Les Brown Net Worth in 2024, Religion, Age, Marital Status

Les Brown Net Worth

Les Brown Net Worth: The author and motivational speaker Leslie Calvin is from the United States. He has served as a radio DJ and television host. He frequently uses the phrase “it is possible!” in his role as a motivational speaker. He was a member of the Ohio House of Representatives. His show, The Les Brown Show, premiered in 1993.

In 2019, he ranked fifth behind Jeff Bezos, Joe Rogan, Lance Armstrong, and Richard Branson on the list of the richest motivational speakers.

Having left his job as a TV host and radio DJ, he began writing. Since 1994 he has written four motivational books.

As a result of his inspirational leadership and intelligent speeches, Brown received the prestigious Golden Gavel Award from the National Speakers Association. Let’s take a look at Les Brown net worth, bio, age, height, weight, wife, kids, books, and more.

Quick BioName

Full Name Leslie Calvin Brown
Birthday 17 February 1945
Age 77
Gender Male
Country Liberty City, Miami, Florida, United States
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity White
6 feet 1-inch
Mother Miami Brown (adoptive mother )
Profession Former radio DJ, author, motivational speaker, and television host
Marital Status Divorced
Les Brown Net Worth $12 million
Spouse Gladys Knight (1995–1997) 

Early Life

The twins, Leslie and Wesley Brown, were born on February 17, 1645, in a run-down building in Miami, Florida. Three weeks after their birth, the twins were given up for adoption, and Mamie Brown, a divorced 38-year-old woman, adopted them. After being labeled “educable mentally retarded” in elementary school, Les’ self-esteem and confidence were shattered. It was only his mother and an assistant teacher who were able to save everything. Since his mother encouraged him to fight for himself, he encouraged others to do the same, encouraging them to fight for themselves and their dreams.


As a sanitation worker, he began his career. After that, he worked as a radio jockey. During the project, he raised political awareness and received encouragement from Mike William, prompting him to consider a career in politics. Following this, he ran for a position in the 29th House District of the Ohio State Legislature. He was very dedicated to serving the people during his political career, which led him to hold his seat for three terms.

When he noticed his mother’s condition was poor, he got out of his seat and helped her. Meanwhile,  Brown founded Les Brown Enterprises and wrote “Live Your Dreams,” paving the way for his career as a motivational speaker. In 1993, he attempted to host “The Les Brown Show,” but it failed. Following his failure, he gave motivational speeches and even toured Denmark, Dubai, Canada, and other countries.

By 1998, his Enterprise had become a lucrative enterprise. His motivational speeches were delivered via television, radio, and motivational programming to anyone who needed them. Critics have praised his second book, “It’s Not Over Until You Win: How to Be the Person You’ve Always Wanted to Be Despite Obstacles.”. The audiobook series “Choosing Your Dreams,” which is generally considered to be his best, has also sold millions of copies.

After winning his first award in 1989 from the National Speakers Association, he went on to win numerous other awards, including Council Peer Awards of Excellence, Golden Gravel Awards, Regional Emmy Awards, etc. The top five outstanding speakers in 1991 included him.

Personal Life

Les married Gladys Knight, affectionately known as “Emperor of Soul,” in 1995, but the couple split after just two years of marriage. In addition to having nine children, Les is the grandfather of fifteen grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Whether he has adopted all kids or if he is in a relationship with a woman has never been revealed on any platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Les Brown Net Worth

Les Brown Net Worth is estimated to have a net worth of $12 million dollars. As a motivational speaker and radio jockey, he has made a great deal of money.


What religion is Les Brown?

The religion he follows is Christianity.

What is the weight of Les Brown?

He weighs 75 Kg.

What is the age of Les Brown?

He is 77 years old.

What is the Les Brown Net Worth?

By the year 2024, his net worth is expected to grow to $12 million.