The Etiquette of Corporate Gift Giving: Navigating the Dos and Don’Ts


Corporate gift-giving is a norm in many companies. It is only a small part of doing business. But, it is a vital one. When you decide on going through with corporate gift giving you must do it the right way. Doing it half heartedly will amount to nothing, and it’s better not to do it at all. When it comes to presenting your clients, partners, and even employees with gifts there’s a certain etiquette. This etiquette needs to be followed. Now, we’re not talking about a set of rules written in stone, but you’re better off knowing it and following it.

When the time is right that your partners, clients, customers, or employees receive a gift, you’re better off researching a little bit about this etiquette. As we said, they are not rules, but getting things done the right way might be beneficial for your company and your financial well-being. Many people believe that you can’t go wrong with Alcohol Gifts, which you can find here, and they are right. But, there are so many more layers to what’s acceptable and what is not in the world of corporate gift-giving.

In this article, we are going to talk a little bit about the etiquette of corporate gift-giving. Yes, such a thing exists, and if you want to set yourself on the right course in this department you will explore it a little bit. It will be worth your time, and in the long run, it will give results in the departments you desire. Leaving a positive effect on your partners, employees, or clients is vital for any business operation. Once you get familiar with the etiquette we will feel free to move on and tell you how to navigate the dos and don’ts of corporate gift-giving.

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That’s right, there are things you need to do when it comes to these gifts and there are bog don’ts. Finding those small margins is what makes all the difference in the world. It is what makes the difference between successful corporate gift-giving sessions and between failed ones. In the world of business, everyone wants only success, and because of that, we are sure that you will be reading this article extra carefully, as you should. Now, let us see what this etiquette of corporate gift-giving is.

The Etiquette of Corporate Gift Giving

The world of business is a strict one. There will come a time when you’ll have to present another with a gift, be it a client, a partner, or a dozen of employees. You’ll understand that these people are not your friends, and that standard or funny gifts will not do the trick. It is a business, and a certain etiquette must be there, right? That’s right. As we said, it is there but it is not a set of rules written in stone. Even if you have an idea what to get, how are you sure that it will hit the bull’s eye? Many companies only do corporate gift-giving after they receive presents from their partners. Giving something in return can be even harder than pulling the first trigger. So, what do you need to leave a good impression, return the favor, and have it all done professionally? Well, my friend, that’s what’s called etiquette.

The longer you remain in the business, the more situations like these you’ll encounter. What’s important to know is that there are no copying ideas here. Yes, you can get inspired by people around you, but always doing what everyone else is doing will not be seen as inspiring. So, what can be done to make your brand stand out when it comes to corporate gift-giving? As we said, there are no rules, but you can follow a few guidelines that we’re going to leave below.  In the next few paragraphs, we are going to be talking about the dos and don’ts of corporate gift-giving.

Dos and Don’ts of Corporate Gift Giving

Slowly but steadily we are arriving at the main subject of our article.  The best way to go around corporate gifts is to know what to do and what not to do. This couldn’t be more straightforward. All gifts should be like that. Simple and on point. So, to make things easier for you, we are going to start with a few dos and finish with a couple of don’ts when it comes to corporate gift-giving. Check out what we have in store for you. Here are the dos.

Explore The Gifting Policy


Yes, there are gifting policies. In certain industries, they are very strict. There is a limit to how much a gift might be worth and what it can be. Some gifts in certain industries can be seen as unethical. So, before you jump to giving presents to people check out policies. Both yours and of the people who you’re gifting if you’re not working in the same company. If you’re not aware of any policies or are just unsure make sure that you consult people from HR.

Plan Ahead

This is a fine piece of advice. When it comes to corporate gift giving, we are not talking about presents you can just pick up from a shelf and hand out. No, they need to be more than that. It’s all about planning. When you plan a corporate gift-giving event you have better chances of hitting the right spot and getting people gifts they love. If you follow the habits of your clients and listen to their stories during your hours of working together, in the long run, you are almost guaranteeing yourself success when the time is right for corporate gift-giving.

Make it Personal

Yes, we are talking about corporate gifts. This means business. Is there room for being personal? Well, there always is. After all, we’re talking about gifts. So, focus on your clients, partners, or employees. Think about their personal preferences. About things they’re attached to. This is the best way to create personalized presents. It is all about discovering what they like, and where their interests stream to. If you have a hard time figuring it out, check some of the unique corporate gifts on, where you’ll find a wide variety of options to choose from to match your preferences when it comes to corporate gifting.

Keep it Tasteful


Most corporate gifts need to be brand. Yes, it is about giving your clients or partners, or employees, but making it about your brand too. But, in this department, you must never go overboard. This is easy to do. So, when you’re printing T-shirts or handing out mugs it is fine that you put your company’s logo on the products. But, the markings of your brand do not need to be too massive. So we’re talking smaller print and regular size logos. Nothing that should poke their eyes out. Be tasteful in this department. It is easy to fall out of the tracks and show the utmost lack of taste.

Care and Appreciation

Showing these two things is a big deal. Everyone loves being cared for. Corporate gift-giving is a special occasion. It can happen on its own or as a part of the holiday season. Whatever the case might be it is all about showing care and appreciation. People will appreciate this more than they will an expensive gift. If you can combine a practical gift that is appreciative and caring at the same time you’ll hit the bull’s eye.

Don’t Standardize Gifts

Yes, a mug is a perfect present. If you’re aiming for hundreds of employees, giving them a corporate mug can do the trick. But, if you’re giving a gift to a few selected partners or clients, things need to be done differently. The chances are they already have a mug or in this case a dozen of mugs. So, don’t go for standard gifts. It’s better to play around with what everyone is used to.

Don’t Do Promotion

This is where it’s important not to make a mistake. A cooperative gift is not promotional material. You need to make the difference between the two. Promotional materials can often be generic. If your client or partner recognizes that their gift is a promotional piece of material at the same time they can get offended. You need to avoid crossing this thin line when selecting your gift.


No Compromises on The Quality

This is where a line needs to be drawn. Quality is one aspect of a corporate gift you mustn’t compromise. It doesn’t matter if you’re handing out gifts to hundreds of employees or you’re giving them to a selected few clients. Quality is not negotiable. You need to invest in these presents regardless of the quantities you will be handing out.

Don’t Pick The Favorites

This is a hard one, but it needs to be done. Yes, there are better employees and there are those who do their work poorer. Yes, there are more and less valuable clients. But the season of gift-giving is not the time to separate them. When you’re handing out the presents you need to view everyone with the same eyes. There are no picking favorites. If you do this you could create issues between yourself and your employees or what’s even worse between your partners.