Celebrities Who Said Bye to Weed in 2024

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It is not unexpected that many celebrities like using marijuana to reduce their stress, given the hectic pace of life in the public eye. But the harmful effects of marijuana on health have long been established. Fortunately, many famous people overcome their addictions after quickly realizing the risks involved. They are content to divulge their secrets and stories, which may benefit you.

1. Lady Gaga

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For several years, Lady Gaga often smoked marijuana to help her deal with her anxieties. But she eventually understood that using marijuana was exacerbating her fears. So she decided to stop abruptly. Without cannabis, Lady Gaga first struggled to control her anxiousness. As a result, she had panic episodes, making it difficult to concentrate on her everyday activities.

Nevertheless, Lady Gaga persisted and discovered she could control her anxiety without using marijuana by practicing mindfulness meditation and a non-nicotine vape from vapingdaily. Thanks to these exercises, she could hone in on the present and retrain her mind to respond to stress differently. Lady Gaga appreciated her new coping strategy because it was better for her body and mind.

2. Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson utilized marijuana to aid with his sleep for many years. He realized, though, that he was waking up tired and uninspired. Pete Davidson gave up marijuana and discovered that maintaining a regular sleep pattern and engaging in regular exercise naturally improved his sleep quality. Pete found it challenging to stop smoking marijuana in the first few days, but he soon began establishing a new sleep schedule.

He made sure to go to bed at the same time every night and found a tranquil nighttime ritual to unwind his body and mind. Additionally, Davidson started using a nicotine free vape regularly helped him feel less worried and more peaceful, which made it more straightforward for him to go to sleep. Eventually, Davidson realized he was waking up feeling refreshed and energized, with a clearer mind to take on the day.

3. Kate Hudson

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After years of consuming marijuana, Kate Hudson noticed how her habit made her withdraw from her friends and family. After quitting, she started going to social gatherings and taking up hobbies to meet new people and reestablish her social network. Kate Hudson initially had trouble making new acquaintances and experienced social anxiety. But she vowed to herself that she would go to things and do things she was interested in.

She began using a nicotine-free vape pen, enrolling in dance lessons, and volunteering at neighborhood activities. She made new friendships and met people who shared her interests in this way. As a result, she felt more confident and appreciated the additional opportunities that presented themselves.

4. Kendall Jenner

To cope with her trauma and emotional pain, Kendall Jenner, the sister of Kylie Jenner, has been consuming marijuana for years. She soon understood, though, that cannabis was hindering her progress rather than promoting healing. So Kendall decided to stop and began treatment to deal with her emotional problems. Kendall initially found counseling to be overwhelming and found it difficult to discuss her prior trauma.

She persisted, though, and as she continued her therapy, she noticed she was gradually recovering. To relieve stress and enhance her mental health, Kendall also began to practice self-care techniques like yoga and meditation. Ultimately, Kendall appreciated her decision to quit smoking pot because it empowered her to feel more in charge of her life.

5. Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus smoked marijuana for many years as a stress and depression reliever. However, she decided to stop when she realized she was abusing it. Miley Cyrus discovered that counseling and physical activity naturally helped her manage her mental health. Miley Cyrus first found it challenging to be vulnerable with a therapist and discuss her issues. But as she persisted with therapy, she discovered it was a place where she could be herself without fear of rejection.

Additionally, Miley Cyrus started frequently utilizing no nicotine vape, which helped her release endorphins and lessen tension. Finally, she discovered that exercise was a natural mood enhancer, making her feel more energized and upbeat. As a result, Cyrus eventually felt more in charge of her mental health and appreciated her choice to give up smoking pot.

6. Woody Harrelson

After several years of daily marijuana use, Woody Harrelson noticed a decline in his memory and ability to concentrate. To increase his cognitive performance, he quit smoking marijuana and began practicing brain workouts like crossword puzzles and memory games. Woody Harrelson initially found it difficult to concentrate on the brain exercises and to recall information.

He persisted, nevertheless, and incorporated it into his everyday regimen. Harrelson also started adopting a balanced diet and consistently using a non-nicotine vape pen in his routine to enhance his cognitive function. He was happy he had decided to quit because he felt more alert, concentrated, and productive.

7. Wiz Khalifa

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Wiz Khalifa realized that he had grown reliant on marijuana for his happiness and relaxation after years of use. To build a positive mindset, he decided to stop and began practicing mindfulness and gratitude. Wiz Khalifa initially struggled to maintain his cheerful attitude without marijuana. He was agitated and anxious, and he had unpredictable mood changes.

But he began to practice mindfulness and thankfulness, which enabled him to enjoy the little things in life and to be present. He began to concentrate on his breathing and physical sensations, which allowed him to unwind and feel less anxious. To better analyze his ideas and feelings, Wiz Khalifa started vaping sans nicotine.

8. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman’s respiratory problems persisted after she smoked marijuana for many years. Finally, she decided to stop smoking and transitioned to e-cigarettes and edibles. To help her lungs, she also began taking herbal treatments and doing breathing exercises. Natalie Portman initially struggled with the transition to edibles and vaporizers. She missed smoking, the ritual it included, and the instant effects it produced on her.

She persevered nonetheless since she was sure it was for his health’s sake. She also began practicing breathing techniques, which helped her improve her breathing and increase the size of her lungs. Herbal medicines she started taking also helped her open her airways and lessen inflammation.

Cannabis enthusiasts are aware of how challenging quitting is. Numerous books can assist you in comprehending the issue and figuring out solutions because addiction is so hard to overcome. Everyone gives up a habit in their way; some do it for themselves, others do it for those they care about, and some even need professional assistance. You are now aware of a few celebrities quitting cannabis success stories.