At What Age Do Most Seniors Go Into Assisted Living?


For most elderly, there comes a time when they’re better off living on their own rather than with their families. Some even don’t have families to rely upon, so assisted living comes as a true blessing. While there’s prejudice regarding this type of facility they’re not based on reality. In the majority of cases, you’ll face during your lifetime a senior is better off surrounded by his peers, in facilities that tend to their needs and requirements than being with families that don’t have enough time to be fully focused on their well-being.

The one thing that you must and need to ask yourself is at what age do most seniors go into assisted living? This is a fair question. There will come a time in life when it needs to be asked. Having your elderly loved ones around is great, but sometimes it is in everyone’s favor to have them taken care of properly. If you have already made this decision and you only want to find the right place for assisted living in meridian, to put your loved ones and be at ease you can find one if you click here. If you’re interested to know more about seniors, assisted living, and the right age to go there keep reading.

Is There a Right Time?


Yes, there is the right time to seek assisted living. But, it is not a lesson written in stone that you need to obey. In everyone’s life there comes a time when they need to think about their future. For the elderly, this comes when they start thinking are they better off remaining in their current home or moving out to the assisted living community? The prejudices we mentioned early one are tied to these facilities of old. What we have today is a different story. It is because of this that many elderly gladly desire to be a part of one such community. Yes, parting with friends and family might be tough for some, but careless days spent with your peers in activities that suit your age, while all your needs are taken care of is something to look forward to.

Looking forward to it is something that the elderly need to do. When it comes to moving to such facilities, there’s no wrong time. After all, your family members can visit you frequently. What happens more often than not is that people take too long to make this decision. Some wait until they’re 80 or 90 years old to make the transition. Remember, assisted living is not a place where you go to die. It’s a place where you go to love your best years. So, the lesson is that you shouldn’t wait too long. This decision is personal. It varies from person to person. You have people who go there from the moment they retire.

Others choose to do so when they’re a bit older. And others, as we said, do it when they’re too old and can’t enjoy the benefits of assisted living.

Now, we understand that we’ve been vague on the subject and as the matter of fact might be that you’re a person of numbers. We understand this, so we’re going to hit you with a few numbers that could provide a satisfying answer to the question from our title. 84 is the average age of the elderly in assisted living communities. While this seems like a high number majority of them entered the premises between the ages of 75 and 84. Of course, you need to reach the age minimum to be administered to a facility like that. Most assisted living communities to start accepting candidates from the ages 60-65.

But, as we said, this is a personal choice. While you need to have the required age, it is not a matter of years. For each individual, there are different reasons tied to their decision to move to assisted living.

Why Are Seniors Choosing Assisted Living?


Not all senior citizens are the same. You know that much by now. Some are hesitant to move out of their homes. Others want to move as fast as possible. It is a thing of preferences, personal decisions, and circumstances. But, there are some legitimate reasons why everyone should do it, and why many seniors are doing it as we speak. First of all, as we already mentioned the assisted living facilities are not what they used to be. Leave your prejudices at home. The stigma surrounding them has almost completely vanished.

What seniors know today is that moving to a facility like that improves their well-being.

Their social life moves up a few levels, they enjoy activities they like, take classes, study, rest, read, learn new things, partake in hobbies, and above all else spend their time with quality. All of this is made possible while their independence remains intact. What many people tend to overlook is that this experience can be a lot of fun for the elderly. Some of them spent their lives working without time to socialize properly. All of that changes with quality assisted living.

Furthermore, if they have an illness or a physical impairment they will receive much better care at a facility than they would ever at home. This is something to have in mind if you’re taking good care of your loved one well being.

Don’t Waste Time


This is a piece of good advice. You could apply it to many spheres of your life. But, when it decides to reach out to the assisted living facility and seek their services you shouldn’t waste any time. Today, assisted living facilities are more popular than ever. You need to know this. At some, more popular places, there are even waiting lists.

So, as soon as you have an idea that you might benefit from a facility like this you need to reach out and start making arrangements. If you don’t do this, the time from your first call and the time you move in could be measured in years. As we said, there’s no more stigma and prejudices surrounding this type of facility. They’re in demand. So, don’t waste time! Initiate the contact right away.