Mozzy Net Worth in 2023, Bio, Lifestyle, Family, Career

mozzy net worth

Mozzy Net Worth: A fámed US rapper, songwriter, singer, and record producer, Timothy Patterson, is professionally known as Mozzy. Не bеgan rарріng in 2004 аѕ Lіl’ Тіm. His fame increased as people began to call him by his stage name, “Mozzy.” He reached his peak in 2015 with the release of his album, “Ladadah,” which ranked 22nd on the Rap album chart for that year. Today we will discuss Mozzy net worth, Discography, Age, Lifestyle, Career, and some unknown facts.

Early Life

Mozzy was born and raised in Sacramento’s Oak Park neighborhood. He was brought up by his grandmother, Brenda Patterson-Usher, after his mother was addicted to cocaine and his father was in prison. He attended Sacramento High School but later was expelled. After completion of GED, he started searching for a job for survival. After struggling for a variety of jobs he finally decided to start his career in the music industry in 2010.

He says he is humbled to come from a neighborhood like Oak Park. It has taken Mozzy over a decade of rapping before he finally gets noticed; therefore, he calls himself “The Chosen One.” Mozzy was influenced by his surrounding influences and arrested several times by the Sacramento Police Department between 2005 and 2008. 

A year later, he was sent to San Quentin State Prison. There were numerous opportunities for him to tour worldwide and across the country, but he could not leave the state until 2017. He was prohibited from leaving the state during his probation. 


In 2004, Mozzy, previously known as Lil Tim, began his career. Before making his mark with “Bladadah” in 2015, he worked as a musician for eleven years. The album received attention from various industry associations, ranking 22nd on Rolling Stone’s list of the best rap albums of 2015. Mozzy ended the year on a positive note, as both Rolling Stone and Complex Magazine praised his work.

Billboard also listed Mozzy’s “Mandatory Check” in the top 7 of its Rap Album chart in 2016. In addition to G-Eazy and YFN Lucci, Jadakiss appears on his new album, “Fake Famous.” Throughout his music career, Mozzy has collaborated with artists such as Kidd Cartel, Philthy Rich, Nef the Pharoah, and YG. 

Over the course of his career, Mozzy released twenty-two solo albums and seventeen collaborations with other artists. His music continued to flow independently and with Livewire Entertainment and Blackmarket Records until he launched Mozzy Records, his own label.

Although he was heavily influenced by Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and West Coast rap legends, his tracks usually reflect gang life in Sacramento. His two Billboard Top 200 albums are “1 Up Top Ahk” and “Gangland Landlord.” He was also on the soundtrack of the movie Black Panther. 

As of right now, Mozzy is signed to Blackmarket Records, Real Talk Entertainment, Livewire Entertainment, and Empire Distribution. Mozzy’s most popular songs are “Momma We Made It,” “Seasons,” “Nobody Knows,” and “Tomorrow Ain’t Promised.” He has released 24 solo albums, 19 collaborative albums, and 105 tracks. “Bladadah” is Mozzy’s most successful album, earning him the title of “Best Run of 2015” from Rolling Stone and Complex Magazine. 

Mozzy Net Worth

It is estimated that Mozzy net worth is $750 thousand, and he is one of the most famous names in the music industry. The majority of his revenue comes from music features, album sales, YouTube ads, tours, and live performances. There are more than 320 million views on his YouTube channel and 511K subscribers. His income is primarily derived from the successful albums he has released.

According to YouTube, YouTubers earn anywhere between $2 and $7 for every 1,000 monetized views, after taking the app’s portion. Various factors influence monetization, such as the number of ads in a video, the number of viewers skipping ads, the type of content, ad inventory, and engagement. Consequently, social media sources account for a large portion of his income.

Side Business

Mozzy’s income is not restricted to music-related work. Additionally to hoodies and tees, he offers beanies, backpacks, and joggers. Fans and subscribers who want to support him, as well as those who simply want to purchase his clothing line, can easily get his clothing line. Because of his fame and popularity, Mozzy has wide access to a wide audience, so his business is successful and he can take advantage of opportunities.