How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Your Restaurant Menu


Experts around the world estimate that people drink about 2.5 billion cups of coffee a day, and it is predicted that sales in the market – which includes coffee shops and cafeterias – will grow even more because the younger generation is not only interested in coffee, but also in various “gourmet” coffees. which they can only get in special places. Are you looking for a way to find that perfect coffee for your menu, to make the whole eating experience of your guests special?

Well, if you’re reading this article, then you probably are. However, with so many different types available on the market, it is kind of hard to choose the perfect one that will satisfy most of your guests. Our first piece of advice would be to try out the coffee sampler gifts you can find here. This way you get to experience the taste of multiple coffee types and decide which ones you’ll include in your menu. It’s also important to offer your guests a variety of different tastes, for the same reason we’ve mentioned earlier (satisfying different tastes).

What else can you do to make sure the coffee you choose is providing quality and taste? Here are some tips.

Make sure you stand out from the crowd…

The downside of a developed market is that competition will be fierce. If you want to stand out, try to find a unique combination of coffees, which distinguishes your restaurant from hundreds of others. The eternal combat is between Robusta and arabica when it comes to quality. But let’s dedicate a couple of lines to the quality of this popular beverage, and how it is determined.


Coffee quality

The highest quality coffee contains 100% Arabica. However, as many of you in this business already know, coffee producers very often make blends in which, in varying percentages, both types are present.

Even though it is not considered as high quality as Arabica, and some like and enjoy coffee with a stronger and bitter taste, then Robusta is the right choice for them!


Here you can sense the charm. Considering that Arabica is seen as higher quality coffee, this certainly contributes to its greater popularity on the market, compared to Robusta. The aroma and higher concentration of sugar in the plant itself contribute to the creation of a large circle of coffee lovers.

According to the latest research data, today 70% of coffee is made from Arabica, and 30% from Robusta, so make up your own mind.

With an abundance of sophisticated blends and specialty products comes a discerning consumer. A good brand can attract consumers, but they will not return if the product is not up to quality. Coffee is a simple product, which above all should taste good.

As you can see, a lot more could be said on the topic of quality, but in the end, the majority of people like to drink a cup of coffee that simply pleases their senses, whether it’s Arabica or Robusta. Coffee is more than just a drink and the act of drinking it is much more than just taste and smell, it’s a ceremony. Especially after a good meal.

Finding the right combination of coffee

Serving quality coffee is the most important aspect of running a restaurant, so finding a good source of coffee is essential. Many venues buy beans in bulk, but you need to be especially careful and familiar with all the producers and the quality they put on the market. For dropshippers interested in selling Mushroom Coffee Fusion, identifying a reliable supplier is crucial. Check it here for a supplier known for their high-quality mushroom coffee products, ideal for those looking to venture into this niche market.

First and foremost is that you have a quality product with quality grain at a good price.

Here are some other important things to consider:

  • Do you like the coffee you make and serve? If you don’t like it, chances are your customers won’t either.
  • How important is quality to you?
  • What types of coffee and flavors appeal to you? start from that.
  • Very high-quality grain can be very expensive, resulting in higher prices, which can scare off your potential customers.

Finally, if the coffee is of good quality, for a complete experience it is important that it is also prepared that way. Pay special attention to that if your favorite is, for example, espresso coffee. A good espresso must have an even foam, be beige in color, and be two millimeters thick. An even tone and the absence of dark rims are assumed. It must have the smell of freshly brewed coffee and be thick. The taste is full and strong, and you can be sure that your espresso coffee is of high quality if you can drink it without sugar and without milk. A lot about how it is made will depend on the barista, hence, don’t be afraid to invest in additional training for your staff, as they are the ones that will be making coffee.


A lesson in history as a final word

In the 1800s and early 1900s, coffee was a drink that was served in taverns where mostly men gathered to socialize, read, and talk about the weather, religion, and politics… why were there no women in taverns, unfortunately, it was not a topic the men discussed, but it certainly should have been.

To emphasize – taverns were not just a place where you browsed the web while using free wifi but were intellectual and political centers of life outside the courts and palaces.

Coffee would be brewed in large pots and served to inspire a conversation that filled the tavern.

Fortunately, today our coffee bars are full of people of all genders, and in fact, women have become the biggest consumers of coffee in public venues.

Although the topics discussed at bar tables may have changed drastically, coffee bars are still very much social spaces at the center of our lives.

They have also expanded their offering, adding breakfast, lunch, and dinner to the menu, along with various other services. And yes, they are also where people come to turn on their laptops to work or study with a dose of caffeine.