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Noel Deyzel might be the best person out there to help you in your fitness journey. He is a bodybuilder who motivates the young generation by posting short videos on his social media platforms. His profile is a complete guide for beginners who want to switch to a sustainable healthy lifestyle. You can refer to the article to know Noel Deyzel’s height, weight, net worth, age, birthday, and wiki to end all the curiosity. He is an inspiration for young people who are interested in bodybuilding.


Noel Deyzel is a South African bodybuilder who blew the internet with his TikTok videos. He was tall and extremely thin which was the reason he was body shamed by many people. At the age of 21, he decided to change his body and started his journey as a bodybuilder. The details about his parents are not known as he likes keeping his family a secret. He made a YouTube video with his mother, Colleen which revealed her name.

The fans do not know whether he is the only child of his parents or has any other siblings. He motivates people and his videos are very straightforward. Noel also coaches people and helps them reach their body goals in a healthy way. He makes sure his clients use sustainable ways to reach their targets. You can either lose weight or gain muscle by coaching under his supervision.

Personal Life

Noel is a tall and handsome young man but he is still single. He has not declared his relationship status or any information about his love life yet. Deyzel participated in Mr. Gay World in his country a while back which cleared the speculations about his sexual orientation. He follows Christianity and belongs to the gay community. Noel also has his own merchandise which is loved by the fans. He is the co-founder of a company named Ryse Supplements.


Noel Deyzel, a South African bodybuilder and now a social media influencer has 2.5 million Instagram followers. He is 5 feet and 8 inches tall and has a nice build. His short videos were the reason behind his popularity. Noel uses his supplements in all his workout plans and encourages people to include them in their routines too. His YouTube channel has a total of 133 videos and 2.25 million subscribers. If you cannot afford training under him, you can use his socials for all the information for free.


Just like other bodybuilders in the industry, Noel has maintained his body shape well. He weighs almost 90 kg but hasn’t publicly disclosed his weight. His experience is something you can take advantage of. He is working as an IFBB bodybuilder and a trainer for a long time now. Noel started his journey in 2012 when he was only 27 years old. His TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram videos are full of important videos that will guide you on your journey.

Age And Birthday


Noel Deyzel is a 37-year-old man who was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1984. He celebrates his birthday in the month of September and has a zodiac sign Libra. He has been in the field for a decade now. People use his expertise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. He launched his YouTube channel six years back and started to upload fitness-related content. His most viewed video is “Nobody cares about your muscles” which was made as a reply. The video has 31 million views and was uploaded last year in the month of May.

Net Worth

As per my sources, Noel Deyzel has a net worth of almost $900,000. He has millions of followers on his social media accounts which is proof that fans love his content and do not hesitate to support him. Noel has a huge fan following of almost 10 million on his Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube collectively. His videos have a good reach which means that he earns a good sum of money through them.

He also has training programs for people in need of help and guidance. Thousands of people register and want them to train under his supervision. Noel has his own merchandise of men’s apparel named YoungLA. He is the 50 percent owner of Ryse Supplements too. Both of these ventures are being supported by the fans and he earns pretty well through them.

The social media star has an average income of $40,000 to $50,000 per month depending upon the number of sponsored posts. He also posts advertisements on his Instagram feed and charges a good sum of money for them. Overall, the bodybuilder and social media celebrity, Noel Deyzel is liked and supported by the people for his work.



Is Noel sponsored by Ryse?

Noel Dyezel along with one of his friends is the owner of Ryse Supplements. He is sponsored by the company and includes the supplements in his workout routine too. All his clients are recommended to use products from Ryse supplements too.

What nationality is Daddy Noel?

Noel Deyzel is a South African bodybuilder who started his career when he was 27 years old. He was born in Johannesburg on September 30th, 1984. Noel is liked for his fitness-related content as his videos are to the point yet informative.

At what age did Noel Deyzel start bodybuilding?

Noel Deyzel started bodybuilding at the age of 21 when he body shamed for being too thin. He took that as a challenge and started to transform himself in 2012.

Extra info

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All the details of Noel Deyzel’s height, weight, net worth, age, birthday, and wiki are discussed above for the people who recently came to know him. The information used in the article is provided by the sources near Noel. He still resides in South Africa and coaches people to reach their ideal body weight. His training programs have great results and are effective too. Hence you can contact Noel too if you’re stuck and need a mentor.