TimTheTatman Net Worth in 2024, Age, Wife, Height, Twitter

timthetatman net worth

TimTheTatman net worth: YouTuber, streamer, and internet personality TimTheTatman is from the United States. In the US, he is very well-known for his content development skills. YouTube and Twitch channels of TimTheTatman have become popular because of his video clips about gaming and culture.

He goes by TimTheTatman online, but his real name is Timothy John Betar. Many streamers have established large fan bases all around the world, and he is one of them. Apart from Twitch and YouTube, he has a large following on Instagram, with more than 3 million followers. Let’s take a look at TimTheTatman net worth, bio, age, height, weight, wife, salary, earnings, marital status, kids, nationality, and more.

Quick Bio

Real NameTimothy Jon Betar
Birthday8 April 1990
Age32 years
Birth PlaceSyracuse, New York, United States
Height6 feet
Weight98 Kg
Marital StatusMarried
Monthly Salary$100000
Yearly Salary$1.5 million+
Timthetatman Net Worth$10 million

Early Life

Timothy John Betar, also known as TimTheTatman, was born on April 8, 1990, in Syracuse, New York. He was raised as a single child and has enjoyed video games from a very young age. While he was only 15 years old, his mother died of alcoholism. His mother’s death compelled him to turn to games as a form of distraction.

His father wished he would focus more on his education rather than playing video games. Betar refused to live with his father and instead moved in with his childhood friend Paul.

During their time together, the two would mainly play World of Warcraft. Having started his streaming career in 2012, Betar played Call of Duty Black Ops II.


Following graduation (2012), he worked as a social worker and played video games part-time, which was his passion. After discovering he could make money from streaming on Twitch, Tim quit his job to pursue the hobby full-time.

He started making videos professionally after two years, filming himself playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and Fortnite on his Twitch channel. Due to his unique style, humor, and gaming capabilities, he attracted more subscribers worldwide in a short period of time. Tim established himself as one of the most successful streamers of 2018 by the end of the year. The same year, he received the ‘Fan Favorite Male Streamer Award’ as well.

TimTheTatman also launched a YouTube channel where he began posting his streaming videos, gaining a wide number of fans very quickly. There are almost 4.3 million subscribers to Tim’s YouTube channel as of 2024. As a YouTuber, he has worked with a number of well-known figures, including Lassis, Ninja, DrLupo, Myth, and others. As of September 20, 2024, TimTheTatman became part-owner of Complexity Gaming.


The award-winning gamer met his wife Alexis in high school. She has appeared on several of his streams. Prior to their wedding on December 20, 2015, the couple courted for a while. They then got married, and in 2019 they welcomed a son into the world.

TimTheTatman Net Worth, Earnings & Salary

According to estimates, TimTheTatman net worth is $10 million by 2024. The ways in which he makes money include sponsorship arrangements, advertising revenue, subscription fees, and donations from his fans. His current sponsors are Monster Energy and Audio-Technica. His website even offers a line of his own products. His earnings exceed $1.5 million a year.

Twitch pays him around $3.50 per subscription. With over 7 million followers, TimTheTatman makes at least $122,500 each month from Twitch subscriptions.

At the same time, Twitch commercials bring in between $300 and $600 per stream, or $4500 to $9000 per month. He earns between $4000 and $8000 per month through fans’ donations and live chat money. The average number of monthly views for TimTheTatman’s videos is 22,400,000. Through his YouTube channel, he makes around $67,000 in advertising revenue each month.

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What is the real name of TimTheTatman?

His real name is Timothy John Betar but he is well known by his online name TitTheTatman.

Who is TimTheTatman’s wife?

In August 2016 he got married to Alexis and as of April 11, 2019, they had a son named Brewer.

What is the salary of TimTheTatman?

He earns more than $1.5 million yearly.

How much is TimTheTatman net worth?

TitTheTatman net worth is estimated to be $ 10 million.

What is the height of TimTheTatman?

His height is 6 feet.