6 Things to Know About Gothic Jewelry Symbols and Their Meanings

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“Gothic” represents many things at once. This expression appeared among the Germanic people at the beginning of the Christian era, they were followers of certain music and fashion. Alternative gothic rock is a subgenre of punk, but another important feature is religious jewelry design. He is made up of darkness, introspection and romanticism.

That’s why this jewelry is so special. He is mysterious and unique. Gothic style does not represent anything dark, quite the opposite. It contains strong emotions, and the jewelry design is full of various symbols, which we will say more about below.

1. Explore the symbols

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Although you can never go wrong with necklaces, it is important that you are familiar with the meaning of the pendant. This design is not easy to recognize if you have no experience with the Gothic style. In order to choose the right gift for others or to please yourself, you should look for something with impressive craftsmanship. Therefore, each pendant has a special symbolism. Symbols that encourage power, eternal life and renewal of energy are popular today.

Many of them have a very obvious appearance, so you won’t have to think much about the meaning. However, there are also very strange shapes whose history you will have to research. The shape itself depends on what you want to say to someone, but the precious stones in them will show enough how much someone means to you.

Don’t forget that people often add their own meanings to jewelry when they associate it with a certain emotion. For example, certain pieces of jewelry have a universal meaning. A skull can represent many things, among others it is freedom. If you are creative enough, you will understand that it can also be an eternal journey or some other meaning. The most important thing is that you believe and that this jewelry motivates you.

2. Categories of symbols

As you might have guessed, there are several different groups into which we can classify certain symbols. For example, there are mystical gothic symbols that come from ancient Egypt. Their meaning will not be clear to many people, because it is too complex. It has been influenced by many factors throughout history and has been constantly changing.

This group includes the Ankh symbol, which represents infinity and immortality, and you’ve probably seen it in vampiric movies. A more well-known type is Crosses, which also belongs to this group. It did not always have a positive meaning, but there are several types of crosses. It can be Latin, Greek, Maltese and many others. On the other hand, you can opt for romantic gothic symbol.

Next, consider heart and dagger. It is related to the dark sides of humans, but also about romantic emotions. Some sources link it to fatal love outcomes, betrayals, but also values. We must not forget about Gloomy Gothic skulls from Gthic, coffins, grim reapers, pentagrams and the like.

It all depends on your taste, but also your beliefs. Animalistic symbols are equally popular because they are very recognizable. For example, most know the meaning of the snake which represents rebirth, health or fertility. In addition, there is a dragon that is a sign of change and other positive meanings.

3. Eye of Horus

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As you can imagine, this symbol has a very strong energy. For example, if you wear it as a pendant on your bracelet it will symbolize an obvious strength and courage, but also pride. It also symbolizes power, so think carefully about who you give it to. If you want to buy jewelry that depicts the Sun, then it is the best choice for you. Behind it there is a very interesting story about a god who lost an eye during a battle, but was healed by the god Thoth and it became the most powerful weapon of the Egyptians. Today, this sign represents struggle, power and gives people the strength to keep going.

4. Heart and Dagger

This is a common symbol. It is used for any piece of jewelry. We can also find it on bracelets, as well as on necklaces, earrings and rings as you can see at www.bikerringshop.com. It refers to the changes that happen to us, to nature and always reminds us that we are actually very closely connected to nature. Harmony, peace, balance, untouched nature. Infinity and life and death in one – that symbolizes everything. If you give it to someone with a bracelet or necklace as a pendant, make sure to give it to a person who will know how to appreciate and recognize it. However, throughout history, this sign has had many changes and meanings. At one time it was associated with tragic love, mental agony and hard times.

5. Gothic jewelry price

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In recent years, it has become more and more popular, because it goes beyond its borders. It is no longer jewelry reserved only for rockers, bikers and people of similar beliefs. Now you’ll find gothic elements on the red carpet as well. So, it became an indispensable part of the fashion world and the critics liked it a lot. That is why the price of the product is increasing. More and more money is invested in the production of fine craftsmanship, but equally beautiful decorations can be found in cheaper places. All that is required is that you carefully look for and choose quality.

6. How to wear gothic jewelry?

Regardless of your views and personal style, you can find great collections for men, women and unisex pieces. We are sure that you will be able to match them with any outfit. Best of all, you can order personalized pieces.


Logically, we all want to attract good things into our lives. This is why symbolic elements on clothes, and especially on jewelry, are so popular. If you really believe it, you will feel stronger and more protected. Thanks to Gothic jewelry, people feel that they have finally regained control. In the end, maybe you just want to wear something nice and trendy. In any case, you should consider the value and meaning of this jewelry, because you will discover many more interesting facts about it.