How Do People Come Up With Ideas for Inventions?


Probably, each of us at least once in our life wondered how an invention was created and why we are not inventors, but that is no reason to think that our world is perfect and that it does not need innovations. However, coming up with ideas for a new business is not the most difficult part of the job, the most difficult part of the job is its implementation and realization. Many ideas that were considered genius, were not realized and did not experience their moment of fame, because the inventors did not investigate the presence of competition, which is the main cause of their not being recognized by the market.

There are many ways why and how people come up with ideas for an invention. Some people start to deal with inventions because our society is facing certain problems and they are most successful when they meet the needs of society. When we get into the dubiousness of inventions that are still relevant today and that are necessary for everyday functioning, especially when it comes to technology, we realize that none of the inventions has a recognizable inventor. Speaking of technology, we’ll use computers as an example of how they’ve evolved.

We’ve combed through history from the Abacus to the iPhone and we haven’t found a single person who is the direct and sole inventor. The essence of all of the above is that coming up with ideas for a new invention can be simple, but for its implementation, you need to research each segment and possible risks, as well as the people or team that will be in charge of implementing the idea in the way you envisioned.


So, some people become inventions from pure luck and some from dedicated work. Rarely are great inventions created or still exist by being done in a garage, working only for their creative individuals and just doing so without any progress. In that case, larger companies that offer the same type of service, of the same quantity and quality, are very likely to overcome you and get everything that you have worked so hard for years.

Also, some people wake up during the night with a great idea for an invention, or you were sitting and just like that a fantastic business idea came to your mind, or you came up with an idea in the shower that seemed great for the needs of society. Certainly, you need to put it into action and realize it, but where to start?

There is an excellent saying that something ingenious will be created if you have 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent effort. That is so true. Probably, your idea has already occurred to someone, it has been conceived, but has it been realized? If not, the one who rolls up his sleeves will have the advantage.


Many people who have a fantastic idea for an invention simply give up because they don’t have the idea how to realize it, which is clear and understandable, but should you seek help or just let your idea, which might be an excellent prospect, simply fail? You can read many reviews and thoughts from people that share the same notion as you, which could be of great help right here:

As we have already mentioned, no matter how much it seems that we live in a perfect world and that we have everything that an individual can imagine, our world still needs innovations and we can safely say that there is room and space for them, only if you are determined to make it happen. Also, most people think that ideas only come from creative people, it’s true that they do, but it’s not true that only they can be inventors. If you sit and wait for an idea to knock on your door, you are very wrong.

Free your mind and let go, it’s only necessary to get out of your comfort zone. Some people come up with ideas by working hard, designing, and making plans. Anyways, you should not give up on your idea, because you don’t lose anything if you try, and you lose a lot if you just give up and leave your thoughts to someone else. In the following, we will list several suggestions on how you can easily reach the realization of what may be useful for new ideas that require their realization:

1. Find a segment/niche of what you are good at


To come to fulfillment or come up with a good idea for an invention, it is necessary that you are good in a certain branch and that you are interested. Logically, everything will be much more difficult if you have no idea what it is that could be offered to society, and maybe it is still a good idea. So, focus on something that you are good at and that interests you.

2. Find society’s problems and frustrations

By determining what the problem is, you can easily find a solution. Dive deep into the reasons why this problem exists and then focus on the segments that will help to solve that problem efficiently. Propose it to the world and we can safely say that you will get feedback from those who are desperately looking for a solution.

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3. Finding gaps in the market

When you research what the problems are and find solutions for them, you can focus on the market segments that create a gap. Find, and research what is necessary to make a specific market complete and propose it to a specific company or yourself as the implementer of your ideas.

4. Creating solutions


Now that you are exactly familiar with what the problems are in that particular industry or invention, you can clearly and easily make a full package arrangement with your invention to complement and implement a certain field of an existing offer on the market.

It is necessary to remind yourself that you do not need to be a complete innovator of an idea, you can use a good idea for an invention and form it into a prototype and that is quite enough. Let’s note, the above seems very simple and easy, but you should not get carried away if you have not researched everything well, the world is full of new ideas, but are they proposed to the same? Some people may be attracted to the opposite method of invention, starting with creating a new product by manipulating an existing one and then finding the right use and benefit for your potential invention. Don’t let ideas be just ideas, offer the world more and we can say with certainty that it will pay off.