Manny Khoshbin Net Worth in 2024, Age, Wife, House, Cars, Kids

Manny Khoshbin Net Worth

Known for his real estate empire, serial entrepreneurship, and author projects, Manny Khoshbin is of Iranian descent. A leading company in Orange County, California, Khoshbin Company is the president and CEO.

Маnnу Кhоѕhbіn
Маnnу Кhоѕhbіn (Instagram)

He is the author of Driven: The Never-Give-Up Roadmap to Massive Success (Entrepreneur Press, 2018). Manny Khoshbin net worth, biography, age, Height, car collections, wife’s net worth, height, and other details are listed below.

Quick Biography

Real NameМаnuсhеhr “Маnnу” Кhоѕhbіn
Celebrated NameМаnnу Кhоѕhbіn
Birth PlaceIran
Birthday14 Јаnuаrу 1971
Age52 years
Height5 feet 9 inches
Weight82 Kg
SiblingsMahirehan Khoshbin
Marital StatusMarried
WifeLеуlа Міlаnі
KidsЕnzо Раѕhа, Рrіѕсіllа Кhоѕhbіn
Manny Khoshbin Net Worth$100 million


As a child, Manny lived in Iran with his four siblings, where they grew up until their family relocated to the United States in 1985, in order to escape the Iranian war that had resulted in the deaths of some of his family members, and to make sure that Manny and the other children would not suffer the same fate.

He struggled to adjust to American life, especially after having to enrol in English classes because he wasn’t familiar with the language. Other kids also bullied him, although he didn’t know the meaning of a lot of the tough words they used. In his senior year of high school, he participated in a swap meet where he sold items. The Santa Ana Kmart hired him when he was 16 to clean the parking lot and collect shopping carts.

Career Starts

With Kmart, Khoshbin rose rapidly through the ranks, and within a year he was appointed assistant manager of sporting goods. After he decided he didn’t want to stay in a position all about money, he went looking for other opportunities and got into multi-level marketing. The first two months of his employment, he became the most successful salesman in the company. As he grew up, he discovered a way to lower his costs in order to generate more money, and when he realised this, he incorporated at the age of 18 during his senior year of high school.

Маnnу Кhоѕhbіn Books
Маnnу Кhоѕhbіn Books

He set up his own company to resell products he bought at a discount and rented a modest office. Eventually, his business was closed due to a lack of approval that would satisfy the health code, but he was hired directly by one of the tyre shops where he worked for a year as an assistant manager, after which he resigned because he still wanted to start his own business.

Real Estate Business

When he was offered the opportunity to purchase a gas station for less than 10% down payment, he jumped at it. However, the deal turned out to be a scam, and he lost everything. In spite of the fact that he no longer had any money, he tried to earn a real estate licence the following year, which led to him becoming a loans officer for a mortgage company. With the help of his own real estate company, he was able to invest in troubled bank-owned properties in six months.

Маnnу Кhоѕhbіn Car and House
Маnnу Кhоѕhbіn Car and House

Due to the language barrier and the bias against him that occurred due to his ethnicity, he rose quickly up the ranks. As a result of his fortune’s growth, he began collaborating with other companies. He has a portfolio of 2.2 million square feet of commercial real estate spanning six states through his Khoshbin Company. His pursuit of establishing a multi-faceted company may also include other business ventures.


Manny Khoshbin is married to his longtime girlfriend, Leyla Milani Khoshbin. In addition to their son, Enzo Pasha, the couple has a daughter, Priscilla. Leyla Milani, the model and actress he lives with in Newport Coast, California, has a private residence. In addition to Lamborghini, Ferrari, Ford Mustang, McLaren, and Bugatti, he owns several of the world’s most expensive cars.

Маnnу Кhоѕhbіn Wife and Kid
Маnnу Кhоѕhbіn Wife and Kid

Manny Khoshbin Social Accounts

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You TubeManny Khoshbin

Manny Khoshbin Net Worth

By the year 2024, Manny Khoshbin Net Worth is expected to reach $100 million. There is no such thing as a billionaire for him; his primary source of wealth comes from his real estate business. A lucrative job has given Manny Khoshbin the opportunity to enjoy an opulent lifestyle and an array of high-end cars.

Маnnу Кhоѕhbіn Car Collections
Маnnу Кhоѕhbіn Car Collections

 As a result, he focuses mostly on assisting young entrepreneurs and investors in building wealth and securing their financial future. Working long hours is something he believes in and encourages others to do the same. NEVER. GIVE. IT. UP.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Manny Khoshbin?

He is 52 years old as of 2024.

How tall is Manny Khoshbin?

He is 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Who is Manny khoshbin’s wife?

Leyla Milani Khoshbin, Manny Khoshbin’s long-time girlfriend, is married to him.

How did manny khoshbin get rich?

Following his success with single-family homes, Manny started building small apartment buildings before moving into commercial real estate. According to him, the success he has had in the commercial real estate market is largely due to this website.

What cars does Manny Khoshbin have?

Amongst them are the Bugatti Chiron Hermès Edition, Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport, a Vitesse Custom Ford GT, a Pagani Huayra Hermès Edition, and a Rolls Royce Dawn.

His collection of cars includes a Rolls Royce Ghost, Carbon Black McLaren P1, McLaren Senna, Maclaren Speedtail, Porsche 935, Mercedes SLS AMG, Mercedes SLR AMG McLaren.