Zachary Taylor Warner – Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wiki

Zachary Taylor is a male American celebrity who is famous because of his father Kurt Warner. His father was a professional footballer who played many matches in the National Football League. Zachary’s father made his name in this field because of his talent, and football skills. His son Zachary Taylor Warner always wanted to be like his father, and to become a famous, and known personality.

His life was full of struggles to make his name, and he succeeded in the journey of his goals, and wishes. To know the whole story of Zarchy Taylor Warner’s career building and life you need to read this article. I have shared every single detail related to his personal life that you all wanna know. I believe that this article will help you a lot in answering your questions regarding Zachary Taylor Warner.

Zachary Taylor Warner



Zachary Taylor Warner was born in 1989, belongs to the United States of America, and has an American nationality. He is an American celebrity but always wanted to follow his father’s profession i-e football. He was very much fond of his game and always followed him to be like him. Zachary lived and spent a great life with his siblings, and family.

Since childhood, he was an active, and intelligent person. He performed well in his studies and showed great results, and performances. He did his schooling at a private school in his neighborhood. Then he did his college, and after that got his bachelor’s degree. His overall academic performance and results were quite good.

He was involved in football during the early stages of his life, and because of his interest, he wanted to work and make his career in the same field. He used to take part in several competitions and was rewarded with certification each year. Unfortunately, he was not able to make it in this field because he lost his eyes in an accident. He made his name because of his unstoppable struggle, and passion for football.

Zachary Taylor Warner Height, and Weight

Zachary Taylor Warner is a healthy person who does exercise and plays sports to keep his body active. The height of Zachary Taylor Warner is about 6 feet 2 inches, which is pretty tall, and good. Well, he tries to maintain his weight, which is around 69 kg. Being a player he takes care of his body weight, and figure.

Zachary Taylor Warner’s Age, Marital Status, and Net Worth


Zachary Taylor Warner is approximately about 33 years old. His date of birth is not known yet, but his age is estimated according to the year he was born. He loves celebrating his birthday each year with his friends, family, and siblings. There is no such information available regarding his personal life.

Kurt Warner is his stepfather who is a footballer, and he got inspired by him. He earned a good amount of money and worked hard to achieve a luxurious life. The net worth of Zachary Taylor Warner is approximately about $6 million, which is amazing.

Zachary Taylor Warner Career

Zachary was very much into games and sports. He used to take part in sports and was inspired by his stepfather Kurt Warner who is a famous footballer. Well, he worked hard to reach his level. He always wanted to make his name in the field of football. Zachary Taylor Warner struggled day and night and was passionate about building his career in the field of football.

He followed the way of his father but unfortunately lost one eye. He can partially see with one eye now. It’s because of it that his dream to become a footballer remains incomplete but his struggle for it made him famous in the list of glorious personalities.

Hobbies of Zachary Taylor Warner

Zachary Taylor Warner is a famous, and prominent social media person, and star. He loves playing sports, especially football. Other than this he loves swimming, fishing, singing, traveling, and dancing. Zachary travels a lot and loves to eat Chinese, Italian, and Indian foods. He is fond of animals and loves to spend time with cats, and dogs. He is a vegetarian and loves eating chicken.


Who is Zachary Taylor Warner?

Zachary Taylor Warner is the son of Kurt Warner who worked so hard to get his name famous among the list footballers. He is inspired by his father’s game, and always wanted to be, and play like him. After he got in an accident and lost one of his eyes he stopped building his career in this field.

Is Zachary Taylor married?

Well, Zachary Taylor Warner is not married yet and is still single. He was involved in relationships previously but later did not want to talk about his private life.

What is the age of Zachary Taylor Warner?

Recently, Zachary is about 33 years of age as he was born in 1989.


Well, Zachary was passionate about football and would achieve his goals if he had not suffered from that eye loss. He can partially see now and is barely doing any job. In the end, the lesson that we get from his life is that you are not aware of what will happen next so sometimes it is good to struggle for what you want in your life. I hope that you have got enough information about Zachary Taylor Warner after reading this article. Stay tuned to know further inspiring personalities.