Headshots with Professional MMA And UFC Reporter Megan Olivi

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Being a professional MMA and UFC reporter can be extremely rewarding and exciting. It allows you to see the sport from all angles, witnessing every punch and kick in live action as well as getting to write about it afterward.

There’s a constant buzz of excitement in the air whenever a big fight is taking place, and it’s a truly exhilarating experience to be at ringside. You never know when something amazing is going to happen, and the adrenaline rush that accompanies it is unforgettable.

We recently spoke with the owner of Bartholomew Photography in Las Vegas about him working with Megan Olivi after reading this article, https://www.bartholomewphotography.com/megan-olivi.

He was kind enough to elaborate more on the experience and went through the details below.

Behind the Scenes Photoshoot Of Megan Olivi

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She was delighted to work with the legendary Mega Olivi and her husband, Joseph Benavidez. The dynamic duel is well-known in the MMA and UFC sports scenes. The couple was delighted to give us a call after one of our clients recommended our services. We were honored to have the opportunity to provide headshot services that could speak to their story and their adventures as a couple.

One of the most important things we considered before the shoot was how Olivi and her Benavidez wanted their story told. The team came up with different creative outlines based on our conversations and agreed on one that could fulfill their storytelling journey.

Our head photographer and costume designer took the lead during the creative process for the headshots. Olivi was asked to come with several outfits representing her career and personality. Our goal was to capture her essence while updating her business headshots.

Megan Olivi’s Photography Session

Considering that Olivi is a successful Fox Sports 1 reporter, the photographer decided to go for a professional but unique theme for her headshots. He used neutral color backgrounds to stick to a classic look that did not distract from our subjects. Megan chose fresh gray, white, and pink backgrounds from our color collection, as they matched her taste and personality.

From the multiple outfits Megan bought for her headshot, the photographer decided to go with those that complemented the backgrounds and offered the perfect contrast.

While working with Megan Olivi and her husband, Joseph Benavidez, the experience gave us an exciting look at how the couple has grown, their history, careers, and life after marriage. We were delighted to document part of their journey.

What You Need To Know About Megan Olivi

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Olivi is not only a successful reporter, but she is also charming and charismatic. Let us have a look at some of the fun facts about her life.

Megan’s Career

Megan Olivi is a well-known news and events reporter for the MMA and UFC. The now 36-year-old reporter may be seen live conducting interviews, reporting throughout the night, and hosting UFC fights from the desk. Likewise, she also works as a sideline and feature reporter for Fox and NFL during football season.

She fell in love with MMA after spending time studying and reporting on the sport. She rose to prominence after co-hosting the UFC Pre-Show “Fight Day.”

At the beginning of her career, she worked with Fox Sports, covering and hosting segments on FoxSports.com and UFC events. She later went on to work as a Fox News correspondent as a social media reporter for San Diego Padres. However, her love for the UFC and MMA brought her back to the sport, and she got the opportunity to host Fox Sports 1, “The Ultimate Insider.”

As a UFC and NFL reporter and show producer, Olivi has covered innumerable fights and games worldwide.

Megan’s History

Although Olivi was born in New Jersey, she was raised in Pennsylvania in a large Italian-American community by her devoted parents. She attended Seton Hall University and earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. In addition, Megan also worked as a Fox News intern while pursuing her undergraduate degree. After graduating, she continued to Fordham University in New York City for her master’s in broadcast journalism.

In 2010, Megan decided to pursue her career in journalism and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, where she currently lives with her husband, former MMA star Joseph Benavidez and her dog Ben.

Her Family

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Olivi is pretty candid about her family and how she grew up. In an interview with American Domani, she says, “I come from a family of three children, and we all had sports and clubs, and there is a huge age gap; my dad traveled for work, so everybody was doing different things, but the majority of the time, if we could wait for somebody to come home from practice, we’d have family dinner. So, if my dad came home late, my mom put his food aside, and we all sat at the table with him, so he wasn’t alone, and that’s when we talked about our days.”

For most of her life, Megan has continued with the same tradition even after her marriage to Benavidez. She has always believed that dinner time was ideal for them to connect and grow as a family.

Her Marriage To Joseph Benavidez

Olivi has always talked about the magical moment she met the love of her life, Joseph. They met in 2009 in a Mandalay Bay hotel, where she was hanging out with her friends, and Benavidez walked through the lobby. The connection between the two was too great to ignore, and a few weeks later, they were already dating and eventually got married in 2015.

Joseph Benavidez is a former mixed martial artist who has made an impressive name for himself in the UFC. He has an outstanding record of 28 wins and 8 losses throughout his career. Benavidez was also one of the leading fighters under the 125 pounds category.

Though the couple has no children, they are parents to a cute little dog called Ben, whom they cannot stop speaking about.

Megan’s Social Media

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Unsurprisingly, Megan has a wide following on her Instagram account. Her charm stretches beyond the reporting, gathering more than 675,000 followers on the platform alone. Her account is an extension of her journal, showcasing her family life, traveling adventures, and career journey for all to see.

Views on Benavidez’s Retirement

Megan has always supported Joseph’s retirement from MMA and UFC, even before his announcement in the fall of 2024. She welcomed their new chapter in life, being grateful for the far they had come as a family and the great adventures that lay before them. As a fun send-off remark, she also joked about not watching what they eat and no more weight cuts.

They were delighted to work with Megan Olivi and her husband, Joseph, during their headshot sessions. We were privileged to see the dawn of a new journey and be part of the experience. We wish them all the luck in the world and cannot wait to see the great things awaiting them.