Best Athletic Shoes For Walking On Concrete


You are probably aware that your favorite street footwear is not actually walking shoes if you have ever gone walking with them.

Walking is a sort of exercise that requires a particular pair of shoes, much as soccer requires cleats and tracks need spurs. Also, the specific pair you need is selected by criterias like your foot form, arch elevation, joint mobility, body size, and, finally, your workout style.

Consider these seven best athletic shoes for walking on concrete for your feet as per a physiotherapist.

List Of Best Athletic Shoes For Walking On Concrete:

1.   New Balance

It is hard to think you haven’t ever heard of New Balance if you like shoes. New Balance has been operating since 1906 and is located in Massachusetts.

Their footwear is remarkable, and they all have one common trait: comfort.

New Balance is no exception. They are the kind of footwear you never want to take off.


  • The upper of these shoes is soft and made of thick leather, and has a beautiful appearance.
  • It brags a long-lasting lace-up clamping for the best fit. The ankle is also kept safe and pleasant by a cushioned collar and tongue.
  • The pull-on is made even more accessible with a pull-up loop at the collar.
  • Moreover, these shoes have a synthetic fabric that is moisture-wicking and provides exceptional breathability.
  • The replaceable insole allows you to put in artificial tools (orthotics) as necessary. This increases the level of comfort and suppleness.
  • Their midsole is constructed of a foam-based material that provides excellent arch stability.

2.   Skechers Segment

Skechers Segment’s The Search Loafer is yet another fantastic footwear. Skechers has long been a go-to designer for those looking for a comfortable pair of shoes. They are aware of the situation.

They understand that consumers want to seem fashionable, but not at the cost of their convenience. As a result, Segment The Search Loafer was born.


  • These sneakers have a gel-infused memory-foam cushioning system that ensures utmost comfort.
  • Each step feels comfortable because of the midsole’s outstanding level of support.
  • This sneaker is easy to put on and take off, thanks to a pull-on strap at the end. The shoes also have flexible goring that allows you to move about freely. This also adds versatility.
  • Loafer shoes have sufficient space for your feet to fit comfortably. They are an excellent fit for all people with different foot sizes.

3.   Timberland Powertrain

It would have been hard to complete this list without including Timberland shoes. On the other hand, Timberland is a forerunner with waterproof walking shoes and work boots.

It has been manufacturing shoes that everyone loves since 1952. The best thing about these sneakers is how durable they are.


  • The synthetic top has a mesh layer for breathability and an antibacterial interior to keep foul odor at bay.
  • The ESD-resistant polyurethane midsole provides excellent shock absorption.
  • Anti-fatigue innovation is also in use, protecting the user from all types of shocks and impacts.
  • Powertrain footwear is also relatively light. As a result, you can wear them for a 12-hour shift and not experience any soreness at the end of the day.

4.   Merrell Encore

Merrell has been making world-class footwear for its consumers since 1981. Whether you are looking for hiking, walking, or athletic shoes, Merrell has something for everyone.


  • The Encore Gust of Merrell has a full-grain leather upper with a strong mesh inside to keep your feet clean and stylish.
  • The mesh liner is treated with M Select Fresh technology, which helps to reduce odors.
  • A detachable EVA insole allows you to reach your maximum feeling of comfort. You do not feel anything at the end of the day since you have padding and air cushioning in all the proper places.
  • M Select Grip is included in the outsole to improve grip. It is also extremely long-lasting and strong.

5.   Reebok Sublite

In professional footwear, Reebok Sublite is a padded athletic sneaker that blends both flexibility and lightweight. You can see right away that a lot of attention went into the design of this sneaker.

Large flex grooves are included on the Reebok, and also the elevated cushion midsole decreases weight, adds convenience, and enables a broader joint movement.


  • These shoes are an excellent alternative for standing or moving on concrete floors all day because of the aeration provided by the mesh uppers.
  • The rubber pads in shoes give grip when your heel impacts the hard surface. The sneakers have mesh uppers that make them very breathable.
  • The metal safety toe and memory tech massaging footbed adjust to the individual shapes of your foot with these shoes.
  • The sole is made of rubber, having deep grooves underneath for excellent gripping on slippery ground.
  • Furthermore, the shoe’s low-cut form encourages walking and promotes ankle movement.

6.   Skechers Afterburn

Skechers created this sneaker with a rubber sole and outstanding grip. If you work in an environment vulnerable to oil and water leaks and spills, the grip will save you from falling or harming yourself.


  • The insoles of the sneakers have thick cushion extra padding for added comfort. As a result, the footwear adapts to the size and shape of your feet.
  • In addition, the padded cushioning in the shoes absorbs the shock of walking on concrete surfaces all day.
  • The shoes include a 2-inch heel to help absorb any impact on the heels while walking on concrete. These shoes have an upper made of mesh that is soft against your skin.
  • They are also far higher than the others of the footwear on this list, providing excellent ankle support. While you walk, the supporting coatings keep your feet steady.

7.   Saucony PROGRID

This is a trendy pick among females. You will also get a cushioned tongue and collar, which provide some additional comfort and protection when desired.

Saucony’s PROGRID padding is smart-looking and elegant, and it all comes together in one lightweight, flexible shoe. With a great feeling of total comfort, it is ideal for inside or outside hobbies.

These are excellent shoes for spending the day alone on concrete floors.


  • There is a forefoot flexible zone and full-grain leather uppers. This flexible zone allows you to move your feet and ankle as required.
  • It is also a strong shoe with a rubber outsole that increases the life of shoes.
  • The upper is made of soft leather and increases the comfort and padding against your feet. If you tie it too tightly, the upper will not annoy you.
  • The multi-directional grooves in the rubber outsole make them perfect for extended treks on concrete. If you are walking in wet areas, this can also help you avoid accidents.
  • This footwear is also recognized as one of the best pairs for walking on concrete for long periods.

Buyer’s Guide For Best Athletic Shoes For Walking On Concrete

It is not as simple as purchasing a pair of comfortable-looking shoes. You will know you are selecting the best-suited footwear if you pay attention to the factors listed below.

Balance And Stability

Consider the last time you spent the entire day on your feet. What went wrong? As the day went on, did your feet and legs begin to hurt? To relieve the pressure, you shift gently from side to side. And there is nothing wrong with that at all. That is just how you are exhausted.

However, if you are looking for the most fabulous pair of work shoes for walking on concrete all day, this is something to consider.

Work shoes that do not allow for this natural movement of feet inside the shoes are not meant for you. You want a pair of work shoes that are solid and will help you stay balanced during the day.

Cushioning And Comfort

You might be wondering, “Do I need to spend that much money on a pair of shoes just to walk on concrete all day?”

And it is a valid concern. We would suggest that you consider what you put your feet through daily. Then consider how much time you will be walking on concrete.

Consider the blisters, corns, and cramped toes that result from not investing in the appropriate shoes for working all day.

You do not have to spend a lot of money, but you should make sure that whatever shoes you choose should keep your feet comfortable and cushioned.

The great shoes have plenty of padding, whether gel or foam, to provide an additional degree of satisfaction between the sole and your foot.

You are less likely to encounter discomfort or aches due to this added level of comfort.

A cushioned midsole lets your feet soak up as much softness as possible for maximum comfort.


Insoles are essential, and they help practically a lot. You should not doubt the capacity of relief that a decent pair of insoles may provide. There are several foot-related issues to be aware of, including extreme bending of the foot, internal rotation, high arches, and flat foot, all of which can be resolved with insoles.

In addition, soft insoles can make hard, unfavorable working shoes entirely usable. When it comes to insoles, you are searching for three things: convenience, arch support, and shock absorption.

The critical distinction is that orthotics enable precise support for your specific needs. You do, however, have to pay for them. Therefore, if they offer comfort, you should take advantage of them.


The sole of a shoe is crucial to its durability and safety while working on concrete floors or other hard surfaces. You will be less prone to falls on damp areas if you choose a rubber outsole.

A long-lasting rubber outsole is much less liable to wear out and minimizes your contact with the hard pavement.

It is also crucial that the rubber outsole is strong and durable to withstand the majority of the impact when walking on hard surfaces.

Support For The Arch

Whenever it comes to choosing any pair of shoes, arch support is essential. Whether the footwear is for walking on concrete surfaces, hard floors the whole day, exercising, or other such activities, they should be comfortable. The arches hold your body weight, so arch support is a must factor to consider.


As you can see, there are many things to think about while choosing shoes, especially if you will be walking on hard surfaces like concrete.

If you are looking for the best athletic shoes for walking on concrete, we have prepared a detailed footwear option. This footwear will not only provide excellent comfort, but it will also be long-lasting and feature unique designs.

We hope this article has helped you think about what to look for when considering your next purchase.


Q1. Is It Unhealthy For You To Walk On Concrete?

Ans. Walking on concrete for a long time can create sore feet, aching knees and joints, and swelling legs. This is because concrete is a hard, rigid surface that does not adjust to your feet ‘ shape.

As a result, it is best to avoid standing or walking on concrete for long periods, and if you must, wearing shoes with adequate support is advised.

Q2. Is It Possible To Walk On Concrete In Hiking Shoes?

Ans. Walking on concrete in hiking shoes is acceptable but not advised. Instead of hiking shoes, you can wear walking shoes.

Hiking shoes are heavy, and their primary benefit is improved grip, which on a concrete road is relatively unneeded.

As a result, it is preferable to avoid them because there are better and lighter alternatives.

Q3. Is It Possible To Walk On Concrete In Running Shoes?

Ans. Walking on concrete in running shoes is perfectly acceptable. Running shoes are made to give you the most support and comfort possible.

They also provide more softness, which is beneficial while walking on hard concrete surfaces.

Q4. What Are The Best Shoes For All-Day Walking On Concrete?

Ans. Reebok Sublite is the ideal shoe for walking on concrete for long periods. The reason for this is that shoes give all-around cushioning and give excellent heel support.

Most shoes have memory foam cushioning on the insole, making them ideal for walking on hard surfaces like concrete.

Q5. Is It Possible To Walk On Concrete In Crocs?

Ans. Crocs are excellent for walking on concrete for two reasons: flexible and inexpensive.

Some crocs are entirely constructed of foam, making them a better choice because they are lighter and provide more support while walking. Additionally, nothing beats crocs when it comes to generating a fashion statement.