Can You Bet on All 36 Numbers in Roulette?


Roulette is great. Have you ever played it? It is a game of numbers first and foremost. After that, it is a game of physics. The ball is spanning, while the circle is rotating, and there are forces, centrifugal maybe, we’re not sure as we’re not physicists. But, you get the picture. Late on you realize that it is all about luck. This is what roulette is. A true gamble. Players simply love it. Be it the online version or a game with a real dealer in a land-based casino, roulette attracts people all the same. The game has been around for centuries now. Its survival is a testament to its true worth.

Are you familiar with the rules of the game? One would think that a speeding ball has no rules. Well, there are no rules as to where it will fall as nothing can influence its fall. Of course, if you’re a physics teacher you might count something out as people once did, but that would be cheating. The rules of the game start with the table in front of you. There you’ll find numbers and colors spread around, and a few written words. This is where the betting begins.

You can try to guess the color on which the ball will land, the number itself, the region of numbers where it will fall, or simply bet on odd or even numbers. There are plenty of possibilities. The choice of what you choose to wager on falls entirely on you. Of course, you’re allowed to ask questions. One of those that people at and we alike receive most often is can you bet on all 36 numbers in roulette? This is a fine question, and a fun one at that. Let’s see what’s the answer here.

Number Betting in Roulette


So, classic roulette has 36 numbers. They go from 1 to 36. Depending on the variation you’re playing there are two additional numbers. They are 0 and 00 if you’re playing the American version. In essence, one could say that you’re either fighting against 37 or even 38 numbers. What this does do to your odds of winning if you bet on all numbers? Well, not too much. Let’s go back to our initial question. You want to focus only on the initial 36 numbers. That’s fine. Is that way to win in roulette?

This is where your first disappointment comes in. Yes, you can bet on as many numbers as you like. Betting on all 36 is possible. If you hit the number each time you bet $1 on all 36 numbers you’ll be receiving $36. This is no way to wager. Betting only to get your initial investment back is leading you nowhere. In addition to that in most cases, you’ll have either one or two additional numbers. We’re talking about 0 and 00. So, what this does do to your plan? Well, it opens up great risks. By betting on all 36 numbers and ignoring 0 you’re at risk of losing everything you put on the table. So, while this is a legitimate way to play roulette it is a dead alley, and truly there’s no point in playing this game that way.

Is There a Numbers Betting System in Roulette?


As of now, no system can help you win in a  roulette game. That’s what makes it so great. The odds, the luck, and the science behind it is what attract players to this day. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a strategy. Below we are going to lay down for you a few simple numbers covering strategies. They might work, or they can fail you. But if you’re obsessing about the roulette and the numbers you need to try them out.

First of all, you can try and bet on only 35 numbers. Pit $1 on each number and you’ll get $1 each round. Of course, this is no way to earn plenty. Furthermore, you could be as unlucky for the ball to hit that one number you skipped. If you’re playing the 0 and 00 versions your chances of failure are even greater. But, with a string of luck, you could make some winnings with enough time spent at the table. But, remember. One miss and it’s all gone.

The second attempt allows you to cover 34 numbers and it is called the split 17. You choose seventeen numbers and split your bet with an additional seventeen. The principle is the same as above. You’ll make $1 on every bet if you cover the seventeen splits with $1. Considering that you’ll be also missing a  few numbers with less luck you could lose even when splitting.


If one of the two options from above fits your need try with 11 streets bet. This bet is measured on the three numbers that will come in order the table is divided. There are three streets on every table. If you bet on eh three, you’ll be covering 33 numbers. This is also a low-reward but also a low risks game. The riskier option would be to cover only two streets. So on $2 put to the table you’ll be receiving more in return.

After this, matters get a little bit more complicated. You have two variations of betting o the first dozen and numbers from 19 to 36 or the last dozen and 1 to 18. Whichever you choose you’ll be covering 30 numbers. So on every $30 put up a front, you’ll get $36 back. That’s in case you’re lucky enough not to cover any of the remaining numbers where the ball might fall.

The last option that allows you to cover a larger part of the field is to bet on 4 splits and 2 columns. This allows you many combinations. The $5 bet goes on columns while $4 goes on splits. When you manage to pair them you’ll earn a clear $4 from each. If you only hit one you’re back $1 profit. Also, the remaining splits and columns need to be missed by the ball as usual.