How To Choose Between Armed And Unarmed Guards?


Hiring guards is one of the best ways to improve the security of some places. It can be your company, private party, or special event, or you might need private guards to protect you if you feel endangered. If you pay more attention, you will notice that many businesses have at least some sort of security, at least one or two people in front of the main hall that will observe the customers.

The main benefits of hiring guards are to prevent various incidents and thieves and to secure that people will be safe in an emergency. However, choosing the right people who will work in this position is important.

The key is to have trained professionals as guards. There are two options available, armed security and unarmed security, and you can check more about that if you visit this site. We are going to introduce you to the main features of both of these options and help you make the right choice.

Main Features of Armed Security


As the name suggests, the main feature related to this option is that the personnel carry weapons. Therefore, it is a perfect solution for protecting your businesses, store, bank, and other places where the chance of theft increases.

The process of hiring is the same as for another type of security. Moreover, the most important thing is to check the background of the company you want to hire to provide you with armed guards. There are many veterans and people who were working for army or police before, while you want to avoid those people with a criminal past.

Main Features of Unarmed Security

Even though people are not carrying weapons, having a couple of guards in your company or store is a great way to keep things under control. These guards can also wear additional protection like pepper spray, but the most important thing is that they will contact the police at the first sight of an accident.

Personnel with weapons can sometimes be unpleasant since people could get nervous. In that matter, unarmed guards can be a great solution for a private event or a party. They will stand in front of the entrance and check all people who want to get inside. They can prevent incidents as well.

Benefits of Armed Security

First, it can be a great way to bring security to the highest level. The best part is that it can prevent criminals from even attempting to try anything. Also, if the place where you live or have a business is known for having a hire crime rate, guards with weapons are the best solution to protect your assets.

The same is for banks, other financial institutions, and jewelry stores. If there are no armed people to protect these places, a thief can easily organize a criminal act and get away with it. There are many people who are relying on cameras and police, but that won’t always prevent thieves from attempting to steal something from you.

Moreover, if you are organizing a private event, the fact that there is a group of armed professionals in the front will prevent anyone without invitation to try to get inside. Besides that, if someone is threatening you, you can hire a team of armed people to protect you all the time.

Benefits of Unarmed Security

This is the perfect solution if there is no need for the highest level of security but you want to make people feel safer. For example, a lot of businesses have a couple of guards in the front who will check anyone who want to get inside. This is a great way to create a protocol where people have to check-in, and there should be a list that will prevent uninvited guests. This option is also more affordable when compared to armed guards.

How To Make the Right Choice?


There are different things to consider when choosing between these two options. As we already mentioned, having armed guards is more expensive, but can also be more valuable since armed guards is offering the highest level of protection. It is common that many companies these days are choosing an unarmed option and decide to rely on modern technology like cameras, alarms and sensors, along with the expectation that the police will come fast when needed.

It is a good solution, but the problem is that some people might try methods that are too violent, and it will be easy for them to commit the crime in your store, or a bank where you are working if the guards are not equipped with weapons.

The same is for private events. For instance, there will be a celebrity on your private party. If a lot of fans of that person finds out about that, you can expect a crowd in front of the place where you are setting the event. People will be more relaxed and annoying if your guards don’t have weapons.

Therefore, hiring the option with guns is always the best choice, and the only reason to choose the second one is if you want to make the ambient more relaxed, or if you don’t want to spend more money on security.

Last Words

Before you make a decision, be sure to determine the right number of people in the team and all other requirements that can lead to higher security. Guards with weapons are not always necessary, but it can be a mistake if you hire only a couple of them, while the whole team is needed. Also, some companies should consider having guards involved there all the time. You can rely on cameras and alarms, but there are some methods that criminals could use to avoid these levels of protection.

You can be sure that both of these options can improve the security of your place. Also, people inside will feel much safer and more relaxed. They can help with other types of emergencies besides dealing with criminals or those involved in incidents, such as a fire, earthquake, flooding, and more.