6 Best Technical Support Outsourcing Services

Technical Support Outsourcing Services
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Technical support outsourcing is a strategic move where a company hands over its support keys to specialists who can drive better customer experiences. It’s like having a pit crew for your customer service race car; you focus on driving (your business), and they keep the engines running smoothly (your customer support).

Tech support outsourcing is pretty much like hiring a caterer for your party. You want to mingle with guests, not be stuck in the kitchen all night. Companies outsource tech support for similar reasons: they need to stay focused on developing their products and services, not fielding support calls day and night.

Here’s the real deal in numbers and facts:

  • Money Talks:
    According to a Deloitte survey, it’s all about the greenbacks. 59% of businesses that outsource do so to cut costs. Why have a full-time squad on your payroll when you can pay for just the help you need?
  • Core Duties First:
    A Computer Economics report reminds us that companies that play to their strengths win. Outsourcing tech support lets them do just that—focus on what they’re good at.
  • Adjusting the Volume:
    Need more help during a product launch? Less when things are quiet? Statista tells us that’s why the global outsourcing market is booming at 92.5 billion bucks. It’s like having a volume knob for your customer support needs.
  • Always On:
    A 24/7 service isn’t just nice, it’s a must-have in today’s world. Outsourcing crosses time zones and keeps the help desk lights on while you sleep.
  • Top-Notch Talent:
    This isn’t about cutting corners on quality. Outsourced teams are often experts who’ve been there, done that, and got the T-shirt for all sorts of tech issues.

Lost in Translation?
Not Anymore: With business going global, speaking your customer’s language—literally—is critical. That’s where a diverse outsourced team can make or break the deal.

Top 6 Technical Support Outsourcing Providers

Technical Support Outsourcing Providers
Source: liveperson.com

1. Helpware

Helpware isn’t a one-size-fits-all operation. They’re the tailors in the support industry, altering the sleeves and hems of their services to fit the specific contours of your company. Here’s what they do: say you’re launching a new product and expect a flood of inquiries.

Helpware ramps up their staff to handle this influx, then scales back down once things settle. They’re like a sponge, absorbing the extra volume without letting a single drop spill over. Their global locations work in a relay race format, passing the baton to ensure there’s always someone to answer the call, no matter the hour.

2. Helplama

Helplama kicks the robotic responses to the curb. Their philosophy is simple: real conversations lead to real solutions. When you get in touch with Helplama, you’re not talking to a machine that’s regurgitating lines.

You’re getting human beings who listen, understand, and engage. They bring the ‘neighbor-next-door’ vibe to tech support – they’re approachable, they’re friendly, and they actually remember your name (and your last issue). It’s support with a heartbeat, and for companies that believe in the magic of human connection, Helplama is their Gandalf.

3. Wow 24-7

Source: g2.com

Wow 24-7 lives up to their name by being the insomnia of the support world – they never sleep. Midnight queries? Solved. Early morning tech hiccups? Sorted. They’ve got an army of support knights, stationed around the globe, jousting with customer issues in multiple languages. Their versatility is their stronghold, and their international reach means that when your customer in Tokyo hits a snag, someone is ready to jump in before you’ve even heard the morning alarm.

4. SupportNinja

SupportNinja operates in the shadows to keep the spotlight on you. They are the ninjas cladding in black, throwing stars at complex issues with precision, all while keeping their presence nearly invisible. For startups, SupportNinja is a godsend.

They manage to weave through customer tickets and emails with the grace of a ballet dancer, all while maintaining the fort of data protection. In the startup world, where trust is as precious as capital, SupportNinja doesn’t just protect your back – they ensure nobody even comes close to nicking it.

5. GlowTouch

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GlowTouch could very well be your tech-savvy friend who doesn’t just fix your computer but also explains why it freaked out in the first place. They train their staff to be problem-solvers and educators, turning frustrating tech mishaps into learning moments. They’re not just interested in the quick fix; they want to build a bridge of knowledge that customers can walk over confidently in the future. This commitment to teaching ensures that while they handle today’s problems, they’re also reducing tomorrow’s.

6. Unity Communications

Unity Communications is the orchestra conductor of customer support, making sure every section is in tune. They don’t just offer support; they refine it, tweak it, and make it sing. Their onboarding process is a meticulous tune-up session, ensuring they understand the ins and outs of your business before hitting the first note. Once they do, they create a symphony that turns customer queries into music, leaving customers feeling like they’ve just been serenaded.

So, what’s the real deal with these six tech support companies we’ve been talking about? Here’s the lowdown:

Helpware has a knack for making its services feel like they’re a natural extension of your own company. They’re not just out there doing their thing; they’re right here, meshing with your team and how you work.

Helplama is like that friend who just ‘gets’ you. They don’t make you change to fit their way of doing things. Instead, they adapt to the way you already work and help your customer service shine.

With Wow 24-7, it doesn’t matter when your customer hits a snag — could be at 3 AM or during lunch — they’ll have someone to talk to. It’s like having a customer service rep who never sleeps.

SupportNinja grows with you. Starting small and need just a little help? They’ve got you. Suddenly blowing up and need a lot more hands on deck? They can scale up quickly.

GlowTouch doesn’t wait around for things to break. They’re all about heading off problems at the pass, which means your customers have fewer headaches to deal with in the first place.

And Unity Communications? They’re the long-term thinkers, the planners. They’re not just there to put out fires; they’re there to make sure your customer service is stoking the fires of customer loyalty.

Basically, these folks are all about making sure tech problems don’t get in the way of your business. They handle the tech stuff, so you can focus on everything else. That’s their job, and from what I can see, they’re pretty darn good at it.