18 Tablecloth Ideas to Promote Your Wedding Centerpieces

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A wedding reception remains a memorable event in everyone’s life. Therefore, you may spend a huge time finalizing the surrounding décor. The tables take up most of your space; it is a spot where your guests would serve the evening. Besides glassware and a centerpiece stand, the tablecloth is the baseline of your décor.

Some people also prefer wedding candle centerpieces on tables for a stunning display. You need to be sensitive as one unnecessary detail can mess up your wedding reception décor.

Here we are going to explain some unique tablecloths ideas for your wedding reception.

Tablecloth Ideas To Promote Your Wedding Reception

Wrapping your tables with white linens is a great idea when you want something unique than a centerpiece stand. Over time, something unexpected and bold emerges as a masterpiece décor between the couples regarding their wedding reception. Whether it is a stunning color or a funny texture, your tablecloth will add appeal to the wedding reception place.

1. Pair Linen and Greenery

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Besides placing a centerpiece stand, a pair of linen and greenery will be the right combination for your event. Choose to add a linen table runner into the design and a topping of greenery. The contrast will be eye-catching

2. Burlap

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Wedding candle centerpieces can be a great décor for the wedding reception. Here sticking to an organic aesthetic seems a good idea. Cover your table with burlap and incorporate a hint of texture. It will provide an amazing backdrop for a few sprigs of greenery

3. Bold Hues

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Covering your table in linen is a great way to wow your guests. A classic velvet cloth is perfect for hot-weather weddings when paired with neutral accents like chairs, white plates, and napkins.

4. Nautical Nod

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Choosing blue hues for seaside wedding receptions is a wonderful idea. Other decorations, such as a centerpiece stand, strengthen your tablecloth décor.

5. Add Plenty of Refreshing Roses

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Go for featuring a long table runner made with fresh white roses with a hint of greenery for a romantic couple display.  This an amazing table cloth décor idea for those who love abundant centerpieces overflowing with fresh blooms,

6. Incorporate a Pop of Link

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You can arrange a fantastic décor with exciting color combinations and a centerpiece stand. You can add tall floral arrangements and fruit accents with a light pink tablecloth, blue napkins, and red goblets; you can add tall floral arrangements and fruit accents. A mind-blowing table set up to make your wedding reception a day to remember.

7. Go for Glams

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When you want a glamorous table decoration instead of a centerpiece stand for your special occasion, have it draped with linens, gold-rimmed glass, and brass candle holders. The setting will help bring out the metallic hue and offer a glittery fee.

8. Combination of Unique Colors

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Why settle for wedding candle centerpieces when you can use multiple hues on special days? Welcome the colors and fill up your tablescapes in several tones.  Envelop your tables with a shade of awesome scenery.

9. Go for a Natural Décor

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Want to move further from a centerpiece stand table decor? If you like to mix and match colors on the table? Tan-colored linen will create a stunning backdrop for the gold and black details like flatware and plates. Click here to get more budget wedding table decoration ideas.

10. Industrial Vibe

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The tablecloth is not about having a formal wedding reception décor. A sleek, inspired surface, black chairs, and flatware will make a masterpiece.

11. Extra Large Centerpieces

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When your wedding is taking place at soaring ceilings, it’s time to take advantage of the addition of an extra large centerpiece stand.  Include many centerpieces as per your requirements. An asymmetrical design will look especially cool for a modern art museum affair.

12. Play Around with Texture

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A multicolored tablecloth or a centerpiece stand are not the only options for enhancing your wedding reception table decor. Textured linens can also boast your space with a rich and luxurious appearance. Velvet is there to give your tables a smooth, shiny finish. A fusion of fresh flowers will enhance your table decor.

13. A Fun Pattern

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Some playful tablecloth patterns can display unique aspects of your relationships. You will increase the charm of your wedding by dining on checkered table clothes. It will bring a feeling of park picnicking.

14. Baby’s Breath

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Baby’s breath is an underrated decor for special events, but its charm can make a statement. You will love the display of a black table runner paired with a floral runner of baby’s breath, pampas grass, and a few blooms for plenty of jaw-dropping contrast.

15. Choose Something Silky

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Besides a stunning centerpiece stand, there are several ideas to beautify your tablecloth decor. You may think of adding hues like copper, gold, and tan. A gorgeous silky look can bring up the magic.

16. Textured Linens

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Nothing is better than textured linen to compliment your tablecloth decor. A gauzy white colored linen can match any color of the table—a classic decor than a centerpiece stand.

17. Incorporate Monochromatic Tones

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Besides going for a random centerpiece stand or details for your tablecloth decor, go with a monochromatic look to make your decor stand out. White tables, chairs, and candles will make your day memorable.

18. Bold Velvet

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It’s your event; you can go all out and select a luxe table runner in a vibrant, bold hue to form a splash with your wedding reception décor. This is a modern-day decoration idea for a couple wanting something unique other than a centerpiece stand.

Final Thoughts

Your loved ones will attend the wedding reception, and you want to make them feel special. A catchy tablecloth decor will offer them a warm welcome. You can choose from above mentioned 18 ideas and make your event a day to remember for everyone.