two off. You should definitely check this to find out more about Willamette wine tour.

4. Tasting according to wine etiquette

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In case you do not have the help of an expert, as well as not enough experience, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the basics of tasting. You can try wines like real oenologists, because it is a very interesting hobby. We all like to drink a glass of good wine, but wine tasting is something else. We will not exaggerate if we say that it is a science, in a way even an art. In this case, you need to take into account the aroma of the wine, because it is the sum of all the smells. Also think about its balance when it comes to acidity, grape ripeness, alcohol, wine ripeness and complexity. The body of wine represents the influence of alcohol on its taste and smell.

In addition, you know how important the vintage is. The quality of grapes varies every year, because it is affected by many factors. These are precipitation, number of sunny days, etc. Finally, try something different. For example, if you are not a fan of dry wine, try to better understand its composition. The entire tasting process begins with observing the appearance of the wine. The beaker is always held towards the light and swirled to mix the liquid. Pay attention to the traces of drops that remain on the glass. If you notice more traces, it is probably a better quality, but it is not the only indicator.

Color also has its meaning. Younger white wines are paler, and change color with age. The opposite is true for red wines. Taste is a very important element of this drink, and a collection of several smells is called noise. Buke depends on the variety of wine, but also on the technology used in production. People with a sensitive palate will feel most of the aromas such as flowers, fruits, oranges, etc. Finally, evaluate its taste. Take a very small sip, hold it and swish it around in your mouth. Wait a while to get used to the taste, then try to identify the body of the wine. Consider whether it is light, heavy, dry or sweet.

5. Visit more wineries

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When planning your tour, we recommend visiting old and new wineries. That way you will gain much more experience and have more fun. New wineries can give you an unforgettable experience, but be sure of your preferences. Otherwise, you will just waste too much time.


Wine tourists can usually be divided into three groups. These are wine lovers, interested in wine culture and people passing by. Regardless of which group you belong to or came for other reasons, we are sure that you will be delighted with the choice of activities. Do not forget that the goal of this trip is to discover new tastes and delights. So, feel free to step out of your comfort zone and explore new wine paths.