Anand Ahuja Net Worth in 2024, Lifestyle, Family, Age, Bio

Anand Ahuja Net Worth

Anand Ahuja Net Worth: The Indian fashion entrepreneur Anand Ahuja is well known in the country. As of 2024, Anand Ahuja will be 37 years old, having been born on July 29, 1983. In addition to running the fashion label ‘Bhane,’ Ahuja is the Managing Director of Shahi Exports, one of India’s major exporters. The revelation that he was dating Indian actress Sonam Kapoor in 2018 made him a household name. Today we will analyze Anand Ahuja net worth, income, earnings, salary, biography, luxury lifestyle, and how he spends his millions.


The 29th of July, 1983, was the birth date of Anand Ahuja in New Delhi. Rahul Ahuja is a resident of the Gold Links neighborhood in New Delhi who was raised in Posh Jar Bagh, a New Delhi neighborhood. Shahi Exports, one of India’s largest export houses, is owned by Anand Ahuja.

Anand works as a Managing Director in this specialized firm in addition to his well-known clothing business, Bhane. Along with this clothing company, he also owns VegNonVeg, a non-profit organization. It is India’s first sneaker store, and it carries a wide range of brands.

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Early Education and Career Development

As a student at the American Embassy School in New Delhi, Anand completed his education. Afterward, he returned to the United States to complete his studies at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Following graduation, he enrolled in the University of Pennsylvania’s MBA program but dropped out. His family’s company, Shahi Exports, employed him when he returned to India. While he worked there, he noticed that fashion trends had shifted in this region. In India, there were a lot of fashionistas, but the supply and demand were out of balance. In 2012, he became an entrepreneur and launched his own fashion label  “Bhane”.

His goal was to create a local brand that had a worldwide appeal while also being affordable for Indians. He began designing clothing for young Indians. He hoped that Bhaane would become a brand that Indian youth could identify with. 

Anand photographed his fashion lines on the street. Through word-of-mouth marketing, he hoped to expand his business. People responded enthusiastically to the campaigns, making Bhaane a popular brand in India’s fashion industry.

Anand Ahuja is an avid sneakerhead. He became so enamored of them that he founded India’s first multi-brand shoe company, VegNonVeg. Nike sneakers are among his favorite shoes, and he has an assortment at home.

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Anand Ahuja Personal Life

Anand Ahuja, despite being a prominent figure in his own right, is also known in India as Sonam Kapoor’s husband. ‘Pernia Qureshi’ introduced them through a mutual acquaintance. A few weeks later, Anand asked Sonam out, and their relationship began. Sonam is known for keeping her private life private, so any news about Anand never made headlines until Their marriage was officially finalized. A four-year romance ended on May 9, 2018, when Anand and Sonam tied the knot in a lavish Mumbai house.

Anand Ahuja wife sonam kapoor
Anand Ahuja with Wife (Sonam Kapoor)

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Anand Ahuja Net Worth

Anand Ahuja Net Worth is estimated at $650 Million as of 2024. Sonam Kapoor’s marriage has received a lot of attention, but Anand Ahuja net worth has largely been overlooked. This is because Anand’s company has a 35-fold higher turnover than Sonam’s.

Throughout his entrepreneurial pursuits, Anand Ahuja has accumulated a large fortune. Shahi Exports and Bhane are both owned by him. He is the CEO and Managing Director respectively. Shahi Exports has a turnover of $450 and its worth is more than $3 million, according to some reports.

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Some Interesting Facts

  • Although Anand Ahuja enjoys drinking beverages, he does not smoke. Nike is one of his favorite brands. He proposed Sonam Kapoor, but she accepted it after a few months. 
  •  As a Production Manager at, Anand did his practical internship in Seattle, USA.
  • Although he stands 5’9″ and 175 cm tall, he weighs about 148 pounds and 67 kilograms.
  • Sonam Kapoor’s wardrobe today includes an increasing amount of Anand clothing. If this isn’t a couple’s goal, then we’re unclear about what it should be. 
  • He shares a lot about his personal and professional life on social media platforms.
  • Anand enjoys playing football and walking a lot.
  • His family business “Shahi Exports” is India’s largest export house.
  • He is obsessed with the brand “ Nike”
  • He loves Basketball and has always seen supporting the “Loss Angeles Lakers” basketball team.
  • He loves to watch Indian movies.