Andy Dick Net Worth in 2023, Height, Career, Allegations

andy dick Net Worth

Andy Dick Net Worth: Andy Dick is a comedian and actor from the United States. He is one of the few comics of the modern age who has yet to become a household name. He has risen to prominence for less than savoury reasons outside of his comic career. In the course of his career, he has endured drug addiction, multiple arrests, and allegations of sexual misconduct. Whether he’s on stage or in front of the camera, Andy Dick’s unusual and flamboyant conduct is almost guaranteed. Let’s take a look at Andy Dick net worth, biography, early life, parents, education, career, nationality, marital status, girlfriend, allegations, and more.

Biography | Early Life

Andy Dick was born in Charleston, South Carolina, on December 21, 1965. His birth name is Andrew Thomlinson, and his full name is Andrew Roane Dick. His citizenship is American. He is White Caucasian and a Capricorn by zodiac sign.

The 56-year-old Andy has a well-maintained thin body shape. His height is 5’11” and he weighs 65kg (143 lbs). 

He has brown hair and blue eyes, as well as fair skin.

When Andy was a baby, his parents, Allen Dick (father) and Sue Dick (mother), adopted him. Thomlinson was the last name of his biological mother, and his father was in the navy. His younger brother is Jeff Dick.

While a child, Andy lived in Connecticut, New York, and Yugoslavia before moving to Chicago when he was 14 years old.

Following his graduation from Lassiter High School in 1984, he attended Joliet West High School. He spent a semester at Illinois Wesleyan University as well.

He studied improv at Columbia College and at the iO Theater, both in Chicago. He performed on stage during his high school years. Since Dick was a boy, Anthony Rapp has been his friend.

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Television Career

From 1992 through 1993, Dick’s television career was launched by “The Ben Stiller Show.”

Additionally, he starred in television shows such as ‘Donnie’ on CBS (1993), ‘Maggie’ on the Nanny show (1994), and ‘Go’ on The Go Series (2000).

In addition to NBC’s “NewsRadio” (1995-1999) and ABC’s “Less Than Perfect,” the actor has appeared in numerous other sitcoms.

He ended a three-season run of his MTV show in 2003.

As Emergency Medical Hologram Mark II in “Message in a Bottle,” he appeared on “Star Trek: Voyager.”

In addition to “Dancing with the Stars,” he has appeared on “Celebrity Poker Showdown.”

Film Career

He has also appeared on several other television shows, including “Celebrity Wife Swap,” “The Real World: Hollywood,” “The Gong Show,” and “Sober House.”

The animated film “Double Dragon” gave Dick his cinematic start.

His films include The Making of… ‘And God Spoke’ in 1993 and In The Army Now in 1994.

He starred in “Inspector Gadget” in 1999 and “Road Trip” in 2000. His 1997 movies included “Bongwater,” “Inspector Gadget,” and “Road Trip.”

In addition to “Dude, Where’s My Car?” and “Zoolander”, he also appeared in “Reality Bites”.

He also appeared in “Danny Roane: First Time Director” (2006) and “Happily N’Ever After” (2003), in addition to “Envy”, “The Aristocats”, “Old School” and “The Hebrew Hammer”. 

While Dick was under house arrest in 2009, he produced and starred in the web series “House Arrest with Andy Dick.”.

The “Andy Dick Live” presentation he gave in 2012 and the “All Grown Up” game show he gave in 2013.

He has also been in several other films, such as “The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride” (1998), “Hoodwinked!” (1998), “Dilbert” (1999), “Clone High” (2002), “The Lion Guard” (2016), and “Adult Swim” (2010).


“Raising Buchanan” (2018) was an independent feature film that Andy was fired from after sexual misconduct allegations were levelled against him. Several crew members say he touched them, licked them, and made sexual advances.

He was fired from the comedy series “Vampire Dad” in 2017 over similar allegations.

As a result of his odd behaviour towards the cast and crew members, he was removed after only filming one scene.

Dick was addicted to drugs and alcohol throughout his life. This is his 20th stay in rehab. His goal is to stay sober.

Married Life

Ivone Kowalczyk married Dick in 1986. In 1990, the couple separated after having one child, Lucas Dick.

He married Lena Sved, and the couple had two children: Jacob and Meg Dick. 

After his relationship with Lena, Andy dated eight different women. Among the women he has been romantically involved with are Amber Smith, Lisa Donatz, Trishelle Cannatella, Sarah, Brande Roderick, Wendy Maddix, Enger Ebeltoft, and Jessica Kiper.

He dated Jennifer Gimenez in 2013.

Dick revealed in 2006 that he is bisexual in an interview published by “The Washington Post”.

Andy Dick Net Worth

According to Forbes, Andy Dick net worth is $5 million. The actor and comedian earn a living by performing.

The film “Road Trip,” which grossed $119.8 million, was one of his most successful films. Additionally, “The Andy Dick Show” proved to be a good source of income for Dick over a three-year period.


What is the age of Andy Dick?

He is 56 years old.

What is the height of Andy Dick?

He is 5 feet 11 inches tall.

How much is Andy Dick net worth?

Andy Dick net worth is estimated to be $5 million.