Don Benjamin Net Worth in 2024, Bio, Lifestyle, Age, Career

Don Benjamin Net Worth

A United States aspiring model, actor, and rapper, Don Benjamin Walls is known by his stage name Don Benjamin. His social media presence also makes him known. His appearance has won him a lot of attention.

The reality show America’s Next Top Model featured the personality as one of the finalists as part of its 20th season. In 2013, he shot to fame after appearing in the video for Ariana Grande’s song “Into You,” which has racked up over 890 million views on YouTube. As of now, Benjamin is considered one of the most famous models in the world.  we will discuss Don Benjamin net worth, Age, Lifestyle, Family, Career, and some unknown facts.


Quick Bio

Real Name Donald Benjamin Walls
Date of Birth May 5, 1987
Place of Birth Chicago, Illinois, USA
Age 35 Years
Weight 75 Kg
Height 6′ 2” (1.85 Meter)
Nationality American
Father Name Donald Walls
Mother Name N/A
Girlfriend Liane Valenzuela
Kid No
Profession Model, Actor
Net Worth $30 Million



Benjamin was born in Chicago, Illinois, the United States of America, on May 5, 1987. He is an American citizen.

He grew up on the South Side of Chicago, a notoriously crime-ridden and impoverished neighborhood.

Don’s mother, who wanted him to get away from this kind of life, moved him to Florida when he was a child. He lived in Florida for a short time before moving to Mississippi, and then to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he graduated from high school.

In high school, he started listening to artists and bands such as Boyz II Men, Jay Z, and Jagged Edge and eventually began rapping himself in the hope of becoming famous one day. As the captain of his high school basketball team, he was also physically active.


After winning Scare Famous season 1, the model had become a center of attention in the entertainment industry. ‘Scared Famous’ is a horror reality show with a $100,000 grand prize that has become well-known. The winnings from Don’s show were donated to the charity Peace over Violence after he won the show.

Donald Benjamin Walls

The 19-year-old Benjamin was also a finalist on the 20th season of America’s Next Top Model in 2013. Ben is probably best known for his role in the movie Bunny and Clyde. As the lead character of Jason (2017), he played in the drama Supermodel. Besides his role in Diary of a Cheating Man, he also appeared in the documentary film The Cheating Man.

As a result of Don Benjamin starring in Ariana Grande’s music video Into You, he became instantly famous. When it came to the song video, he played her lover so passionately and menacingly that his fans doubted the two of them. There was a rumor that the singer of the song Into You and the model were dating, but both of them denied it to the press.

In addition to being an actor and a model, he is also a vocalist. In addition to his many hit singles, his many hits include Red, Jealous, Tonight, Smash the Snooze, and many others. It was on February 22, 2018, that he released Across the Sky, a song that was featured on every episode of America’s Next Top Model that was broadcast on MTV. It was a surprise when his song reached the top of the charts, and he was formally recognized as a musician.

Wife | Girlfriend

A few years ago, Don Valenzuela and Liane Valenzuela met on the internet and became friends. At the time, Liane was immensely popular on the website, which allowed individuals to upload their lip synchronization videos, which could last for eight seconds. It was on October 31, 2017, that the two recorded their love by creating the “Forever Us” YouTube channel, which has now accumulated over 200,000 followers and over eight million views across all of their videos. A video called “Welcome To Our Channel” was their first video, in which they explained their relationship and why they decided to start a YouTube channel.

As of August 2019, Liane and Don took a step closer to marriage when Don proposed to her during her birthday party. In early 2020, they announced a split; fortunately, they rekindled their romance in the latter half of the year, and are going strong. As of now, the couple currently resides in Los Angeles.

Don Benjamin Social Accounts

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Don Benjamin Net Worth

It is clear that Don is still a very young man, despite the fact that he has accomplished a great deal in such a short period of time. His career started as a model and he has since gone on to work in high-profile films as well as television series. Also, he has an incredible voice, which led him to record some of his own songs during this time. As a result of his accomplishments, Don Benjamin net worth is estimated to be $30 million. In contrast, there is a strong possibility that the figures will rise significantly in the coming days.

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What is the age of Don Benjamin?

Don is 35 year old.

Who is Don Benjamin girlfriend?

Don and Liane Valenzuela met on the internet and became friends. They soon will get married.

How much is Don Benjamin net worth?

Don Benjamin net worth is estimated to be $30 million.

What is the height of Don Benjamin.

Don Benjamin is 1.85 Meter tall.