What is the Purpose of a Thesis Statement in 2024? Decoding Clarity in Your Essays

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Many people believe that writing a poem, short text, summary, essay, etc., is easy, especially today when we have so many apps that can be of much help, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Namely, even though we can always consult certain programs and the most popular thing today, AI, one can easily notice that when such a thing occurs, the main thing lacking is the personal touch.

Of course, we all have different opinions and preferences and are even interested in different ideas, but what matters is that we have a certain way of writing and expressing this, and that cannot be imitated. On the other hand, many people still don’t understand what an exemplary essay should look like and what it should contain.

This latter one is even more confusing for some because they don’t understand the meaning of ‘thesis statement,’ for example. So, to help you with that, let’s start with what it is.

What is it?

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Every scholar writing has a thesis statement because it is simply a must. What confuses many people is what to actually mention here, how to focus on the key aspects of the writing, and what it genuinely is. Now, the thesis statement is focused on the main idea of your writing, meaning that it should contain every important aspect of the writing.

Understandably, it’s not reserved to copy/paste what you will later add to the essay, but it is a sum-up of everything the main ideology of the essay is. It’s there to help readers understand better what the essay is about and what they can expect.

On the other hand, the thesis statement shouldn’t be just mentioning and adding keywords, as the goal is to summarize what the text is about. That is something everyone can do in a sentence or two. As for where to add it, it’s usually added at the very end of the introduction, but there are cases when it is right after the first paragraph. Of course, this depends on the type of writing, the topic, and your personal preferences.

Overall, this statement should be precise and concise, providing readers with all the important information that the essay is about while not going into too much detail. If all of this still sounds confusing, then keep reading as we will further focus on what a thesis statement is and its purpose, or you can simply consult expert writers like wr1ter.

It’s about showcasing the main idea of the essay

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The first and most important thing about a thesis statement is that it’s about providing a genuine idea or the main argument of the essay. As already mentioned, it’s about providing readers with essential information regarding the text, as without it, you will leave readers not knowing the foundation for understanding the arguments.

The logic behind it is simple – if someone writes about insurance, for example, not mentioning that in the thesis statement will only confuse readers as they will not connect the facts with the essay. Just saying that it is a close sum up of the general idea of the writing speaks volumes about its importance, as without it, the paper would only be a text full of random ideas, facts, and stats.

That is why the thesis statement is looked upon as a structure of the paper, how the general idea is explained and covered, and the essential tips, stats, features, etc., that will further help readers better understand the main idea.

Four key attributes of a thesis statement?

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There are different approaches when it comes to how to write a good thesis statement, but the genuine idea is pretty much the same. It means that in most cases, there are four key elements that should be covered in it. The first one is the subject itself, as it should be covering something that people will have different opinions, meaning that some of them will agree and some of them will not agree with the following.

Setting personal preferences and beliefs aside is the second element, and also something that most folks overlook, as the thesis statement should be focused on facts and not personal opinions, as there is enough room for that in the text. The third element is the general idea, the topic you will cover, while the fourth attribute is the conclusion, something that, after going through thorough analysis, you came up with as the conclusion regarding the subject.

Three types of thesis statements

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Another important thing to know before starting writing is that there are three different types of thesis statements that can be found, and you should choose one of them. The first type is expository, and in this type, we discuss various facets of a subject and interpret them into shortlisted key elements with a conclusion that should be based on the interpretation that comes from the study.

The second one is argumentative, where we choose different approaches and tend to be specific and concise to persuade our readers to believe in our claims. Regarding the third type, which is known as analytical, here we discuss information and explain the most important facts of the topics by critically analyzing them and summarizing the most important points of the essay.

Of course, we should choose the type depending on our needs for our essay, or better said, the subject we write about, but no matter which of them we choose, all the claims should be backed up with enough research and valid information.

To summarize

As you can see, writing a good thesis statement is much easier than it seems at first glance, and it is one of the most important parts of every essay. Because of that, it is crucial to pay enough attention to it and learn how to write it flawlessly, as the readers will be much more interested to read when they can quickly realize what it is all about by simply reading a few sentences that a good thesis statement should have.