Top 10 Most Empowering Female Celebrities of the Decade


For the last ten years, there have been a number of empowering female celebrities who have advocated for the rights and desires of women.

Celebrities who use their public image and platform for advocacy often have a positive effect on the people who follow them.

As we round out 2024, it’s important to take a look at some of the most empowering females in the public eye who have fought hard to empower women all over the world.

From legendary lawyers and game-changing filmmakers to advocacy actors and musicians, let’s take a look at the ten most empowering female celebrities of the decade.

10. Lizzo


All about body confidence and being yourself, Lizzo is certainly one of the most empowering female celebrities of the decade.

‘Truth Hurts’ was the song that really brought Lizzo into the public eye, and ever since, she has used her platform to promote body positivity and to empower women, especially minority women, from all over the world.

9. Ilana Glazer

Known for her hilarious comedy Broad City, she is a huge advocate for the importance of voting.

Her Instagram has been described as a “Master Class in Social Justice” as she breaks down the voting system to make it easier for those who might be struggling to navigate the system.

The Jewish comedian is utterly herself both in character and out, so she’s a fantastic role model to anybody who is aware of her.

8. Shonda Rhimes

Shonda Rhimes is often considered a pioneer in the TV and film industry, often casting people of colour in her shows’ leading roles, particularly strong, black female leads. She inspires empowering stories through her public stance.

She has explained before that her ethnically, and sexually diverse casts are just mimicking real life. Rhimes says she simply writes about diversity she views as “normal”.

7. Emma Watson


In 2014, she was appointed the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, and she helped launch the Women’s campaign HeforShe, which advocates for gender equality, something she is very vocal about.

This campaign urges men and boys to stand up against inequalities, not just women. She’s one of the leading celebrities for women’s rights and equality, and she is truly an excellent role model for young girls growing up in a world largely run by men.

6. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is a wonderful singer, songwriter, and actress who has used her celebrity status in a number of admirable ways.

A survivor in more ways than one, she uses her pedestal of fame to help women who have been in similar situations and encourages them to be strong.

5. Uzo Aduba

Known for starring in Orange is the New Black as ‘Crazy Eyes’, Uzo Aduba has been very vocal about feminism and female empowerment. She encourages people, especially women, to stand up for what they believe in.

She said in an interview, “All that [feminism] is trying to do is [make sure] people are being treated equally and not discriminated against because of their gender”.

4. Patricia Arquette


Patricia Arquette recently participated in the Women’s March on Washington and notably used her platform to advocate for wage equality. This was all while accepting an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 2015.

During her acceptance speech, she said that it was women’s turn to have “wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women” in the United States.

3. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

While Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been paving the way for women’s rights since the 1960s, the late lawyer continued to serve as an associate justice of the Supreme Court right up until her death in 2020.

Battling sexism and gender equality for her whole career, she continued as a pioneer throughout the last decade of her life.

2. Viola Davis

In the last decade, Viola Davis became the first black woman to win an Oscar, an Emmy, and a Tony for her acting.

She has truly paved the way for people, especially women of colour, in the TV and film industry. Not only is she an incredible actor, but she is also an inspiration for empowering more women to get out there and achieve what they are capable of achieving.

1. Emily Ratajkowski


In 2017, Emily Ratajkowski was featured in Allure magazine, addressing the stigma of women, what they wear, and what it means.

She addressed the criticism female celebrities receive for wearing revealing clothes while also preaching sexual empowerment.

She underlined that the two are not mutually exclusive, and women can dress however they want while also being empowered feminists.

Impact of their Work

The economic and social impact created by the most empowering female celebrities of the last decade is undeniable. By using their influence to call out injustice, tackle taboo subjects, and drive social change, these women have played a major role in creating a world where we can strive for equal rights and opportunity.

In addition to inspiring millions of fans, their work has created direct economic benefits within their industries and beyond – including:

  • Increased awareness of female-centric issues
  • Reduced gender stereotypes in advertising campaigns and media productions
  • An expansion of roles available for women
  • Improved pay equity in the workplace
  • Greater funding for girls’ education initiatives around the world

Through this work both near and far from home – such as documenting stories of women’s empowerment in developing countries or becoming leading female executive producers – some of these inspiring ladies have achieved tangible progress that extend beyond just shifts in public opinion or debates on important topics. In doing so they have proven that true societal change requires not just incredible conviction but equally incredible action – something that has been highlighted time and time again throughout the last decade.

Concluding Thoughts

As the current decade comes to a close, it’s important to take a look back at all of the amazing female celebrities who have used their platform to emphasize positive messages and create empowered narratives. These powerful figures have inspired countless young people around the world, many of whom likely wouldn’t have realized the full extent of their capabilities and potential without validation from those whose work they idolize. It is impossible to overstate the importance of these influential women and the impact they have had on contemporary culture.