Sugar Relationship: Everything You Need to Know


The new generations have a hobby that, on many occasions, gets on the nerves of the older ones: renaming everything in our own way. We are obsessed with giving a name to any concept that already exists, but taking it to our field. Sometimes there is a pure need to create that new concept and name it that way, especially to update it or save time.

On other occasions, it is simply an attempt to appropriate something that has already existed for decades, or even centuries. Terms such as coliving, which is used to designate those who share a flat, or ghosting, referring to a relationship in which one ignores the other, are being widely accepted not only by the new generations but also by the media, including entertainment products.

The same thing happens with the concept of the sugar relationship, which defines those relationships in which there is a fairly large difference in age and economic power.

They have been around forever, but now they get that name, perhaps to “sweeten” precisely a concept that has always been controversial. That of a young and beautiful girl who enters into a relationship with an older man with greater purchasing power than her, offering him her company and we understand, also good sex, in exchange for gifts and a standard of living that she surely could not afford. with other men.


Sugar relationships also occur between mature women and younger guys, the dynamic being exactly the same. The younger part aspires to a much better standard of living that you can only get from the hand of a couple with greater purchasing power, and this point is decisive when choosing said relationship.

It is not something new, far from it, but it is true that in recent times sugar relationships are becoming more popular than ever thanks to online sugar dating websites such as sugardaddyseek, since there are many young girls and boys who launch into them without the slightest hint of remorse, even recognizing that they are only with those older couples for the money.

What are Sugar Relationships Like?

A sugar relationship usually unites a young person with few financial resources with a much older partner, which allows them to have a much more luxurious pace of life. The usual thing is that there is a sugar daddy, which is how mature and rich men who aspire to be with young girls are known, and this figure attracts the attention of some beautiful and attractive young woman, but who does not have enough money to have the life you want.

In the United States, for example, many young university students are jumping into sugar relationships to pay for college, thanks to the financial support of their sugar daddy, who buys them nice things or helps them pay for anything they need. Obviously, this type of relationship, where money is so important, is always questioned from a sentimental point of view.

The Role of the Sugar Daddy


Although sugar relationships can be both between an older man and a young girl , as well as between a mature woman and a young man (even between homosexual people, although it is less common), they are usually the ones who offer that economic stability in exchange for company and sex. The figure of the sugar daddy has always existed, and there are not a few examples of it, starting with Hugh Hefner, the director and creator of Playboy.

Hefner continued to have young wives and girlfriends well into his old age, and the motive was clearly more financial than sentimental. He provided the girls with a luxurious way of life, helped them achieve the fame they wanted, in exchange for a relationship in which, although there was no deep love involved, at least there were sexual relations.

Sugar daddies are usually mature men, usually divorced, who have a high economic level and are free to be with whoever they want. After 40, they usually look for younger girls to continue enjoying intense sexual relationships, something that perhaps women their age are no longer capable of giving them, at least in the way they need. Hence they end up in relationships with women who could be their daughters, by age.

The name of sugar daddy, or Father of Sugar, romanticizes in a certain way the position that the man obtains over his partner. It is a relationship consented by both parties, Of course, but it is clear that it is the sugar daddy who has the upper hand, by conditioning the girl’s sexual relations through gifts and money.

What Does a Sugar Baby Do?


The sugar baby is an attractive young girl who, fed up with not being able to obtain the standard of living she desires, seeks to enter into a relationship with an older man with a lot of money. The sugar baby’s mission is to enjoy a comfortable life where she doesn’t have to worry about paying bills or college loans.

Being with an older man can be a burden for many girls, but of course, there are also very attractive and mature sugar daddies who offer more than just financial support. However, the key point of the relationship is precisely there, in the way in which the sugar baby is interested in her partner as long as she has money to offer him.

In exchange for this financial support, gifts and luxuries, vacations and bill payments, the sugar baby has a complete relationship with her lover, although feelings do not usually come into play in this type of relationship. It is something rather of convenience for both parties, leaving that of “romantic love” for other types of relationships.

The sugar baby usually also offers sex to her partner, since it is one of the usual conditions for the sugar daddy to be more generous. In most relationships, this “exchange” is not explicitly discussed, but it is something unspoken, something that the sugar daddy expects, and that the sugar baby assumes from the first moment.

Are We Talking about a New Type of Prostitution?

Obviously, the rise of this type of relationship is causing a lot of controversy in all sectors, especially among the most conservative. Some allude to a totally toxic and dependent relationship in which the man takes advantage of his position and money to attract young girls who are only looking for a better life. Others do not hesitate to brand sugar relationships as prostitution since the girl is sleeping with the sugar daddy primarily to obtain financial favor from her.

However, we see it more as a relationship of convenience, in which there is no love in the way we usually understand it, but it does not hurt anyone either. A Sugar relationship can be as good as any other in which both parties agree on what they do, as long as the control of the sugar daddy does not lead him to exercise physical or psychological violence on the girl, and she does not resort to blackmail to extort money from her partner.