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Certified Network Defender Certification


The Affirmed Organization Safeguard (CND) certificate program centers around making Organization Heads prepared to secure, distinguish, and answer network dangers. Network overseers are for the most part acquainted with network parts, traffic, execution and use, network geography, area of every framework, security strategy, and so on.

A CND will have the principal comprehension of the genuine development of information move, network innovations, and programming advances to comprehend how organizations work, what programming is computerizing, and how to examine the matter. What’s more, you will comprehend the essentials of organization safeguard, the use of organization security controls, conventions, edge gadgets, how to get IDS, VPN and firewall design,

The CND accreditation is an escalated program of abilities-based lab, task investigation, and online protection training system introduced by the Public Drive of Network safety Instruction (Decent).

The purpose of the CND certification is:

Validate skills that will help Network Administrators promote resilience and continuity of operations during attacks.

About the Exam

  • Number of Questions: 100
  • Test Duration: 4 Hours
  • Test Format: Multiple Choice
  • Delivery Format: ECC EXAM
  • Exam Prefix: 312-38 (ECC EXAM)

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