The Benefits of Nicotine Sachets


In this article, we discuss how nicotine sachets produced by well-known brands like this brand can be a safer solution for “nicotine lovers”.

Smoking is the addiction to tobacco that is caused, mainly, by one of its active components, nicotine; The action of said substance ends up conditioning the abuse of its consumption. It is currently believed to be the world’s leading cause of preventable disease and mortality.

Nicotine acts on the central nervous system. The smoker suffers a physical and psychological dependence that generates a withdrawal syndrome, called smoking. Nicotine is addictive, but it has antidepressant and symptomatic anxiety relief effects.

According to the World Health Organization, tobacco is the leading cause of illness, disability, and premature death in the world. In Europe, smoking causes 1.2 million deaths each year. It is directly related to the appearance of 29 diseases, of which 10 are different types of cancer, and is the main cause of 95% of lung cancers, 90% of bronchitis, and more than 50% of cardiovascular diseases.

The consumption of tobacco and its toxic substances in individuals begins with unpleasant sensations, including cough, nausea, and even vomiting. After a while, smokers report feeling pleasure from its flavor and aroma. Some smokers maintain that consumption calms the nerves and that at other times it works as a stimulant; These are the main effects that nicotine produces, depending on the dose consumed, the activity of the consumer, and their physical and psychological constitution. Nicotine generates physical and psychological addiction, which is why quitting the habit generates very unpleasant physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms.

Types of smokers:


The negative smoker: He is one who smokes in crisis situations and uses tobacco as a relaxant.

The hedonistic smoker: He is one who smokes in a controlled manner and enjoys the pleasure of cigarette smoke.

The habitual or chronic smoker: Smokes constantly without being aware of it, consumes tobacco in large quantities, and in the vast majority does not know why he smokes.

The drug-dependent smoker: Smokes constantly and feels uncomfortable if he lacks cigarettes. He can’t be without a cigarette in his hand and lights one after the other.

The passive smoker: Is one who does not consume tobacco but is affected by the use of others who consume it. The combustion of cigarettes in people who are close to smokers, due to the expulsion of gaseous substances, contaminates and poisons the bodies of people who are not smoking since what smokers expel is three times more toxic than what they swallow. In the event that a child is a passive smoker, the consequences would not be the same but would be aggravated.

However, for many people, smoking is a necessity and they are actually dependent on the “pleasure” that nicotine provides. There is a solution for almost everything, even for those who want to enjoy nicotine without having to smoke. One way is to consume what is called nicotine sachets.

In recent years, nicotine sachets have experienced a significant jump in popularity in the world of nicotine alternatives. As an alternative to traditional cigarettes, they can meet the nicotine needs of adult smokers at any time of the day. Economical, with 99% fewer harmful substances than cigarettes and very they present a significant number of advantages, without being a smoking cessation tool.

Advantage number 1: Nicotine sachets are less visible than cigarettes


A considerable advantage of nicotine sachets is, by far, their practicality:

They emit no tobacco odor, no smoke, nor any vapor… They allow discreet nicotine consumption anywhere and at any time, even in places where traditional and electronic cigarettes are prohibited. They can thus be consumed by adults in public places, public transport, and closed places without risk, and without imposing passive smoking on others. There are so many flavor choices, especially those provided by popular brands like Snusdirect. Nicotine sachets offer almost invisible consumption, allowing nicotine to diffuse for 20 to 30 minutes.

Advantage number 2: Nicotine pouches are potentially less harmful than cigarettes

Tar, toxic gas, detergent, industrial solvents, heavy metals… the list of dangerous ingredients in traditional cigarettes is long. Obviously, like any product containing a highly addictive substance, nicotine sachets are not without risk and must be consumed knowingly, only by adult smokers.

Advantage number 3: Nicotine sachets are convenient and easy to use


They are then very easy to use: simply slide the small sachet under the upper lip, against the gum, for 8 to 30 minutes for the nicotine to diffuse optimally. The adult user keeps their hands free and can continue to go about their business while the nicotine diffuses. Finally, nicotine sachets are often compared to electronic cigarettes but they remain much more practical: unlike electronic cigarettes, nicotine sachets are sufficient in themselves. They do not need to be recharged and it is not necessary to purchase additional items to be able to consume them.

Advantage number 4: Nicotine sachets affect oral hygiene less

Traditional cigarettes are known to have many negative effects on oral health:

  • Tooth discoloration: dark spots appear on the enamel and teeth undergo general yellowing.
  • Bad breath: the reduction in saliva production caused by tobacco consumption causes bad breath.
  • Caries: tobacco weakens teeth and can cause cavities. Smokers are also 3 times more likely to develop them.
  • Periodontal diseases: between the increase in gum disease and the increase in dental plaque, cigarettes attack the periodontium.

Using a nicotine sachet is a good alternative to limit these effects. For some nicotine sachets, the opposite is even true: they are made with ingredients, which give a feeling of freshness – fresh mint, for example.

Advantage number 5: Nicotine sachets can help save money


The price of traditional cigarettes has more than tripled since the start of the millennium, and this increase is set to continue for the next few years. Nicotine sachets are therefore a good way to save money, in particular, they allow you to space out cigarettes and reduce the number of packets needed for consumption by an adult smoker.

It can be concluded that nicotine sachets are a safer and more economical solution without sacrificing the pleasure provided by smoking. Want additional information?