What Should You Do If Your AC is Running But Not Cooling?

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Air conditioners once used to be a luxury due to high prices – while today, they are present in many homes, institutions, and offices thanks to affordable prices. Air conditioning provides a feeling of comfort and convenience. They are a necessity today, and that’s why it’s a big problem when something doesn’t work properly. One of the most common problems is when the unit is working but not cooling. What to do then?

Help! The Air Conditioner Works – But Does Not Cool

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Whether it’s summer or winter, you need air conditioning. It’s simple as that! Weather conditions have been changing in recent decades, and summers seem to be getting hotter – so without this device, we could hardly imagine life. However, everything is way better with an air conditioner. Just imagine: the day is hot, the asphalt on the street is melting, the temperature exceeds 95-100 degrees, and you are sitting peacefully in your home, the office, or in your car – and the problems with the outside temperature do not concern you.

The reason for this is simple – AIR CONDITIONER! This useful device is intended for air exchange and ventilation of rooms – as well as maintaining the temperature at a constant level, regardless of the outside temperature.

The device brings in outside air and processes it. It cools and humidifies it appropriately, and then re-introduces it into the room. It is an indisputable fact that air conditioning is necessary and very pleasant. But what if something doesn’t work right? What if your device works but does not cool the air? It is a situation that can make you sweat (even literally) – but don’t worry because there is a solution.

Why Your AC Device Doesn’t Cool?

When the summer days are warm and hot, the worst thing that can happen is that your air conditioner does not blow cool air. Instead of sitting in a pleasantly cooled-down space, you sweat because the AC is not cooling. It works, but it doesn’t cool- or even worse, it blows out warm. Many users often encounter this problem, wondering what causes such issues. What can you do about it when your C/A doesn’t cool well?

First of all, you must maintain your cooling device well. It would be a good thing to read more about the professional installation and maintenance, and we will draw your attention to several main reasons why the AC can be running and not cooling – or blowing warm air instead of cold.

1. Check if the device is installed correctly

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Your air cooler should be installed by an authorized service technician. If the installation and connection of the units are not correct, then the device will probably not work properly.

2. The place for installation of such a device must be suitable

The effectiveness of climatization is affected by the presence of a heat source nearby. Avoid installing the C/A unit near heat-generating appliances such as ovens and hotplates.

3. The cooling power of the device should correspond to the dimensions of the room

Your cooling device may be installed in a room larger than the space that the given model of the device can serve. C/A devices have different BTU values, which essentially indicate the cooling capacity of the device. Look at the specifications of the model you use – and compare them to the room where it’s installed. You may need to replace or relocate the device.

4. Lack of freon in your AC

A continuous amount of cooling fluid is necessary for the proper functioning of the air conditioner. The only reason for the lack of freon in AC devices is its leakage from the system. If your AC device is running but does not blow cold air – this could be a sign there is a lack of freon in the unit. If this happens, call the professional maintenance service to solve the malfunction – that is, the gas leakage from the air conditioner.

5. Broken air conditioner sensor

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A broken sensor on the AC device can be the reason why the air conditioner isn’t cooling. There are several reasons for a sensor on your HVAC system to stop working. For the sensors to function, it is necessary to carry out regular AC service. Dirt and dust accumulate on the coils of the evaporator, which burdens the operation of the AC device.

That also generates a lot of heat that can disrupt the operation of the sensor for reading the air temperature. Regular cleaning of the filter and annual service will prevent any malfunction. If your air conditioner does not cool, does not heat, leaks, has an unpleasant smell when it is turned on, or the external unit of the air conditioner is noisy – these are clear signs that you need an AC technician.

6. Ice in the indoor of your AC unit

Ice on the indoor unit of your air cooler is one of the most common reasons why your central air conditioning blows warm air instead of cold. The evaporator can freeze and prevent the device from doing its job. The primary reason for ice on the evaporator can be a dirty filter, a broken turbine, a lack of gas, or a clogged tub or condensate drain hose. If any of these things happen, a chain of events is triggered.

Condensation is created on the evaporator coils – and then the evaporator freezes. That can not only cause the air conditioner to leak – but it can damage the unit’s compressor, which is an expensive thing to repair. If you notice ice on the evaporator of your C/A device – immediately call a service technician.

The Bottom Line

So, all these can be possible reasons why your central air conditioning does not emit cold air. Therefore, try to notice it in time. If the problem persists, there may be a technical problem with the air conditioner. If you suspect that this is the case, contact an authorized service center.