Faze Temperrr Net Worth in 2024, Bio, Lifestyle, Age, Family, Career

faze temperrr net worth

Faze Temperrr Net Worth: Though Faze Temperrr may not have the looks of a CEO, he is one. Celebrities have invested in the business of the man behind one of the largest content cooperation and eSports groups in the gaming industry. There are millions of subscribers on Temporr’s personal YouTube account, and there are over 8 million subscribers on FaZe Clan’s official YouTube channel.

Even though he hangs out with some of the world’s most well-known pro gamers, some consider him to be a gamer in his own right. He enjoys martial arts, basketball, hockey, and skating when he isn’t running his business and taking selfies for Instagram. Today we will discuss Faze Temperrr net worth, Age, Lifestyle, Family, Career, and some unknown facts.


The formal name of Fazé is Thomas Oliveria, he was born in Brazil in 1993 and grew up with his single mother. He never saw his father during his early childhood, so he spent most of his time with his mother. Additionally, he has a brother who grew up with their mother, although not much is known about his early life or the members of his family. According to rumors, the famous internet personality has a large family in Brazil, despite the fact that his mother had to move to New York with her two children because of the circumstances of their upbringing.


After growing up in Sao Paolo, FaZe Temperrr moved to the U.S. with his mother. The family left their native land when he was seven years old and moved to New York; he was raised by a single mother together with his younger sister.

Having lived in Brazil as a child, he developed a love for soccer. Over time, however, he discovered that he had a great love for video games, which he had been exposed to during his time in Brazil. The amount of time he spent playing video games was disapproved by his mother and she couldn’t see him having a career in the field when it wasn’t as lucrative as it is now. He continued to enjoy playing video games throughout his high school years. His involvement with the school’s volleyball team lasted throughout his tenure there.

Personal Life

Sassy Lin and Faze were dating in 2013, but broke up in 2014. After that, he met Megan, a YouTuber and gamer who goes by the handle OpTicJewel. However, their marriage did not last, and they eventually divorced. At the moment, Faze has a love relationship with Tasha.


The FaZe Clan was started by FaZe Temperrr in 2010 with the help of a few of his friends. When FaZe Temperrr selected its first batch of members in 2011, Heist, Holson, and Sham were selected. YouTube channel where they post videos of competitive gaming and esports, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Call of Duty.

At MLG’s major tournament in Columbus, they received a total cash award of $10,000 for their breakthrough scene. Each video on this channel receives millions of views and has 8.6 million subscribers.

As the company’s CEO, FaZe Temperrr ensures that all of the information he publishes is of the highest quality. Moreover, he has enlisted the help of five different video editors to make sure that his videos are better than those of the competition.

From a handful of gaming-obsessed friends in the early days, the company has grown to include up to 65 video producers and gamers today.

Despite his success now, he did not become a household name overnight. As a result of his commitment to both his firm and his audience, he has become the person he is today.

What is the Faze Temperrr Net Worth?

Approximately $2 million to $5 million are expected to belong to FaZe Temperrr net worth by 2024. A variety of methods have helped him become wealthy, including his YouTube channel, the growing FaZe Clan, and his own products. Multiple endorsement deals are another way FaZe Temperrr has been able to improve his wealth.

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Some Facts About Faze Temperrr

  • He is born under the zodiac sign of Virgo.
  • A company he runs sells t-shirts with the FaZe emblem embossed on them.
  • His girlfriend is Tasha.
  • As a 19-year-old, he purchased a BMW i3 in 2012.
  • The company also purchased a Thai PUBG mobile and FIFA Online roster, expanding its Asian investments.
  • CTRL food supplements are manufactured by FaZe Clan.
  • In collaboration with the Ronald McDonald House Charity in Los Angeles, they have created a gaming lounge.
  • Their first female member is a deaf 14-year-old.