Free Video Editors for Windows 11

At the moment, we live in a world of digital technologies that are developing every year. Video has become quite a popular way to attract a lot of customers to different brands and most companies have been using videos to promote their products for a long time. You can read the article which details how you can go viral on social media and some tips on how to do it right.

Most users pay attention to video content and prefer to purchase a product from those brands that show all the benefits through exciting clips. When choosing a video promotion method, you must not forget that it is important to choose high-quality software that will make the video interesting and successful.

6 Best Free Video Editors for Windows 11


In today’s world, there are many video editing software that helps you create compelling and successful videos. We have collected for you the top 6 best free video editors for Windows 11, with which you will be able to attract the attention of many customers:

Video Editing Software VSDC

With this video editor, you can successfully edit videos on your desktop computer and use the many tools that are presented here. The program has a paid and free version, but the free one is not inferior in its capabilities and allows you to create a high-quality video.

If you want to access advanced features, you can buy a paid version of the editor and use the advanced settings that VSDC has. In both the paid and free versions, you can edit GoPro footage, color correct, use templates, and create presentations. Using this software is simple and convenient, so using VSDC you can be sure that you can create a successful clip without spending a lot of time on it.


This editor is the best mp4 joiner for free, which is popular due to the huge number of tools that make videos successful. The software has a simple and intuitive interface that even a beginner can figure out. In addition, many effects help create a vivid and exciting video. At the moment, a huge number of companies use Movavi and reach great heights and popularity among new customers.

OpenShot Video Editor

This program is too similar to an mp4 video editor, which provides an opportunity without editing skills to quickly understand the functions and use the presented tools. The software makes it easy and simple to create a successful video that will attract new customers and make them buy your product. A video editor is an ideal option for beginners and professionals who are promoting their businesses through video content.

In OpenShot, you can resize frames, crop video, scale, rotate, and use transitions. You also can edit sound effects, add your music and use all the tools you can to make the sound quality better. The features of the editor are a huge number of unique templates, a lot of watermarks, exciting effects, and the ability to view the preview in real-time.

DaVinci Resolve Software


This video editor is more like a professional one because it has a function of color correction, sound processing, and visual effects. At the moment, a large number of creators of commercials and other types of videos use this particular program to achieve high-quality results. Program learning has a high-performance engine that allows you to significantly save processing time and create an exciting video without spending a lot of time on it.

Another plus of the editor is that, despite their professionalism, even a beginner who has no previous editing experience can figure out how to use the tools. There is a double scale here, which allows you to quickly move through the frames in the video, the function of inserting and trimming, and editing details. If you have personal processing requests, you can use the stabilization tool or use the picture-in-picture feature.

Shotcut Video Editor

This software supports many video formats such as ProRes, 4K, and more. Also, the editor has an open source code, with which everyone has the opportunity to view training videos that will help in the further use of the program.

Often beginners call the interface of the Shotcut video editor too complicated, but it will take no more than 5 minutes to understand the functions. Here you can add sound filters, add and adjust music, select the desired frequencies, and much more. The editor supports decoding and encoding tools, thereby helping to create high-quality videos that will be successful.

HitFilm Video Editing Software

This editor is a bit like the TechSmith program. Here, all functions are presented in the most simple and understandable format, which is especially suitable for beginners who do not have experience in editing videos.

The video editor has many useful features, thanks to which you can crop, add color correction, compose frames, and do it without too much difficulty. There are also several 3D effects and the editor supports many video formats. The features of HitFilm software are the presence of special tools for frame stabilization, many transition options, and high-quality color correction.



As you may have noticed, choosing quality video editing software is an important step in creating successful videos for your business. Above, we have listed the top 6 best free video editors that can be used on Windows 11, which can become quality assistants in creating real masterpieces. We recommend that you carefully read the characteristics of each of them and choose the editor that can meet your specific needs and help you create an amazing video that will draw the attention of customers to your product.