Angels Of Death Season 2: Everything You Want To Know About!


Every anime fan will agree with me when I say 2018’s summer was one of the best summers due to the release of the famous anime season Angels of Death. Every episode of the first season had fans gawking at the screen open-mouthed, and the ending left them wondering when they will see Angels of Death Season 2 back on their screens.

I come bearing some good news for all the Angels of Death fans. Even though the release of the first season was years ago, and that may have caused them to lose hope for a new season, creating anime takes time. Therefore, you may see the duo of Rachel and Zack back on your screens by the end of this year. To get more updates on the show, read the article below.

Angels Of Death Season 1

Angels of Death is one of the best Japanese anime shows that aired in 2018. The first season of the show hit our screens in July 2018. The first episode aired on 6th July 2018, while the final episode of the season was aired on 26th October 2018. The first season had a total of 16 episodes. The major plotline of this show revolves around a girl called Rachel Gardener or Ray. Rachel is a 13 years old girl. The story starts with Rachel waking up in an abandoned building, with no recollection of what place is it, or how she got in there in the first place.

The story further shows another character, named Zack, who rescues Rachel from a psychotic Doctor. However, it gets revealed later on that the hospital building where Rachel is currently trapped houses serial killers and murderers. In addition to that, the character of Zack, also known as Isaac, is also a murderer.

When the episodes progress, the storyline of Rachel’s past is revealed slowly. It shows that Rachel had witnessed a murder, which is why she was sent to a hospital for therapy. However, for some reason, she ends up in the basement of that building. The basement has a hidden facility with different floors, each floor housing a different serial killer. Rachel slowly starts remembering the details of her life. After that, she asks Zack to kill her.


However, Zack only has a single goal, to get out of the building alive. Therefore, Rachel and Zack make a pact with each other that they will help each other accomplish what they want. Rachel agrees to help Zack escape the building, while Zack agrees that he will kill Rachel when he gets out of the building. The story shows the two struggling to make it out of the building, floor by floor. However, they are met with a different hazard on every floor. As the genre of the anime is horror, it involves gruesome killing and everything that a horror fan would love.

As the episodes progressed, the first season showed all the obstacles and problems that Zack and Rachel faced in their attempt to escape the facility. Every single episode of the first season is laden with thrill and mystery that is enough to excite an anime fan. By the end of the first season, they both make it out of the facility alive. The writers of this show got the inspiration for the storyline from a game series. As a matter of fact, the game series is also called Angels of Death.

Angels Of Death Season 2

The first season of this amazing anime aired in 2018 and had all of us gripping the edges of our seats with the journey of Rachel and Zack. The ending of season one was remarkable, similar to the rest of the episodes of the entire first season. However, much to our dismay, ever since the first season ended in October 2019, there has not been any news regarding the second season of the show.

I know every anime fan like me is hoping to get a second season of Angels of Death. There have been rumors that the second season is currently under production. As it is an anime series, it requires a large amount of time to produce a single episode. Unlike real-life action movies, animes need to be drawn. This is why it takes so much time to produce a single season or movie. Sources have stated that the second season is currently under production as we speak. The writers of the first season have gotten back to working on a new season of the show.

Further Updates

There has not been much news around the second season of the famous anime Angels of Death. Some state that the second season is currently under production. We are hoping to see the duo of Rachel and Zack back on our screens. Many sources have stated that the show is set to be released by the end of 2023, or the start of 2023, so fingers crossed.

If the second season does release, the storyline is most likely to revolve around the past of Zack, and all the people that he has killed. Moreover, we are also hoping to find out how Rachel and Zack ended up in that basement together. There is also a chance that the creators of the anime will pick the story from where they left it off at the end of season 1. The ending of season 1 showed Rachel getting therapy for all that she had been through, and Zack getting free from the prison of the facility. Therefore, there is a high chance that the story will proceed from there.


As amazing as the first season of Angels of Death was, it made every fan wait in anticipation for the second season. There was no news regarding the making or release of the second season. However, there is hope for a new season now. Every bit of information has been shared in the article above.