The Most Successful eSports Tournament Betting Strategies and Best Approaches


In 1972, the first eSports competition took place, with a few dozen players taking part. A one-year membership to the magazine was the award. Since then, a lot has changed, including the size of the competitions and the increase in prize money to six figures. Gambling has not been excluded either. There are hundreds of different eSports betting types, and betting companies continue to expand their turnover and invest more money in marketing.

Let’s learn about the top betting predictions for these contests, which have improved over time in terms of payout and professionalism.

The Most Popular eSports Betting Options


Bookmakers only allowed bettors to wager on results in the early days of eSports, such as whether a certain player/team would triumph or not. But as eSports gained popularity, the selection of betting possibilities grew, incorporating promotions from other sports. The quantity of betting alternatives might now surpass a few hundred in both big and minor markets.

In light of this, let’s examine the best eSports betting options:

  • Moneyline (long-term bets) – the win of a team or person in a competition.
  • Outright – win, tie, or defeat.
  • Handicap – this is a wager on a player or team that the bookmaker itself determines has a point edge.
  • Totalizator (express bet) – it is a chance to wager simultaneously on a number of separate events.
  • Special bet – it is extremely rare despite its widespread popularity. Its task is to provide bettors with the chance to wager on an unforeseen outcome. Although it is a hazardous wager, with fortune included, the player might be able to come out on top.

This list is not everything there is to betting on eSports. For many bookies listed on, the primary market is comparable, but the secondary market is very different. Therefore, it is worthwhile checking with rival bookies if a certain wager is desired because some do not offer such a chance.

What to Bet On?

The number of games that can be bet on has long surpassed a thousand. However, not all games are appropriate for wagering. The key requirement is that bettors’ abilities should outweigh chance. Studying the big and minor markets is required after the better has selected a game.

1. Total Betting

It is frequently preferable to ‘steal’ tactics from other players when learning how to play eSports games. Both in-play and pre-match wagering in many of them are based on totals. Total units wagered on eSports are equal to the sum of all traditional units (cards, lives, kills, etc.). These odds for eSports are the finest. High performance in practically all disciplines is the major reason why betting is so well-liked. The eSports Counter-Strike wagering approach, in particular, is built on totals.

2. Handicap Betting


The purpose of this type is to balance the odds of competitors. If one side is significantly superior to the other, a minus (- or under) handicap is applied. A positive (+ or over) handicap is given if a weaker team is supposed to stand out in the bet.

3. Round Betting

Consider placing a CS:GO eSports wager. The team that triumphs during the first 16 rounds is declared the winner per the regulations. In this instance, one team is deemed to be weaker and is given a handicap (+4.5). The team must prevail 12 rounds for starters (12+4.5=16.5) for the wager to be valid.

4. Outcome Betting

The traditional and most popular wager is the win, draw, or, loss. It takes the lead in the primary market. Esports frequently have better odds than other premier sports events. Because of this, seasoned gamblers do not wager on outcomes as frequently as novices.

5. Qualification Betting

This wager is on the team to advance or triumph. Consider a CS:GO competition. We are convinced that this squad will transmit it because it affects G2. It makes no difference if the other team receives a technical defeat, a clean triumph, etc. The fact that the squad will move on is the only thing that matters.

Event Analysis for eSports: Advantages


Spending more time on analytical work, such as researching player statistics, current form (from public videos and broadcasts), mental condition (positive or negative), involvement in scandals, and other information, will help you place profitable bets on eSports.

However, the key characteristic is that most participants are young men who are susceptible to stress and juvenile ignorance. Therefore, before placing a wager, it is important to observe how the players react under pressure. In the event of any accidents, it is important to take into account all that in the definitive forecast and bet.

Strategies for eSports Wagering

For long-term financial success, methods are crucial when picking eSports games for betting. Therefore, it is crucial to make the right choice that will be appropriate not only for a specific discipline but also for the betterment of the individual.

1. Live Betting

Players that can predict the path of the match are drawn to live strategies for eSports. The uniqueness is that eSports disciplines have higher dynamism than other sports, which makes it harder for the bookmaker to adjust the odds and enables you to receive the best deals. However, in order to do this, you must plan ahead and pay close attention to how the conflict plays out.

2. Flat

This kind of tactic is reserved for experts. Making fixed bets is the key objective. It is less dangerous and enables you to progress steadily over a long distance.

For instance, you should not wager more than 2% of the bank when placing a wager on the eSports total maps in LoL. And irrespective of whether the wager wins or loses, it must be precisely the same in the subsequent event. You must exercise patience if you select this tactic.

3. Long-Play

This is considered one of the finest eSports tactics, but it carries a lot of danger. The main purpose of the add-ons is to raise the stakes after each setback.

4. Cash Flows


The percentage of wagers on an event is referred to as cash flows; 50/50 is the optimal distribution. A slump happens when most bettors wager on a result that is expected to pass by, endangering the bookmaker’s profits. The bookmaker takes action to prevent this by altering the odds. It is possible to make a profit if you place a bet at the proper time when the odds will be greater than predicted. Such circumstances do not, however, arise frequently.

How to Pick a Bookmaker to Place an eSports Wager?

There are many different eSports bet types, but where to put them is more crucial. The bettor’s decision will affect both the short- and long-term profitability of the better. You should also take into account the following factors when selecting a bookie: the year of establishment, user-friendliness of the website, reputation, diversity of sports on offer, withdrawal dependability, eSports odds, support, promotions, and bonuses.

Use impartial ratings that take into account all of the aforementioned factors to streamline your search.

What to Take into Account When Evaluating eSports Events

It is important to take into account the following aspects of eSports betting for a thorough analysis:

  • Rankings of teams/players. It is obvious who has the favor if the top 5 compete versus the top 105. In these situations, handicaps should be taken into account while placing a wager.
  • The current shape. Players in decent form can achieve great things. Since so many tops stream, you can tell what shape the player is in. If at all feasible, check it out before placing a wager.
  • In any sport, including eSports, an athlete’s mindset is crucial.
  • Tournament style. The format might change a lot more frequently in eSports than in traditional sports, which can impact the outcome of the wager. So it is crucial to double-check in advance.

Making your own forecast after gathering data will allow you to contrast it with the bookmaker’s eSports odds. You can bet if there are no substantial biases. If there are, it is worthwhile to verify everything or forego placing a wager. But at the conclusion of the event, determine which prognosis was more accurate.