Comparison of the Best Gamblers’ Self-Exclusion Software

The choice of software products available for users who wish to block gambling sites from their devices is excellent. When searching for these types of products, you want to think about effectiveness, coverage, features, simplicity, security, and support.

Using software that gives you all of these positives will keep you safe and away from any gambling website. Through this article, we will learn about several different self-exclusion software that can assist those who recognize they have a problem.

Each of these self-exclusion tools is slightly different, offering varying levels of accessibility and effectiveness.

However, it’s crucial to note that users can play at NonGamStopBets websites and it also plays a significant role in providing alternatives for individuals seeking responsible gambling options.

These casinos typically operate with a more flexible approach to self-exclusion measures, allowing users to engage in their platforms without the constraints of traditional self-exclusion programs.

While exploring different software tools is important, considering the transparency and accountability of non self-exclusion casinos can also contribute to making informed decisions about managing gambling habits.

Take the time to explore these options available online today to find the most suitable approach for your needs.



BetBlocker By using this gambling self-exclusion software, you will be blocked from over 6000 gambling sites. It will also let you add a URL to the database if a site gets through. It is very straightforward to use BetBlocker as it can be downloaded from the official website.

You can also download the product from Google Play or the App Store. When you download it, it will start blocking gambling websites instantly.

These include betting platforms, casino sites, and anything involving gambling. You can use this software on various devices, which is 100% free.

In fact, BetBlocker was approved as a charity in the UK in 2019. BetBlocker will not prevent you from gambling forever. Once your self-exclusion finishes, you will have the freedom to gamble again if you desire.


  • 100% free
  • Compatible with various devices
  • Parental Control feature
  • Does not block from gambling websites permanently


  • Low levels of customer support.
  • Glitches have been reported with BetBlocker
  • Reports of interference with smartphones.

A solid choice and one that is free of any cost. BetBlocker is a wise choice for a free version.


Gamban is a cross-checking website that restricts access to gambling platforms. This software will only block gambling websites but it will not work with casino sites that are not on


  • Block access to thousands of websites
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Compatible with different devices
  • On-demand technical support


  • Monthly subscription fee
  • Needs extensive updates and maintenance

Gamban is an enormous cloud that protects your devices. You will have to pay a subscription for this protection, either monthly or yearly.



This is a self-sufficient software designed to prevent any access to gambling websites. It is a good pick if you wish to stop gambling for some time. This software scans each website opened, checking if it can place a bet on the site. If possible, the software will return you to the homepage.


  • Remote assistance
  • Frequent updates, as well as constant maintenance
  • Efficient web filter that you can not bypass


  • Slow customer support
  • The only way to uninstall it is to reformat your computer
  • The installation guide may be tricky

With Gamblock, you can restrict access to even fantasy sports sites as well as stock trading websites. These are advanced features that can be used. Using Gamblock is costly, as you will be expected to pay at least $100 to install it.


This blocking software for Android was designed a decade ago and only takes a few minutes to install. It will block any gambling website from accessing a device. It will only block gambling sites and not other sites. There is no VPN or bypassing the software.


  • You can choose the level of protection you desire
  • Restricts access to thousands of betting, casino, and poker sites
  • Available on Google Play Stores


  • Can be difficult to uninstall
  • Paid monthly subscription

Betfilter has become a powerful tool to assist those wanting to self-exclude themselves from gambling. It aims to prevent gamblers from spiraling into addiction. The cutting edge technology and updates that Betfilter uses prevent even new gambling sites from being on GamStop service.

Net Nanny

This is one of the most effective parental control software on the market. It has been used for years and is a fine choice when you want to restrict access to specific websites. This software will install automatically and will only take a few minutes. You can choose what type of websites you want to restrict.


  • Access to certain websites while you block other users in the household
  • Great interface
  • View reports of websites visited


  • Yearly fee if using software on several devices
  • No free trial available

Net Nanny has been in action for several years and can protect several devices. You can track your child’s internet history and ban any type of adult website you wish.


Choosing the right self-exclusion software can take some time. You want to think about effectiveness, privacy, safety, and cost that must bring positive results to your health. The software products in this article offer various levels of protection.

It is certainly recommended that you combine self-exclusion software with other types of gambling assistance proposed in other articles. Responsible gambling is something you always need to remember when you are online. If you ever feel like you are gambling too much, these tools are ideal.