The Ultimate Symbol of Love: The History and Significance of Engagement Rings


The engagement rings have a beauty of their own, not only because they mark the eternal connection of two people but also because it celebrates the union and culture of people, their love, and their families.

But, the thing to note here is whether the idea of such rings was since the ancestral time or did they come into the picture recently.

It turns out that this symbol of love has been in the game for a long time, and the tradition of using these dates back over 1000 years. But did you know that the first engagement rings were exchanged even before the idea of betrothals and weddings evolved?

There have been many societies in the past, and the rings belong to an essential design family. The simple bands belonged to metals like silver, iron, and gold. Initially, the precious gemstones and diamonds were only used by the nobles, the royalty, and the wealthy class. However, with time, middle-class people began using it to its prevalence today, and you can get the best diamonds from providers like


The History Of Engagement Rings

It was in 1477 that the first diamond engagement ring was used. An Austrian man named Archduke Maximillian wanted to propose to Mary Burgundy. It was an exchange that began as a tradition and was adopted by elite societies back then. But, the popularity was not as such till the trend reached the mid-1900s.

But interestingly, the British played a significant role in popularising the use and demand for diamonds. De Beers was a British-owned diamond company that made its premiere as a new advertising company in 1947. The company was running campaigns that featured a slogan that proved to be a turning point for the popularity of diamonds in a positive sense. The campaign was completed three years later, and the results were a sudden rise in the sale of diamond rings. The sale was 50% more than the previous numbers, which was pretty high. Also, the bands were not only diamonds. For example, only 10% of the rings had diamonds embedded in them. But, in the present scenario, approximately 90% of the rings have diamonds embedded in them.

Apart from the British, other places, people, and traditions have contributed to the use of diamonds. Did you know that bands have emerged as a sign of ownership in Europe? Also, initially, you could spot simple and fancy rings. According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Roman women wore different things made of ivory, flint, bone, and copper, amongst others. Hemp bands and other durable materials are more prominent during the prominence of the Ancient Egyptians. Further, the gold rings and others were a part of the ruins of Pompeii. It was proof that these metals were a common choice back then.

The Reason Behind The Popularity Of Diamond Rings


The significance of these bands has risen over the years due to the following reasons:

● They Are A Mark For Marriage And Commitment

The engagement ring got its official meaning when Pope Nicholas I stated and declared that the rings represented a man who intended to marry. During this time, gold was the most obvious choice for such bands. Also, as per the information stated by the Cape Town Diamond Museum, the first diamonds that appeared on the ring were in 1477.

They are beautiful and are an excellent sign of commitment between the couple. People use this in the form of commitment communication with their loved ones.

● Original Ring Stacks

The information related to the 15th century states that the engagement rings begin to embody the symbolism of intertwined unity prevalent today. Gimmel rings, or the rings, comprised three connected bands that had gained popularity. These were individual bands and were worn by the engagement bands.

Also, on the couple’s wedding day, the two bands they were wearing connected with the third one, a wedding band. The bride would wear this in the form of a wedding ring set.

● The Approach Behind The Rings

After this, the posy rings were a joint circulation amongst the betrothed set. These rings were a beautiful yet hidden inscription of the love of poetry that could be found inside the band. There were times when couples or their families would exchange the silver posy rings chosen as engagement rings, and a gold iteration was received during the wedding ceremony.

● The Rising Demand

The concept gained much momentum, and people started to demand these things as they liked them. That’s the way the diamond came into the picture. Also, the rings were part of the engagement day, and the initials proposals marked commitment and love for each other in a couple. So the branding kicked in, and that’s how you know today that these are a lovable and desired part of a relationship.


● The 21st-Century Trend

The preferences have shifted significantly since the beginning of the 21st century. If you think this is not true, there are some chances you have not heard about the jaw-dropping emerald-cut stone of JLo. Also, if you see some internet-breaking and sensational brides, you will know that they are going for colored stones and these bands. Also, some unique metals are making an appearance on the bands.

Did you know that when Prince William wanted to make it official with Kate Midleton, he chose to make it with the help of a blue sapphire engagement ring?

But, all heads turn whenever there is a rock-solid diamond on the hand with a great design. For example, the famous Blake Lively wears a light pink oval diamond which highlights the naturalness of the diamond.


Engagement rings are a sign of love and commitment toward each other. They have evolved over the years, and now, in the 21st century, a lot of variation is attached to them. They are curated nicely, and it is sure that you will fall in love with every design. Guess that’s why jewelry shopping takes so much time!