Why Honda Accord Is Better than an SUV for a Big Family?

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All modern car buyers are mostly focused on buying cars that are of value and stylish. No denying the fact that the market is flooded with car options ranging from compact cars, and affordable subcompact hatchbacks to some massive and heavy-duty options. Before setting out to buy a car, you need to consider your reasons to buy one.

It often happens that a car buyer sifts through the different models, car styles, and trims but still is not able to decide what option they should settle on. Well, buying a Honda Accord is an easy choice. Yes, the Sedan models are back in the market and the company has done a great job, by making it better than before.

Honda has been offering perfect cars over the years and boasted enhanced features along with the availability of a six-figure odometer. Moreover, Accord owners are brand-loyal people, driving cars from the brand for years. That said, others prefer the Accord more than the SUV because they are not looking for a bulky car, but space was a concern earlier. If you are looking for a used Honda Accord, check on this site.

The new Accord comes with more than enough cargo space and room to easily carry up to five passengers. It also comes with exceptional fuel economy ratings and the option for buyers to pick the hybrid version which further helps them save on ownership costs. If you are looking for some more compelling reasons to choose an Accord over an SUV, you are at the right place.

Why Choose Honda Accord?

Find below the answer to your question of why go for a Honda Accord.

1. It Is Available In The 10th Generation

Accord has been ruling the market for 50 years now, and during this tenure, the car has received 10 major redesigns. This is because Honda is consistently after infusing its car with the latest features and technology. The current model is the 10th generation Honda Accord that has a good amount of interior space more than its predecessors.

Additionally, it features a turbocharged engine of 252 horsepower and a powertrain more efficient with a transmission designed for continuous variables that helps save a huge amount on fuel costs.

2. Too Many Accolades

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The drivers are all raving about the current 2022 Honda Accord and they give it a perfect 10/10, and also call it a superb product by Honda. They list a few reasons that make sedans worth buying and the website is flooded with praises. They say that Accord has spacious interiors and agile handling which is why drivers should consider buying it.

Its hybrid version is another reason for considering it for bigger families. Moreover, for its sharp acceleration, it is rated 8.9 stars out of 10. Furthermore, words like Magic are used to describe the overall appeal of the Honda Accord.

3. Affordability

Another major reason to choose Accord is its affordable cost. This versatile car is offered by Honda in nine trims, out of which five are gas-powered, whereas the remaining four are hybrid. People looking for a more valuable car may go for the entry Accord LX. Its starting price is just over $26,520 and in this range, it comes with a lot of standard equipment.

The equipment includes a powerful suite of safety equipment for assisting the driver and the major convenience features along with the ability to get connected to the smartphone. Accord also boasts a few upscale features like the push button start and automatic climate control.

4. Hybrid Version

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As already stated, Honda Accord is offered in the hybrid trim as well, and this makes it a worth-considering option for drivers. The hybrid trims are further divided into four options; the base hybrid, the Hybrid EX-L,  the Hybrid sport, and the fully loaded Hybrid touring. The hybrid technology of Accord has an EPA-estimated rating for fuel economy of 48 MPG in the city and on the highway, it boasts 47 MPG with no performance compromise.

The hybrid Accord options are available at below $30,000 which makes it a more affordable option for people who are tight on their budget. Moreover, the hybrid system is fun to drive as it provides 212 hp.

5. Luxury Features

Before buying a Honda Accord you can scroll through the list of the touring standard equipment, and you will feel like you are reading about some European high-end imported car. Accord is the top-of-the-line onda car that boasts multiple features for the driver to make the most of their drives. The features included in Accord are leather seating ventilated and heated, Android Auto, wireless carplay of Apple, a wireless phone charger, and a premium audio system of 10 speakers.

6. Power Packed Performance

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Honda Accord is a powerful option and if you are looking for a sedan that is driven by power, this one is a must-buy. Accord has a turbocharged four-cylinder powerplant of 252 hp, 2 liters each. These cylinders are available on both touring and sports trims. Furthermore, Accord mates an automatic transmission of 10-speed that enables smooth sifting.

Additionally, it offers an acceleration that of a sports car. The list of features doesn’t end here, the car has more to offer. The Accord has the best ower-oriented features and it just feels right for families. It gives smoother rides even on bumpy roads.

7. Highly Reliable

Honda has a great reputation in the automobile industry and is known for manufacturing highly reliable vehicles. Its current 2022 Honda Accord is no exception and the drivers are all more than happy to have been driving Accord. The model has been placed at the #1 position on the list of Best Midsize cars of 2022 by J.D Power. This is for sure the car that you would want to buy for yourself.

The Bottom Line

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This midsize sedan is no doubt the best option for bigger and busy families. It has so much to offer to make their tour and drives more smooth and more comfortable. Honda Accord is primed for family life and the best choice that you can opt for, even on a tight budget.