Elena Saurel – Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wiki

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Elena Saurel is one of the best American entrepreneurs who is an amazing actress, writer, model and rising Instagram star. She is multitalented and known because of her versatile working nature. Elena inspires millions of people through her work and people like her way of acting and writing sense. She got fame because of her remarkable working skills and talents. Elena also works in the American entertainment industry because of her good sense of humor.

Well, in this article I will tell you more about the life achievements and personal life of Elena Saurel. If you have multiple questions in your mind regarding her birth, physical appearance, and career building then this article will surely help you. Keep reading the article to solve the puzzles of questions that you have in your mind related to Elena Saurel.

Elena Saurel:


An American rising star Elena Saurel was born on 1st January 1996. When she was born her parents named her Elena. Her family, siblings, and friends call her by her nickname Elly. Since childhood, Elly is very close to her family and has had a great bond with them.

Elena Saurel was born in London, England, United Kingdom, and lived with her family and spent a great childhood.

As she was born in America she has an American nationality and her zodiac sign is Leo according to her date of birth. Elena Saurel belongs to the White Caucasian ethnicity and spent most of her time with her siblings and friends. She follows Christianity as her religion and was quite religious. Well, Elene wants to keep her family private from the world but she said that her family is quite supportive and loving.

She has an elder sister who treats her as a child and supports her in her hard times. Elena also said that she has an amazing bond with her grandparents and she loves them so much. She graduated and has remained a good student during School, and College life. She has a great interest in writing, acting, and modeling.

Height, Weight, And Looks

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Elena Saurel has an elegant personality with super skills and talents. Elly has dark brown eyes, blonde hair, fair skin complexion, and attractive facial features. She looks just perfect and people love her fashion sense and clothing style. If we talk about her height then she is 5 feet 9 inches, which is demanding. She has a tall height which is just perfect for modeling and acting. Her body weight is 59 kg and she maintains her figure by doing workouts and different body exercises.

Age, And Marital Status

Elena Saurel was born in 1996 so recently she is 26 years old and got so much fame because of her acting and writing. She is not married yet and her work is her first priority.

She focuses more on her job instead of being involved in fake relationships. Elena believes that true love is a blessing. She has a small circle of friends and she is not a social person.

She wants to keep her life private so she loves spending time alone or with her family and close friends.

Net Worth of Elena Saurel

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Elena Saurel is a known public figure because of her writing and acting expertise. She worked in many famous movies and TV shows. Also, she is a producer of many shows. Her hard work and skills let her earn a good amount of money by acting, writing, producing shows, and working in the entertainment industry.

Other than this she has millions of followers who follow her on her personal accounts and support her to reach her goals in life. The total net worth of Elenna Saurel is about $7 million, which is extremely good and it’s because of it that she is living an ideal life.

Career Building

Elena Saurel is a famous and well-known American actress who gained popularity because of her amazing acting skills. Viewers loved her acting in different projects and were inspired by her work. Her acting in different movies and TV shows was remarkable and won the hearts of many people.

Brooke Daniels, Cassandra, A Party in London, Anaphylaxis, Popcorn, Morgue Woman, Gold Digger, Kiss of Death, Sticks, and Stones, and Benidorm are some of her best TV shows. Other than acting she loves writing and wrote many shows like ANOTHER TIME, Behind the Mask, with Paul, and many more.

She just loves doing her work and is so dedicated that people like her every project and appreciate it fully. Elena also shares her photos with her fans on her Instagram account and her followers love her because of her kind heart and pretty face. She was so serious about her passion for writing and acting since childhood that she worked in the same field and earned her name.


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Who is Elena Saurel?

Elena Saurel is an actress, producer, model, fashion star, Instagram celebrity, and writer who inspired people with her multiple interests. She loves her field and always comes up with new and different projects.

When is the birthday of Elena Saurel?

Elena Saurel was born in London on 1st January and lived a luxurious life. She is now 26 years old and earning a good salary because of her talents and expertise.

Is Elena Saurel married?

No, Elena Saurel is not married to anyone and is still single. She loves her family and work so she is too busy making her career to become an American best actress.


Well, I hope that my article about Elena Saurel helped you to know about her life and career. She is such a focused and dedicated person that she never disappoints her fans with her work and content. It is her hard work and talent that let her make her name on the list of famous and inspired social media personalities.