9 Sports Streaming Platforms for Sport Geeks

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Are you looking for sport-centric streaming options that feature not only the latest games but also classic sports movies and documentaries? Look no further than this comprehensive list of the 10 best sports streaming platforms for sport geeks. From Hulu+ to FuboTV, this guide rounds up both free and paid streaming services that provide access to hundreds of live and on-demand sports.

It also takes into account a variety of factors including price, selection, compatibility, user interface, and other features like virtual reality (VR) or exclusive deals with major leagues. Whether you’re a casual viewer or a hardcore fan, these platforms will provide you with a rich library of diverse programming for an unbeatable experience. So let’s dive in!

1. BeIN Sports

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Bein Sports Connect is a streaming service that provides access to sports events and news. The service offers live coverage of a wide range of sports, including football, basketball, golf, and tennis.

You can watch Bein Sports Connect on your phone via their app or browser extension; however, if you want full access, there are several options available, including accessing content by cable provider; watching through Virgin Media Playback via Amazon Fire TV (previously called “PlayStation Vue”) and Apple TV; using Roku players, which have apps built in so they work just like any other streaming device such as Chromecast but without needing extra hardware like wires, etc.

2. Hulu+ Live TV

Hulu Live TV is a streaming service that offers live TV, on-demand content, and DVR. A Hulu + Live TV subscription allows you to watch live video on up to two screens simultaneously, but unfortunately, it’s only available in the US. If you want to catch up on your favorite football series from Europe, then you might get an error while streaming Hulu in Europe until you connect to a VPN. The good catch is that it has a free 7-day trial, so you can try it out for yourself. Make sure to read more on this streaming service if you consider upgrading to it.

3. Sportsnet Now

Sportsnet Now is a sports streaming service that offers subscribers access to live and on-demand content, including games from the NHL, NBA, MLB, MLS, and more.

Sportsnet Now is available in Canada (where it’s owned by Rogers Media) as well as in the U.S. You can watch your favorite teams from both countries on two different devices: your computer or mobile phone!

4. Sky Go UK

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Sky Go UK is a great option for those who want to watch their favorite sports channels on the go. It allows you to watch live TV and catch up on previously aired shows for free. The service also allows you to watch Sky Sports channels on your mobile device, tablet, or PC, wherever in the UK you happen to be.

Sky Go has been around since 2012 but has recently received an overhaul in design that makes it easier than ever before for users of all ages and backgrounds.

5. ESPN+

Streaming service ESPN+ is offered by ESPN, the same company that produces a variety of sports content. Sports events, original programming, and other content are available live and on demand.

6. Kayo Sports

Kayo Sports is a streaming service that offers sports fans the opportunity to catch all of their favorite games. This includes American football, basketball, and hockey. The only disadvantage is that it is only available on iOS devices, not Android or Windows Phones.

The cost of Kayo Sports depends on which package you sign up for and how long your subscription will last (monthly or yearly). The monthly plan costs $9 per month, while the yearly plan costs $79 annually ($10 per month). If you want access to all three major sports leagues at once, then look into purchasing an All-In Package, which costs $149 per year ($20/month) but comes with every game played by a team in all three leagues!

7. SuperSport

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SuperSport is a South African sports channel that has been in operation since 1994. There is content from over 50 sports, including cricket and soccer, broadcast to over 120 countries. The channel is owned by Naspers, a South African media company that also owns other entertainment channels like M-Net Africa (an African National Congress (ANC)-owned international news network) as well as eNCA MediaWorks’ eNCA TV station in South Africa.

8. FuboTV

FuboTV is a sports streaming platform that offers fans a large number of channels, including top sports networks like ESPN and Fox Sports. The company also has access to regional sports networks, as well as local broadcast affiliates for each city where you live.

FuboTV gives subscribers access to hundreds of different sporting events—including regular season matches from the NFL, NBA, and MLB; playoffs for major leagues; College Football Playoff matches; Wimbledon tennis tournaments (both men’s singles & doubles); golf majors such as The Open Championship and Masters Tournament; Olympics coverage from Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Games (which will be held in South Korea next week) through 2024 Tokyo Summer Games (in 2020).

9. Canal Plus Sport Plus

For sports fans, Canal Plus Sports Plus is a great option. It offers users access to hundreds of channels, including Eurosport, Canal+ Sport, and Canal+ Sport 2. In addition to live content from all major sporting events around the world—from soccer to Formula 1 racing—the site also has on-demand clips and highlights that you can watch at your leisure.

The service covers 15 different European countries including France (where it’s available as part of your TV package), Germany, and Italy among others.


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Now that you know the basics of streaming, it’s time for you to put them into practice. Here are a few tips for getting started:

  • Choose a platform that offers multiple games and other entertainment channels
  • Use a VPN if your internet connection is slow or unreliable. This will protect your privacy by masking your IP address and encrypting traffic between devices on the same network as well as across networks (so long as they’re connected).
  • Make sure all major gaming consoles have their own dedicated apps so they can be played on any device with an internet connection!


We hope this article helped you find the best sports streaming platform for your needs. If we missed one, let us know in the comments below! And if you’re not sure what kind of content you want to watch, check out our guide to finding TV shows and movies online.