Adult Toys: Why Are They Still Taboo?


The modern way of living often brings certain controversies. Many people are not ready to adapt to some of the trends because they personally do not like them, which is perfectly fine. Of course, often their personal opinion is laced with a great deal of judgment towards those who think differently. However, these are just the benefits of modern life that, fortunately, we often get over without anyone getting hurt in the process.

But what about sexual openness, desire, the adult industry, and intimate toys? Of course, despite the fact that it’s almost 2024, many people still don’t feel comfortable knowing that these kinds of toys are used more often than they imagine. However, the fact is that this industry is really popular, and the existence of services like VForVibes.Com and similar is proof of that. This increases the general awareness of one’s intimacy and desires, so many people actually find such services useful.

But taboos remain, and these are some of the reasons why some people are stuck with them:

Sex is taboo for many


Sex is an essential part of life, but it seems that in many environments it is not normalized to talk about it openly. All this is the result of different traditions, but also religious aspects. Therefore, those who think differently from us should not be judged.

We must emphasize that for a long time there has been a reluctance among people to openly talk about sexuality, and thus about everything related to intimate life. In many societies, this has changed, especially where development and education are at a high level.

Women are ashamed to talk about sexual desires

Unfortunately, even on the threshold of 2024, women are in an unenviable position when it comes to their sexuality. All over the world, there are examples when girls and women are judged for various reasons and desires, and they are not even allowed to choose a partner according to their preferences.

In many backward societies, women are objectified and victims of sexual violence. Some of them are regularly abused from a very young age but are taught to keep quiet about it, so as not to embarrass themselves in front of others.

Often even parents teach girls that they should be ashamed of their sexual awareness and gender characteristics and that they should suppress intimate desires. Knowing all these aspects, it is not surprising that many girls have an aversion to experimenting with sex.

Men think that toys are not for them


Social stereotypes are interesting to observe, especially when it comes to men. Many guys believe that if a girl uses toys, then she is voracious and has an excessive sexual appetite. On the other hand, someone teaches them that in this way they are not needed by women or that they are not enough for them.

If a couple uses toys, the environmental pressures them and the man does not know how to please the girl. The same goes for any type of relationship, not just heterosexual.

Knowing this, it is clear that even guys have taboos related to sexuality and use toys to spice up their sex life.

Is it time to normalize the use of toys for adults?

It seems that trends dictate that we open our minds and start enjoying what modern life has to offer. Adult toys come with a huge offer, starting from attractive clothes and erotic fashion accessories, up to various models of vibrators, rings, and pleasure balls available at

It’s time to normalize everyone’s choice of how they want their sex life to be. No one must judge anyone because of the different choices, or because of the ways of enjoying intimacy. Each individual has personal preferences and they almost always find a partner who has similar interests.

We sincerely hope that taboos will be a thing of the past, but the prejudices surrounding menstrual products do not give us much confidence that this will happen in due time. But why would you judge someone for this? Don’t we all have smarter things to do for ourselves than to have an opinion about what other people do in their bedrooms?

Commercial availability of adult toys


In some parts of the world, it is quite normal to find sexy toys even in the most ordinary grocery stores and local shops. In other countries, you may need to cover up when entering a sex shop. However, there are parts of the world where the commercial sale of these toys is prohibited and you have to order them online.

The advantage of online ordering is increased discretion because no one knows what’s inside the package. Many sex shops like have names that do not indicate the type of business, making ordering easier for many potential customers.

In addition, toys are getting better, more discreet, and more innovative, which is another reason to believe that taboos will soon be a thing of the past.

The question that remains is whether society is ready to fight all the prejudices related to other people’s sexuality. Are we all ready to start looking at ourselves and what makes us happy, without judging anyone else? Although it seems difficult, it is actually not impossible to adapt to it and overcome the taboos that only hold us back.


Taboos exist and will exist forever, but the main goal is that as few people as possible are full of them. Often taboos result in hatred and intolerance, and there is really no need for that. On the contrary, it is time for everyone to give everyone as much support and understanding as possible. In this way, self-esteem problems are also overcome, and everyone is encouraged to speak openly about themselves and their desires.

The adult industry remains controversial, but in fact, it can really teach us not to care about other people but to focus on what we love and what makes us happy and satisfied. And yes, it is as easy as it seems, if we start the change from ourselves.