6 Tips for Enhancing Sales of Your Business – 2024 Guide to Persuasive Selling

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Today, customers have a huge selection of online platforms where they can make purchases without leaving their homes.

Therefore, the question of how to get users to use exactly your offers and buy your products is now very relevant for businesses. We offer you three tips to increase the sales of your business.

Pay attention to the UI/UX design of your website

This is something you can’t skimp on because they create easy and intuitive site navigation. This approach reduces the number of steps a user has to go through to make a purchase.

This is the key point that encourages the buyer to complete the transaction. UX/UI design teams like Fuselab Creative develop transformational design strategies and create beautiful digital products that are easy for the customer to use.

UX design is important because it serves the needs of your customers, provides them with a better user experience, and increases their satisfaction. As a result, loyalty to your brand grows, and the number of repeat purchases increases.

Effective UI design includes highlighting promotional buttons, bright colors, and eye-catching visual content. All this attracts attention and contributes to the creation of more highly effective sales funnels, reducing user churn at each stage and increasing conversions.

Working with assortment

Working with assortment
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If this is an online store, then with an increase in the range, we will have more leads and hits. With an increase in the rows, our entire funnel will increase, and we will get more sales. And after we increase the traffic, the funnel will increase even more. Therefore, work on the assortment is an important stage in the development of sales.

How do we expand the range? Most often, we invent it ourselves. For example, a business may have an idea to add some other line to the assortment. Often this ends with the fact that the owners are left with liquidity, which is not very interesting for customers.

The better solution is to analyze the market, and look at what is happening with competitors, what products they add, and what they sell. It is important to analyze competitors by communicating with their employees.

The simplest is to chat on job search sites with a few of your competitor’s employees and get insider information. The most productive and logical expansion of the range is to ask the client.


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There are two tools here: cross-sell (selling something else) or upsell (selling a more expensive product).

Upselling should be implemented without trying to sell something inexpensive in the appendage. Like at McDonalds – when we buy a cheeseburger, they offer us fries and cola.

Mcdonald’s makes more money on cola and fries than on a cheeseburger. Therefore, when we develop our own upselling system, we need to resell what we earn more than on the initial sale.


  • Wholesale/retail. Going wholesale, we increase the check itself and a one-time transaction, going retail, we increase our margin per unit of production.
  • Change of target audience. Any business can add new segments to its business.
  • Just sell more. Often, for services (especially if you haven’t raised prices for a long time), you can simply increase prices by 20 percent, and the number of transactions will not change much. Here you can simply watch and test the elasticity of demand.

Increase the frequency of purchases and work on the product

Here we increase sales without increasing traffic, and without additional advertising costs, leads come into the funnel. There are a huge number of different services and loyalty systems. This is one of the most valuable cumulative resources.

From the point of view of touching the base, there are a huge number of tools – for example, auto-funnel, not only in the mail but also in instant messengers. These are sms that we regularly receive from companies whose clients we are. Working with the database can be systemic or one-time – promotional when we send sms.

The product is the foundation of the business. When we work on the development of franchises, we always start with increasing the company’s profit and working on the product, because the success of a franchise company, among other things, depends on what competitive advantages the product has.

Our goal to increase LTV is to exceed the client’s expectations. Many people make the mistake of over-promising and failing to live up to the customer’s expectations. From the point of view of exceeding expectations, these are some additional services, additional goods, gifts, and just attention that are inexpensive for you.

If you call the customer back after they’ve made a transaction and ask about quality, that’s customer care and exceeding expectations.

Geographic expansion

Geographic expansion
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One of the options for expanding geography is franchising. It is the most powerful tool for business scaling.

Firstly, this is breaking through the ceiling of your income, reaching a fundamentally new level.

This is an opportunity to create a brand in 2-3 years, create a federal or international one, not only to be famous and noticeable but to make customers buy better, increase conversions, and make your suppliers and landlords more accommodating so that you gain a professional team.

Micro-businesses have a problem: it is difficult for them to find a professional team, because they not only have nothing to pay with. This business is simply not interesting for potential employees who can significantly increase it.

When you launch a franchise, when you are the owner of 30-50 outlets, you aim to become the leader of your market, and this opportunity opens up.

What is more profitable – the opening of outlets or is it a franchise? One does not exclude the other. There are business models in which it makes sense to open and continue your own retail in your city and, possibly, in large cities.

Business capitalization

Business capitalization
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The development of franchising is an inevitable increase in the systematization of the core business.

Businesses that are already confidently on their feet understand their revenue, and their profit. They have a business model, an understanding of how to make money in this business. This is what you can make a franchise out of and sell this business model.


Investing in UI and UX design is a strategic move for businesses looking to boost sales and build long-term customer relationships. By prioritizing easy navigation, visually engaging designs, and personalized experiences, companies can create a positive brand image, attract more customers, and encourage repeat purchases.

And finally, by focusing on increasing customer loyalty, implementing effective loyalty systems, and continuously improving the product, businesses can boost sales without relying solely on increased traffic or additional advertising costs.