7 Tips for Encouraging Reading Habits in Kids

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Reading is important for our knowledge. It benefits both kids and adults. But, first of all, it is a habit. It needs to be nurtured. The best route to take is to start when we’re young. It is not an easy task, no matter how you look at it. If the work isn’t put in, later on in life you’ll simply stop reading. It happened to the best of us. So, starting on time is imperative. But, what can you do? Working with kids is not easy. But, it can be rewarding.

Trust us, later on, when they’re older your kids will be pleased that you worked with them and taught them to read books. Reading habits are good to have. No, it doesn’t require too much time, and it’s rewarding. But, you need to find a way to get around lack of time and desire. Kids do not know what’s best for them. That’s why you should consider reading a subscription box for kids, one of which you can find here. There are many ways to go around this issue, and you can start with our seven tips for encouraging reading habits in kids. Let’s see what they are.

Do It Daily

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Start here. Habits are something we do every day. It’s that simple. Reading is no different than any other habit a kid or adult has. You go to work every day and kids go to school. You drink coffee in the morning, and the kids eat breakfast. All of that is a habit. Reading shouldn’t be viewed any differently. Make it a daily routine. Read every day. First, you can do it with your kid. Later on, let them do it on their own. But, be sure that you check up on them. Kids are known as slackers. The formula is simple. Start early, remain focused, and do it every day. It’s that easy. But, that’s not all. Let’s continue.

Read With Children

This doesn’t only apply to reading to them. You should also visualize the process. Ensure that when you’re reading that your child is around. Make it look as if it is the best thing in the world. The bottom line is, it is. We are so surrounded by tech that kids these days are missing out on some great books. When you show them that it’s something you enjoy doing, they will mimic you. That’s what kids do. So read to them, and read in front of them. Also, as we said in the paragraph above. Do it on a daily basis.

Let It Be Fun

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Work your way around this. Reading is fun. We know it, you know it. But, as we said. Kids these days have access to too much tech. Games on smartphones, tablets, computers, and the internet will make them feel like reading is no fun. Also, they can read on their devices. So, how to make them read books, paper copies, or at least books on tablets or other devices? Well, you need to make it fun. This is where the book selection comes important. We already suggested that you should have books and stories prepared. A box is full of surprises. Make them read books that are intended for their age. If you miss the subject they won’t be able to relate to the characters, which could take the fun out of the books.

Visit Libraries and Bookstores

You can’t miss this one. Libraries and bookstores are full of books and stories alike. They are places of calmness and studying. You need to let your kids experience this firsthand. This is one of the best ways to let them understand the importance of books and knowledge. Being surrounded by thousands of books will remain ingrained in kids’ memories forever. If you take them on tours of bookstores and libraries and even let them pick books on their own will leave an even greater impact. Also, make them a member of the library as soon as possible. Having a library ID will make them feel special and it will lead to them wanting to take and return books to the library more often. Also, on special occasions buy them a book in a bookstore, and create long-lasting memories that will make them read more often and into their adulthood.

Don’t Force Them Your Interests

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Encouraging your children to read is one thing. But forcing your interests is another. We live in different times. While you might be having some of the books of your childhood in your hands, it is not wise to force them on your kids. We live in different times. Children these days will relate more to modern books written for young adults than those released earlier. Yes, some books transcended years, but you should take it easy. See what your kids like. Let them pick what they’ll read. Suggest the books you enjoyed but do not force them to read. They will settle better in this department on their own.

Let Them Pick

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This goes well with the paragraph above. Let them choose. Of course, you need to ensure that they don’t read far above their age. This can have a negative effect as we said. But, let them pick. A book with a nice cover and they want it, let them have it. Of course, you can make suggestions. But in the end, let them be the ones who select what they will read. Let them be in touch with their age, with other kids, and with the selection they have. Kids these days are more likely to focus on what their peers are reading rather than listen to their parents. You can allow this but oversee it too.

Find Books That Correlate With Their Other Interests

This shouldn’t be too hard. If your kid is into sports, find their books about sports. If they’re into video games, focus on that. Today you can find a book on any subject you like. If they’re into fantasy, introduce them to the Harry Potter series. If they like basketball, show them Boy21. Thanks to the internet it shouldn’t be too hard to find books about any subject they find interesting.