Celebrities Associated With Gambling

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From reality stars such as Kim Kardashian to singers and movies stars like Jennifer Lopez, we as a society are fixated on keeping up with the latest happenings in the world of celebrities. In fact, we are equally as obsessed with their hobbies outside of the world of showbiz as we are with the movies and television shows that they feature in.

Whilst in the past the hobbies and activities of celebrities have been related to cooking or playing sports like tennis, in recent years there has been a tendency for celebrities to indulge in gambling activities. With statistics revealing that around 26% of the population gamble, the popularity of casino games has certainly translated to the realm of famous people.

Firstly, gambling has become a popular activity both offline and online. Casinos were once well known as land-based establishments where people would head to play casino games in person with friends at a physical table. In more recent years, players have started to head online to sites such as Gambling.com who list the top online casinos available in a players area, where they can play at their own convenience. Celebrities are no exception of this, below we will look at the top stars who have been known to try their luck on casino games.

1. Ben Affleck

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One celebrity that plays casino games in his spare time is Ben Affleck who is globally recognised for his roles in famous movies such as ‘Good Will Hunting’.

Outside of his work, he regularly visits casinos In Las Vegas in order to try and win money. Having taken advice from professionals in his time gambling, Affleck was able to venture out of just gambling for fun and instead make real money from it.

His game of choice would either be slots or poker which he has a particular knack for which he has demonstrated by winning the California State Poker Championship. The American actor prefers to visit traditional brick and mortar casinos.

2. Paris Hilton

Furthermore, many may recognise Paris Hilton for her lavish lifestyle, ostentatious sense of fashion and luxurious shopping trips that keep us hooked. However, in her spare time away from the limelight Paris Hilton likes to indulge in gambling activities preferring to go to a few casinos in Las Vegas.

If she is tied down with work commitments, she turns to her mobile device to satisfy her need to play her favourite casino game as she can do so on the go. Venturing online for Paris Hilton is also a great way of avoiding the paparazzi or the throngs of fans who can gather and bombard her if she is spotted out in a physical casino establishment.

3. Matt Damon

Moreover, as well as cementing his name firmly in Hollywood, Matt Damon has also became well known in the gambling scene. His proclivity towards gambling activities developed when he adopted a role as a poker player called Mike McDermott in a film released in 1998 called ‘Rounders’. Preparing for this role entailed being trained by a professional poker player where he passed on his skills and tips for the game.

Even when the film wrapped up, the Hollywood A-lister continued to indulge in casino table game classics such as poker and blackjack. And Matt Damon doesn’t just limit himself to casinos found in Las Vegas like many celebrities. Instead, he likes to take part in gambling when he is travelling all over the globe.

4. George Clooney

George Clooney is also no stranger to gambling and his initial interest in gambling was also born from his role in casino-themed movies such as ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ and ‘Twelve and Thirteen’. Being surrounded by casino sets and rubbing shoulders with high rollers in Hollywood has certainly had an effect on the actor as he had expressed an interest to even build his own casino in Las Vegas.

5. Floyd Mayweather

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There are also many sports stars that take a break from exercise to pass their time gambling. Although Floyd Mayweather may be well known for boxing, he is also said to spend a lot of time in casinos. Known for betting extremely large amounts at once, the sportsman has always expressed a desire to bet. He will often spend hours at a time indulging in sports betting and he praises Las Vegas and Atlantic City as being two of the best locations for gambling.

6. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is another athlete that can be found translating his competitive nature from basketball to the casino floor. The sports star is known for sampling out a variety of casino games, but he has a great interest in poker where he exercises his skill in a different way. He is also known for the one time he bet an extremely large amount in a game of craps.

7. Tobey Maguire

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When it comes to celebrities who enjoy gambling, few come close to matching the enthusiasm of actor Tobey Maguire. Reports surfaced a few years back about an underground poker circle in California where he was one of the biggest bettors. Some reports even suggested that he wagered hundreds of thousands each night.

Maguire himself has spoken fondly about his experiences with gambling, attributing much of his success to strategic planning and psychological manipulation. He has said that he learned how to use people’s emotions against them in order to gain an advantage when playing cards. He also claims that there is an art to bluffing which requires mental agility and an intimate understanding of human nature.

Regardless of whether he wins or loses each hand, it’s clear that Maguire loves the thrill and excitement that comes with taking risks at the gambling table. His success can be attributed to his careful strategizing rather than sheer luck. If you ever plan on joining him at one of these clandestine card games, expect a challenge unlike any other!

In conclusion

Nowadays we are no different to the stars of Hollywood as we are witnessing more and more celebrities unwinding from their busy lives by engaging in gambling activities. As gambling laws and attitudes have relaxed across the world we should witness more celebrities playing casino games or some form of gambling in the future.