7 Most Groundbreaking Inventions That Emerged in The Last 10 Years

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I don’t know about you, but when I think about the greatest creations of all time, I immediately think about fire, power, and phones. Naturally, these inventions transformed the planet entirely, however, there are new inventions – both goods and services – that are being revealed to the public each year, all of which have a powerful impact on all of us and our everyday lives.

Whether you’re doing research so that you can write your college essay or if you’re simply curious to learn more about the inventions that changed our world completely, our article below can help! Here is our list of the top seven most groundbreaking inventions that emerged in the last ten years:

1. “Doorbells With Video Cameras”

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One of the first inventions that we’ll be looking at is video doorbells, a product that greatly improved the security of our homes. In 2013, the person behind this product, Jamie Siminoff, decided to participate in “Shark Tank”, a TV show that featured inventors. He presented his product, a doorbell that can record what is happening in front of the doors of our houses and apartments. The judges in the show didn’t give him an offer that he was willing to accept, which is why he decided to do it on his own.

Turns out it was a great idea since in 2018, he sold the invention to the E-commerce giant, “Amazon” for more than one billion dollars. Of course, in the past, we had both of these things, but his product combined them, which made boosting the security of homes affordable for people. If you have some new invention ideas that could completely change our world, you should check this review out to see how companies can help you turn those ideas into a reality.

2. “Bots That Act as Customer Support”

In the past, organizations had to hire real individuals for answering questions that consumers ask on their websites. However, with the innovation of chatbots, companies can now save a lot of time and revenue, and more importantly, they can make sure that they increase their customer satisfaction levels by implementing chatbots into their sites. Besides ensuring that they answer all the questions consumers have, this tech has another important task.

They can also be used for collecting data and information from customers, which they can then analyze. This has revolutionized the way companies provide assistance to their customers, but it also helps them create targeted advertisements that they can use for boosting their sales, thus, their revenue as well. Although a lot of people don’t think about chatbots as one of the most groundbreaking inventions, they surely are.

3. “Cloud Computing Services That Allow Quick Access to Data”

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While on the topic of technology, cloud computing is an invention that is one of the greatest products that emerged in the last decade. Companies – both large and small – that don’t have enough employees, knowledge, or skills, and that have to focus on their businesses instead of paperwork can use cloud computing to quickly and easily access all the info and documents they require, thus, they can focus on their tasks instead of losing time and money on searching for something that they require.

4. “Programs That Notify You to Take Your Medicine”

This is one of the innovations that have helped millions of people worldwide to remember to take their medicine on time. If someone has been prescribed several medications at once or if someone is caring for an individual that cannot take the medicine on their own, this invention has helped them quite a lot. Of course, there are boxes that you could get for this, however, if someone is tech-savvy and uses their smartphone quite frequently, using this particular invention could be less time-consuming and easier for them.

5. “Tech That Can Recognize Faces”

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Now, the first thing that you must know is that the idea for this invention originated back in the ‘60s, nevertheless, because of the lack of resources, this tech has just burst into the market in the last decade. Facial recognition tech has helped us add an extra layer of security, and it has been used by some major companies such as Apple as a method for users to access their phones by allowing it to record their faces.

Besides being utilized for unlocking our smartphones quickly, this recognition tech has also assisted governments from all over the globe catch unwanted criminals. Installing cameras that can record faces and compare them with various databases has helped law enforcement deal with criminals in the last decade, which is why an increasing number of countries choose to install such cameras around train and bus stations, subway systems, as well as airports.

6. “Streaming Services”

Yes, Netflix was invented back in 1997, but it was a movie rental and sales service. Twelve years ago, it has become one of the initial firms that dealt with in-house streaming services and though it originally had a really small library of movies and TV shows, today, it doesn’t only have thousands of content to watch but also started creating its own authentic content that gained a lot of popularity. Also, they have somewhat invented binge-watching by putting entire seasons out there instead of utilizing the one-episode-per-week system.

7. “Fryers That Prepare Food By Using Air”

Source: insider.com

Last on our list of groundbreaking inventions are air fryers. Now, though you might not think that it’s as groundbreaking as the other products and services we’ve mentioned, it actually is, especially since these devices have helped millions of people remain healthy, instead of eating food that has been fried in oil. Rapid air tech allows our food to be tasty and crispy while eliminating the need for using oil to prepare it.


There are millions of items and services that have been invented in the last 10 years, however, the ones we’ve mentioned above have somewhat altered the lives of millions of people. From programs that remind individuals to take their medication to cloud computing that permits quick and easy access to data, various inventions have improved and made our everyday lives easier.

Since you’ve now learned what are some of the most groundbreaking innovations that emerged in the last ten years, you might not want to lose any more of your time. Instead, there are other inventions that you might want to learn about, so, start researching and reading about them!