How Mathematics Can Help You Sharpen Your Skills at the Blackjack Table

As is the case with most casino games, there is an element of mathematics associated with blackjack. While achieving success in this classic game is down to chance and luck, there are certain strategies that players can adopt that utilize maths in order to sharpen their skills at the table and enhance the probability of being able to record a winning hand.

Although there is no guaranteed way to win, players can use maths to help them reduce the house edge effectively. In reducing the advantage that the casino has, individuals will then have a better chance of being able to record a win against the dealer.


Much of the maths that is involved can be used across all forms of the game, too. If you prefer to play blackjack online, you can click here to have a session that can be enjoyed in exactly the same way as if you were standing face-to-face with a dealer in a traditional casino setting. There are a variety of websites that continue to offer authentic experiences, with many offering live dealer variants or classic and simple gameplay sessions.

However, how can mathematics help to sharpen your skills and what should you know before hitting the blackjack table to increase your chances of potentially winning?

Understanding the Basics of Blackjack


As with any casino game, it is always highly advisable to have a solid understanding of the rules of blackjack. By having a premise of the game and how it works, you will be better equipped to apply mathematical strategies and potentially enhance the probability of beating the dealer.

Given that blackjack is one of the simplest games to play, it is one that is not very difficult to master. Players simply need to obtain a hand value of 21 or get as close to it as possible without going over (otherwise known as going ‘bust’). They will compete directly against the casino as the dealer will play on their behalf.

Each player will be dealt two cards to begin with, before deciding whether to take another card (known as ‘hit’) or to keep the value they have (‘standing’). They only get one turn in which to decide, and once they choose to ‘stand,’ they are no longer able to acquire new cards. In most variants, the dealer will have to ‘stand’ once they obtain a score of 17 or more.

Using Probability to Your Advantage

Blackjack can be viewed as a game of probability, as it all depends on the likelihood of a certain value being drawn from the deck of cards being used. Because of its importance and its significance in the game, having an understanding of the maths behind basic probability rules can be extremely beneficial.

If you are able to calculate what certain scenarios are possible given the cards that are being held at any given time, then you can sharpen your skills at the table. If you have a hand value that is low, then the likelihood of a high-value card being drawn next would be relatively high. On the flip side, if you have a hand with a high value, you have a better chance of drawing a low-value card. However, this is where the risk comes in, as it is much easier to go over 21.

Memorizing Basic Strategy Charts

In order to help players with the maths that is behind blackjack and to help them understand what they should do with certain hand values that are obtained, many will look to try and memorize basic strategy charts. These charts can provide players with information that suggests what the optimal decisions would be in any given scenario.

Those that are able to memorize these basic strategy charts are able to understand the likelihood of what outcomes could be achieved. At the same time, they can help to reduce any panic or confusion that a player may get themselves into when at the blackjack table. It can be very easy to get flustered when a certain value occurs, but by having an understanding of what to do, individuals can stay calm and better equip themselves to deal with the situation more effectively and correctly.

Using the Counting System


Counting cards is typically frowned upon by casinos, but it is not illegal. Casinos may ask you to leave the table if you are suspected of counting cards, but it can be a great strategy to use if you want to try and enhance the probability of being able to win.

It is a difficult skill to master and one that does require a lot of practice. You need to be able to keep track of the number of high cards and low cards that have been dealt. If you can, you can use the strategy to your advantage as you would be able to determine what could come next and what the dealer’s face-down card is. It is not a fool-proof strategy, but it is another way in which mathematics can help to sharpen your skills at the blackjack table.

Final Thoughts

Mathematics plays an essential role in helping to enhance your skills at the blackjack table. By understanding probability, the likelihood of winning can increase as individuals will have a greater idea about the cards that could be drawn next. It is important to remember that there is no guarantee in regard to winning and luck still plays a pivotal role, but the maths can help increase any chance there might be.