Can You Really Win Big on Online Slots? The Odds and Strategies to Know


People gamble or wager a bet when they wish to make money using their ability to conjecture the outcome of an uncertain event. However, different types of wagers are widely different and the probability of winning are also highly variable.

So, on the one hand, there is  Blackjack where a solid strategy can give great odds of winning. On the other hand, there are Slot machines or poker machines that can give fairly low probability. Despite the low probability of winning, Slot machines are highly popular.

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What Are The Chances of Winning When It Comes To Slot Machine?


The fun-looking machines that look like a fun pattern generator are not great when it comes to winning probability. Depending on the type of machine that you choose to play, the chances can be as low as one in five thousand chances of winning.

There are several reasons why the chances of winning a fairly straightforward game are so low. So the aim of all the players is to get the right or the winning combination of numbers, fruits, and characters in all the chambers of the machine.

The complexity of the pattern required to win the ultimate prize money can vary. So you might have to get the winning characters in all the rows and columns, or you may have to get them in some selected rows or columns. However, the chance that you will get the right character in your machine has nothing to do with your skill; instead, it is entirely based on luck.

Moreover, since poker machines are so popular, many people try their luck at any given time. So the chances for an individual player to win become less as there is more number of contenders for one prize.

Some Easy Tricks To Make Increase Your Chances Of Making Money


It is true that winning the big prize on a Slot machine is tricky. But there is still hope, and there are some simple strategies that can improve your chances of winning the big prize.

1. Choose Based On Your Personality Type And Budget

When it comes to gambling, you should choose the type that suits your personality and fits your budget. Even in the case of Slot machines, there are some varieties where you can only bet for the ultimate jackpot. However, there are other varieties where you can win small prizes if you get some of the combinations right.

So if you are a professional player or if you can afford to wager big amounts, you can play the game that gives only a single big prize. But if you are not a professional or if you do not have the monetary means to absorb multiple losses, then you should go for game variants that offer small prizes for getting some combinations right.

If you go for minor prizes, you will increase your chances of making some money even if you do not win big.

2. Bet Enough To Be Eligible For The Big Prize At The End

If you wish to pay for the progressive version of the game, you must bet enough money to be eligible for the big prize. Progressive version means that the prize money increases after each round of play if no one gets all the combinations right.

However, there are some rules to be eligible for big money after each round of play. The minimum amount of money that you need to bet in order to be a contender for the prize varies

3. If You Bet More, You Increase Your Chances Of Winning Big

When it comes to gambling, there are different types of coins or chips that you need to purchase in order to be a part of the game. Some chips or coins are more expensive than others.

So if you are playing a game where the denomination of the chips is higher, then the final win amount of that particular machine will also likely be big.

So it is a rule of thumb that if you wish to win a bigger jackpot, you should buy those chips that are pricier.

4. Go For The Bigger Price Once You Have Won Something


Most gamblers follow this rule where they bet the money that they have won in the previous round of the game. Most people know that they do not start winning immediately after they have started playing, so they do not bet big amounts immediately. They bet more significant amounts only when they have won some money from the Casino.

Having such a betting method makes sure that you do not keep playing with your own money and win nothing at all at the end of the day.

5. Look For The Right Games

When it comes to choosing the right machine, there are three things that you need to keep an eye on. Firstly, check for those games that are paying bigger payouts. Secondly, choose those game varieties that have not given a win in a long time.

When a machine has not gotten the right combination in a long while, chances are that the jackpot-winning combination is close to getting announced. And finally, go for those machines that are offering enormous bonus amounts.

Bonuses are the money that a Casino gives to its players to encourage them to play more. So if you get great bonuses, you will be able to bet money on the bigger jackpots.


It is true that Slot machines have poor chances of winning, but these machines are very popular. And it is not impossible to win if you follow some simple tips like playing the right kind of game or playing in the machine that is more likely to give you rewards.It is also advisable to start by betting small amounts before going for the mega jackpot.