The Only Apps You Need to Stay Organized in College


Being a college student is hard work after all there is so much on your plate. And adeptly performing responsibilities can become a challenge if your time management skills are not at par. Add in factors like classes, homework, or extracurriculars, and soon enough, the daily planner begins to resemble a maze. However, anybody can get organized, simply by using the right tools to their advantage. Especially if you are not keen on this.

So You Think It Is Difficult to Get Organized? Think Again!

While college can open a whole new world to you, it can also be highly stressful, especially if you lack basic soft skills like time management or organization, in general. But with a mobile app for literally everything in the world, we think that’s no longer an issue. And more so, if you are using a high-speed service like Spectrum Internet, click here to find out more! then utilizing these nifty apps becomes easier than ever! The best part is that there are a gazillion mobile apps, which have proved to be super helpful to students (of all ages and levels). And continue to be so! Let’s find out what these options are that can seamlessly be integrated into a college student’s busy life while ensuring that they stay organized throughout:

1. Evernote


Do you often have trouble organizing your notes? If you are one of those folks, who jot things and eventually lose them in the great shuffle, then you can try the smart way. Try using the app, Evernote, which will not only help you track your notes but also help with its organization. There are options for app users to make good use of the weekly planners that come with checkboxes and plenty of color-coordinated items. All a student has to do is synchronize their cell phone, laptop, or tablet so that they can instantly take note whenever they are struck with inspiration.

With the option for easy access, classifying various topics, saving research material for your projects, or simply making your work attractive by inserting images, audio, or even videos, you can do quite a lot with this app.

But these are not the only advantages that students get with this terrific app. Besides the organization of their study notes, students also have the option to put all their ideas in one place, which can be revisited any time they want. And not to forget that the app also offers some quite useful templates! So whether you are on the lookout for essay outlines, are in search of project structures, or simply require lecture summaries, Evernote is a great place to start! Download now!

2. My Study Life


A calendar app that will help you navigate the chaos of everyday life at your college dorm while helping you keep track of your calendar is the app, My Study Life. Designed ideally for students, the app comes with a user-friendly interface, to begin with. If you think that the pre-installed calendar in your phone is decent enough, then it doesn’t have as many options as a pure calendar app would have. And that’s what makes the app, My Study Life stands out. With this app, students can adjust their timetables both weekly and on an annual basis. This means that repeating the same classes can be done in a pretty efficient manner. What’s more, the app helps them stay organized with various due dates. So no longer are your various assignment due dates clashing!

But besides the simplistic format of the tasks list or the effective way in which exam planning is put into action – is fresh, easy to navigate, and would keep students on top of their game! Perfect for the forgetful kind who want regular notifications alerting them of various tasks throughout the day, the mobile app, My Study Life is a must-keep for all! Just make sure that your dorm room is well-equipped digitally. If you are using a speedy service like AT&T and still it is not functioning as swiftly as it should, then you should immediately contact visit here and get your issues sorted today! Download the app today.

How to Prioritize Tasks


Prioritizing tasks is an essential part of staying organized at college. It can often be difficult to manage multiple deadlines and competing assignments — but with the right approach, it’s possible to ensure that everything is completed on time and within budget. Here are some tips for organizing your tasks in order of priority:

  1. Break each task into manageable chunks: Have a plan for each project’s completion by making a list of individual tasks which can be accomplished along the way toward achieving the overall objective.
  2. Identify deadlines: As mentioned above, breaking down tasks into individual steps also helps to visually represent any impending deadlines associated with each item. It also helps to identify how much time is available on which particular aspect more efficiently than having all components of the project jumbled together in one long list. Try organizing them according to when they need to be completed rather than difficulty level or subject matter; this will help you stay on top of due dates for all your assignments and help prioritize what needs to be done first.
  3. Track progress: It can be beneficial to keep track of the progress made on each task using tools such as a chart or checklist – this allows you to gain a better understanding of which elements still need working on, and make adjustments where necessary based on the amount of time available before deadlines arrive. This also provides additional motivation by showing clearly how far you have managed to get through with completing your tasks!
  4. Reward yourself: Once all items in your organized list are complete, don’t forget to congratulate yourself! Taking some time away from academic work after completing challenging projects helps reward hard work and restore focus during periods when it begins waning due to stress or exhaustion resulting from managing multiple demanding obligations simultaneously. You can find help at

Wrapping It Up

So there you go, just the apps you need to stay organized while at school! Even if they are just two, these can help you vastly stay organized while ensuring that collaboration becomes easy and costs are saved. But more than that, these apps will allow you to enjoy the excitingly hectic period that is college life. After all, every new journey needs to be enjoyed, right?