Champions League Favorites: Who’s in the Running for the 2024 Title?


For most sports fans, soccer is the most important secondary thing in the world. That’s why many of them are looking forward to the big comeback of the Champions League and watching the matches of the best European soccer clubs. As usual, most passionate fans have their favorites, and how realistic are your predictions? Surprises are always possible! So let’s see who might be running for the 2024 Champions League title.

Champions League – Money and Fame for Soccer Clubs


When we talk about the major soccer competitions – it is impossible to skip the Champions League as one of the biggest. All of Europe rises to its feet cheering for favorite clubs. Although we had a two-month break this year, the best European soccer competition returned in quite a style. For most soccer fans, the Champions League is the best part of the soccer season. This year, the sensation began on Valentine’s Day, when the best European clubs began to fight on the field. Each of them has the same goal – to win and lift the prestigious cup. Many teams hope for it this year – and their fans are heartily cheering them on. However, as in any other competition, we know that some clubs are favorites and potential winners of this prestigious title. Still, it’s not just the title they want. Entry into the group of the Champions League brings the clubs a lot of money, so it was necessary to make an effort to secure a place in this prestigious league during the qualifications.

Champions League Favorites


Right from the start, we could see that there was a big fight on the soccer field. The strongest among the strongest clubs always start with a more aggressive game from the very beginning. It was the same now when we were able to watch some of the knockout games. The aim was to give us the next winner of the Champions League, the European League, and the European Conference League. Who are your favorites, and who is considered the favorite among football experts? Is there room for surprises, and what are the predictions of sports websites and sports betting places? Here is the answer to the question of who are the possible favorites!

So Who Are The Possible Winners?

If you look at platforms like UFABET, you’ll see that some experts’ assessments make sense. Namely, soccer experts think Bayern Munich is the biggest favorite to win the Champions League. According to analytical evaluations of all relevant football competitions, Bayern is considered to have a 21 percent chance of winning the Champions League. Manchester City is in second place, with 18 – while Paris Saint-Germain is third, with a 13 percent chance. Liverpool is the fourth favorite in this season’s Champions League with 11 percent of chances, while the current European champion Real Madrid is fifth with six percent. However, some see Napoli as the favorit from a shadow.

  • Bayern Munich


They still have one of the most dangerous attacks in the world of soccer. After several falls – Bayern returned to its rightful place. Jamal Musiala, who has 14 goals and nine assists in all competitions, is responsible for such success. Serge Gnabry has ten goals and assists – and three other players scored double-digit goals and at least four assists. In the Champions League 2024, we may not see Bayern we know from 2020 – but still, the German champions remain very dangerous.

  • Manchester City

They may still be the best team in Europe. Erling Haaland has scored 31 goals in 28 games – but being placed at the helm of City’s attack has somewhat stifled his flow and creativity. Due to the defeat to Southampton in the League Cup, and defeats to Manchester United and Tottenham in the Premier League – a spark of doubt has appeared among football fans. However, they have beaten Arsenal and Chelsea twice – and are still scoring nearly two goals a game statistically. They are still the main favorites to win this Champions League.

  • Paris Saint Germain


The individual quality they possess is enormous. Messi, Neymar, Hakimi, Verratti, Donnarumma – we don’t need to talk much about them. They started the season by outscoring their first six league opponents by a combined score of 24-4. They scored 85 goals and allowed only 27 in 32 matches. The three biggest stars together have 57 goals and 35 assists. Although the team is never just the sum of the individual parts – there is no doubt that the quality of those individuals is high.

  • Real Madrid

If there’s one team that should never be written off in this competition, it’s the 14-time defending champions. The Madrid players have been caught up with injuries lately. Defenders Eder Militao, Ferland Mendy, Lucas Vazquez, and of course, Eden Hazard are out – while reigning Ballon d’Or winner Karim Benzema and goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois have also missed significant time. But still, they are Real Madrid. When they have to play well, they do. Although on the list, they were only the third or fourth-best team last year, PSG, Chelsea, Manchester City, and Liverpool won consecutively.

  • Naples


Who is playing better than Napoli right now? They lead Serie A with 13 points, scoring ten more goals than anyone else and conceding the fewest. They have beaten their first five opponents in the Champions League, including Liverpool and Ajax. Luciano Spalletti’s team dominates as a Champions League contender should – but are also almost invulnerable to counter-attacks. This team is like an unstoppable machine – and while some may disagree, they haven’t given us any reason to doubt them yet.

The Bottom Line

Of course, in soccer, you need to have a bit of luck – so we can only ask ourselves if any of these teams will lift the trophy. Many believe that the biggest favorites of the prestigious competition are Manchester City and Bayern, and, surprisingly, last year’s champion Real Madrid is only fifth on their list. However, we can always get surprised because that’s the way it is in soccer.