David Grutman Net Worth in 2024, Bio, Lifestyle, Family, Career

david grutman net worth

David Grutman Net Worth: Entrepreneur and business executive David Grutman resides in the United States. A Miami-based business owner and partner, he runs several restaurants and nightclubs. Rocking Stone magazine named David Grutman as one of the 50 most influential people in the world of electronic dance music!

Over the years, he has not only gained popularity but has also amassed an impressive Net Worth. Today we will discuss David Grutman’s net worth, Age, Lifestyle, Career, and some unknown facts.


Naples, Florida, United States, is where he was born on July 3rd, 1974. As a private person, he has not revealed a lot of information about his family and upbringing. Apparently, his mother’s name is Hettie Grutman. Until recently, his father, whose name hasn’t been publicized, was president of the SunTrust Bank.

A Bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Florida is part of his academic background.

Personal Life

An established businessman, David Grutman is married to a model called Isabela Rangel. The couple married at Wynwood Walls in front of a star-studded crowd in April 2016. The couple has two daughters, Kaia Saf Grutman and Vida Rose Grutman, who is named after him and his wife, Isabel. David’s family is currently staying in Miami, Florida, where they are having a wonderful time.

David is also very active on Instagram, where he posts regularly about his business and personal life. On October 29, 2024, he posted a photo of himself and his family dressed up for Halloween on Instagram. He captioned the Instagram photo, “It’s a Frozen Halloween.”


Upon graduating from college in 1990, he went on to work as a bartender. Known as a great bartender who consistently collected huge tips from frequent customers, he was highly regarded. He wished to accomplish something meaningful in his life despite his dissatisfaction. Having put in a lot of hard work, he was promoted to manager of Biz Bistro soon after, where he built cordial ties with a range of people and gained some important contacts.

For the first time, he opened the LIV nightclub near the Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel in 2008. In 2014, he was ranked third on the list of most profitable U.S. nightclubs. After taking the first step, he eventually opened the Club Story in 2013.

Several restaurants have been opened in other locations as part of his business expansion. In addition to Komodo and Planta South Beach restaurants, he built the Swan, the Swan Cafe, and Bar Bevy. The year 2019 was the year that he opened FL PAPI Steak in South Beach, a high-end steakhouse.

On November 11, 2024, he participated in a Full Send Podcast, where he answered the host’s question, “You run Miami?” He replied, “Miami is a great place,” adding that he wishes to leave an indelible mark on it and believes in it wholeheartedly.

The Rolling Stones ranked him 11th among the 50 Most Important People in Electronic Dance Music. His two-story cavern in the posh Fontainebleau Hotel combines dance music’s big-money appeal with mainstream appeal. According to Nightclub & Bar magazine’s annual Top 100, performing at LIV, his nightclub, is a rite of passage for budding EDM artists, with LIV earning more than $40 million in 2014.

David Grutman Net Worth

Due to his successful career and involvement in various business enterprises, David Grutman net worth has greatly increased. In addition to being a businessman and entrepreneur, he is a nightclub promoter. It’s mostly thanks to his business of owning and operating a number of nightclubs and restaurants around the United States that he’s so wealthy. His numerous restaurants and clubs include LIV nightclub, Swan, Café OTL, restaurant Komodo, and Bar Bevy. As well as Papi Steak, he runs a high-end steakhouse in South Beach, Florida. The LIV nightclub has grown to become the third-highest grossing nightclub in the United States, as well as the fifth-most lucrative nightclub in the state, generating about $60 million in revenue in 2013. 

Forbes reports that Grutman’s clubs, Story and LIV, rank among the top ten revenue-generating clubs in the United States. With the help of these two well-known companies, Grutman’s newly formed lifestyle collective, Groot Hospitality, has been able to grow and develop. David Grutman, 45, isn’t content with simply expanding his businesses in South Florida. A key goal of his company is to become a globally recognized hospitality leader with successful hotels, nightclubs, and restaurants. He is looking for larger-than-life event venues in Las Vegas, Dallas, and Dubai.

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