Can You Finish Your Dissertation In 2 Weeks? 7 Tricks To Know


The doctorate takes about 8years to complete. People often get married and start having a family while they pursue a doctorate. Also, the minimum age limit for pursuing the degree is 33 years. It is the main reason a student completes their coursework but the dissertation remains incomplete.

However, it is hard to complete the dissertation in 2 weeks. But When you have the will, nothing is impossible. This article focuses on increasing productivity and ensuring you complete the dissertation in a given time without delay.

This article will help you to complete writing the 20 pages of the dissertation in 2 days. We have curated some suggestions with the help and advice of renowned officials from Keep reading and after that start writing.

How To Complete A Dissertation In Two Days?


You have to be fully dedicated to the writing as you have aimed for a high goal. Follow the steps to achieve your goal.

Step 1:

It is a crucial stage, do not accept anything new at this stage. You have to manage everything that you have in your hands. Try to copy-paste all the information from various references without any kinds of references. Not copying it may lead to plagiarism. Read the content and write the pieces of information in your words.

Step 2:

You will get less time to come up with the final draft. Try to incorporate new facts and figures that are not available in the previous sources. Refer to the books and various websites related to your dissertation topics.

Step 3:

Prof read the final draft again and aged to find out any mistakes. It might take a toll on you as you have already worked hard researching and writing. You can ask your fellow coursemate to fact-check your dissertation once or twice for a second opinion.

You have to do all the things perfectly so that you do not face any consequences after submitting your dissertation. Various writing agencies will write the dissertation for you. They are experts and trained to render this kind of service. They are accustomed to being subjected to short deadlines. You can trust them blindly without having to do it yourself and still get quality work delivered on time.

Tips For Completing The Dissertation In Two Days

If you still want to write the dissertation yourself and not hire any writing agencies, follow these tips:

1. Choose Your Topic Wisely

Choosing an essay topic related to your dissertation will help you focus on the subject and curate it easily. Choose a topic that inspires you and is interesting. It is crucial to feel inspired by your topic as it affects the flow of your writing. Moreover, if you select an interesting topic there are changes you already have a lot of information available, and you can add this information to meet the word count.

2. Deciding The Length

An average length of a dissertation varies from 10,000 to 100,000 words. Before you start witting, decide on the word count. Later you can allocate a specific number of words dedicated to different sub-points within your topic. Preparing it beforehand will help you as you will have mini goals and not cross the word limitation in the flow. As you have only two days in your hands, try trying 20,000-30,000 words.

3. Time Management

Time management is another crucial aspect when you aim to complete the writing in two days. If you are targeting 20,000 words, focus on finishing it at 10,000 words per day. Set a timer on your phone to write 1000 words in an hour to meet the goal and keep track of time.

4. Make Sections

Short sections are easier to read for readers. It will help you to write fast and complete the dissertation on time. Divine the dissertation into smaller parts and start writing. As mentioned, allot a specific number of words so that you can track how many words are left to write.

5. Locate Yourself Away From Distractions


Social media is a constant distraction. Endless notification clipping in your phone will want your attention. You will not realize how a 10-minute break will roll into an hour, leaving you to hopelessness, guilt, and tension of not finishing the dissertation in time. Keep the phone away or turn off the data connection for two days.

Ask your family and friends not to bother you for 48 hours. Only spare a little time for freshening up, eating, and doing a minimum of stretching to keep yourself fresh.

6. Checking And Editing

Ensure that you read the writing, again and again, to find out the silly mistakes that you have made. You can take the help of AI software so that your writing is free of spelling mistakes, and grammatical errors. Software like Grammarly will help you make instant corrections.

Check the document in plagiarism software or maybe more than one. The plagiarism software will help you detect if any line is copy pasted. You can remorse those like or reframe the line. Pass the writing only when the plagiarism report is 100% original.

7. Ask For Help

Before submitting, ask your fellow coursemate to check your dissertation. You might miss out on some mistakes as you are tired from the continuous writing for the past two days. A second opinion will be a boon at this time.


These suggestions will help you complete the dissertation in time and achieve the unachievable. However, it is suggested you take more time as a dissertation is important for your coursework, and a two days limit might subject your writing to a lot of mistakes. Taking help from professionals is the best way to do it. You can discuss with a professional writer, divide sections and work on your dissertation together to meet the goal. There is no shame in asking for help. A little help at this time will be life-saving for you.