How Arcane’s Ending Sets it Up for Season 2


Those of you reading this article have probably been feeling extra anxious about season 2 of Arcanum. As is the case with most series today, season one is always aired like a pilot, aiming to see whether the storyline will catch the attention of viewers, and whether it will be worth going forward with the season 2. Given the fact that the show won an Emmy for Outstanding animated product, there is no doubt about its continuation. What’s left to do is guess when it will be released.

What we know is that season one took as much as six years to be completed. This shouldn’t discourage you though, since the Riot games CEO promised in a tweet this won’t be the case. What is also very obvious is that it won’t be released in 2024, either, as we are at the very end of it.

What will also be very positive about season 2 is that you won’t have to wait for the episodes to be released, as they will follow the same pattern as with season 1. Upon completion, all of them will be released at once. Hopefully, during 2024, which, again, wasn’t promised officially.


Arcane’s first season pretty much ends on a powerful cliffhanger, as the show’s primary antagonist is killed in such a way that the entire city of Piltover – and the neighboring Undercity, that had just been granted independence as the city of Zaun – will be on the warpath going forward. But that isn’t the only story-beat left hanging by the season’s end. The quantity of plot strands that remain unanswered, setting up plenty of topics for the series to handle in future episodes, makes the news of Arcane’s forthcoming second season extremely fascinating.

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The Story So Far…

The series finale wraps up the emotional thread that ran through the previous nine episodes. Despite her best efforts to reconcile with her sister, Vi is powerless to stop Powder from accepting her unique start as Jinx. Although Jinx rescues Vi’s life by murdering Silco, the deed shatters what remains of Powder, causing the unstable young woman to vent her hatred on Piltover with quite the boom.

Jinx nods gleefully at large-scale terrorism by firing a Hex-Tech augmented rocket at the Piltover ruling council just as they vote to permanently turn the Undercity into the autonomous city of Zaun. Interestingly, the audio-only preview for the upcoming season reveals that Vi and Caitlyn will be spending the season looking for Jinx and bringing her to justice for her acts, while Caitlyn’s wrath suggests that her mother did not survive the attack.

Lots of Potential for Other Characters to Build On


A number of unsolved plots suggested in the closing episodes that might give new paths for the rest of the season. Viktor and Jayce’s relationship has been strained by their divergent paths, but it remains strong, even though Viktor is now disguising his physical alteration as a result of his experiments and the fact that his work killed his helper, Sky.

According to League of Legends history, their falling out eventually plays a role in Viktor’s subsequent changes, which would make for a gripping and sad journey for the two characters in the future. Meanwhile, another odd connection has formed between Ekko and Heimerdinger, implying that even while the battle between Piltover and Zaun continues, those two may be able to work together on instilling a sense of peace into their respective cities.

Noxus has been introduced through Mel’s Mother

Ambessa Medarda, Mel’s mother, has appeared on the scene in the hopes of bringing Hex-Tech weaponry from Piltover back to her homeland of Noxus to employ in war against the other groups fighting for dominance alongside her family. This lays the foundation for the other kingdoms and areas of Runeterra to have a role in future narratives, broadening the world’s breadth even more.

Arcane effectively lays up a lot of distinct pathways for a new sequence of episodes to pursue, indicating the show’s future potential. It’s a good thing Arcane’s second season has officially begun production. As one of the best-crafted video game adaptations yet, it’s exciting to know that these plot threads will be further resolved in the future, giving audiences a good chunk of time to dig more into the world of Runeterra, and see how the different factions of Piltover and Zaun persist to shape the future of their world as the story approaches the time-period featured primarily in League of Legends.

The Crux


It’s justifiable to commend the artists and developers behind Arcane to hold themselves together in the making of this masterful beauty. For those of you who play League of Legends, you already know that the lore and the world of LoL makes it near-impossible to water it down into a show which only takes small snippets of it from different angles and presents it in a manner that is praise worthy.

Season 2 will probably be a drip feed of sorts for fans. We do have lots of potential and promise being shown from various characters. Singed, Warwick, a grown up Ekko and Heimerdinger all have to still come into the limelight.


Arcane is too big to stop now. Whether it’s their animation style that has people captivated, the story or the character development, the show cannot be canceled lest Riot want an angry mob on their hands. Check out more of Arcane or watch it for free on Netflix before Season 2 drops. You won’t be disappointed.